Top 10 Easiest Countries to Pick Up Girls in Europe

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Tallinn at night

Estonia will be one of the easiest places to get girls in all of Europe, the melting pot of East Slavic and Baltic cultures and backgrounds in the country make it quite straightforward when looking to pick up a local girl. The Estonian women are mostly slim and attractive and have no problems for having also one-night relationships. The country is filled with various tourist attractions making it like shooting fish in a barrel. There are only slightly over a million people in the country so it is relatively small and the females are often curious to see what the foreign guys have to offer.

Key things to remember when trying to pick up Estonian girls:

  • Be confident - the local girls love a man that is sure of himself.
  • Dress well - while the ladies will be curious about you as a foreigner it still pays to look the part.
  • Make the first move - the local beauties enjoy the fact that you find them desirable and will definitely be more keen if you approach them.

Some of the best pick up locations in Estonia:

Czech Republic

Prague, view from Old Town Hall Tower

The Czech Republic is teeming with some of the most beautiful women in Europe. The stereotypical European girl is the order of the day here. Blonde hair and blue eyes or brunette hair and green eyes everywhere you look. This is one of the best places in Europe to pick up chicks. There are more girls than there are guys in the major cities like Prague which automatically increases your chances of meeting someone new. The girls in the Czech Republic are carefree and always up for a good time. As with most of the European girls, the best way to pick up the local girls is to have the utmost confidence in yourself. The local girls usually prefer western guys, but pretty much all guys from any race have a good chance of striking lucky.

Things to remember when picking up Czech girls:

  • Be straight with them - girls hate it when you beat around the bush, if you make your intention clear then your chances go through the roof.
  • They enjoy being admired - throw plenty of compliments their way, even if you have to exaggerate here and there, make sure she knows she's hot.

Some of the best pick up locations in Czech Republic:


Stockholm old city

Swedish girls are some of the best looking girls in all of the world. This might be intimidating to some but in all honesty they really aren't as stuck up as their striking beauty might suggest. For all the bleach blonde hair, shapely long legs and soul searching blue eyes, they are just ordinary girls who like nothing more than some attention from a decent guy. And that's where you come in. Don't get overwhelmed by their looks, these Swedes love a guy who is confident enough to approach them and make them feel special. As with any really beautiful girl you need to make sure you keep her attention, you need to be charming and graceful when picking up locals. They are very friendly and will always look to help out tourists who seem like they might be in over their heads, so maybe pretending to be a helpless tourist will help your case.

Keys to picking up Swedish girls:

  • Don't be intimidated - yes they are gorgeous but they are only girls, and will react just like any and every other girl when charmed in the right way.
  • Look your best - this is a very important thing, while we have said they are just girls they are crazy hot girls and you definitely need to look the part.

Some of the best pick up locations in Sweden:

United Kingdom

London skyline seen from the south bank of the Thames

The UK is definitely one of the easiest places to pick up girls, the women here are very straight, they will react best to anyone who is right to the point with them, if you make your intentions clear from the start it makes picking them up that much easier. These girls will even make the move on you, all you need to do is be one of the nicest guys in the room. The British girls enjoy partying and drinking almost as much as the British guys so if partying is your thing then you should definitely consider going to the UK to pick up some girls.

They are no prudes, they will hook up with anyone they find attractive, things like race and religion don't matter to them as they are just there for a good time. British girls might not be as good looking as the rest of the European girls but what they don't have in looks they more than make up for in attitude and willingness to have fun.

Keys to picking up British girls:

  • Be easy - do not be stuck up, the last thing any British girl wants is a guy that cannot let his hair down and have a good time.
  • Have banter - the British girl loves a guy who can hold a good cheeky conversation, if you come across as too proper, then you might scare them off.

Some of the best pick up locations in United Kingdom:


Berlin skyline

German girls are as beautiful as they are methodical, picking up German girls is a lot like preparing for a job interview, if you are confident in your own abilities then your chances are more than good. If you can explain why you are the best candidate for the gig then you will have your pick of German girl. Germans are known for being very structured and not always open to freely hooking up, but times have changed and the modern German girl is far less conservative and judgmental than her mother and grandmother. If you want yourself some of that blonde haired and blue eyed German goodness then you need to adopt a fairly simple game plan of confidence and intelligence, German girls like a guy who can hold a conversation and also a guy who is gonna make her feel special.

Keys to picking up German girls:

  • Charm them - if you can make her feel like she is one of the best girls in the world, then odds are she will be yours.
  • Tap into your smarts - most of the German girls are quite bright and you will need to be at your best when having a conversation with them.

Some of the best pick up locations in Germany:


City view of Barcelona

Spanish women are drop dead gorgeous, but you don't need to be a rocket scientist in order to score with them. If you are a naturally charming and confident fella then Spain is a good place to start for you. The major cities like Madrid and Barcelona are full of locals and tourists so there is plenty of activity in the day and at night time. The local girls enjoy an outgoing guy who doesn't take himself too seriously and can let loose a little.

Things to keep in mind with Spanish girls:

  • Confidence - with these beautiful women you need to be confident in your approach, otherwise you will quite simply get shot down.
  • Have fun - the local girls love a guy who can be the life of the party, the lively culture of the Spanish people means that you will have to be comfortable in a party environment.
  • Learn some Spanish - local girls like to hear some Spanish words or phrases from foreign guys.

Some of the best pick up locations in Spain:


Paris skyline

France - the land of love. The atmosphere in the country and especially the city of Paris makes France one of the best countries on the continent in which to pick up girls. Picking up may not be the easiest task, but if you play your cards right, you will have an amazing time with local chicks. The beautiful scenery and just the history of place make everyone both local and foreign so much more approachable. The French girls have a very diverse taste in men and will go for just about any guy who is romantic and caring. You need a touch of grace about you to pick up a French girl as well as an extensive knowledge on wine and good food.

Tips on picking up French girls:

  • Show you’re cultured - the French women will much rather go for a guy who has a bit of substance to them, looks aren't always the most important thing for them so if you can show them that you enjoy things like art, shows and fine dining, then the hard graft is done.
  • Dress sharply - the French have a keen eye for fashion. If you look presentable all the time they are way more likely to notice you and then again you've won half the battle.
  • Be affectionate - they also love a man who can shower them with attention, little kisses here and there, hold their hands and they’ll be putty in yours.

Some of the best pick up locations in France:


Beautiful sporty and sexy Dutch girls at the red-light district canals in Amsterdam.

Dutch birds are something else. They are some of the most straightforward girls around, they are laidback and easy going. The nature of the ethnic makeup of the population means that girls will go for any guy regardless of race or culture. If you can make them laugh then they are as good as yours guy. Throw in some flirty banter and invite them for a drink and you will almost definitely get lucky. There are so many things to do in the Netherlands and the country is beautiful, so take in the sights outdoors and embrace the modern lifestyle of the Dutch and you'll have more than your share of hotties.

Keys to picking up Dutch girls:

  • Flirt - the Dutch girls are out there and will sometimes even be the ones to make the first move and don't like a guy to be timid. So make sure they know your intentions by throwing in some flirtation.
  • Get to the point - the Dutch are a people of few words, don't talk too much and rather show her how you feel physically.

Some of the best pick up locations in Netherlands:


Reykjavik in summer during sunset

The girls in the tiny island nation of Iceland are always up for it. There are way more girls than guys and the girls are rowdy. Nightclubs and bars in Reykjavik are jam packed with girls looking for some company. The English levels of the locals aren't always very high so you're gonna have to find something else to do with your tongue. To be honest with you, there is more drinking and partying going on than constructive conversation. The country isn't very big but this hidden gem is filled with some of the hottest and most game girls in Europe and they have very little filter in terms of who they choose to get down with.

Tips for picking up Icelandic girls:

  • Confidence - if you approach them first they will show you a good time, they are super friendly and welcoming and will definitely make it their duty to show any visitor a good time.
  • Drink well - there isn't a whole lot to do in the country other than look at volcanoes and geysers and go out and drink, so if you can hold your drink and handle a girl who can knock a fair few of them back herself then this is the place to be.

Some of the best pick up locations in Iceland:


Athens panorama

The girls in Greece are as beautiful as the country itself, and they enjoy being social. The girls are friendly and very open minded, they love spending time outdoors and at the beach in particular, so one of your best assets here will be your beach body. The ladies here love a good looking lad and will definitely not turn away a self confident and talkative man who is not afraid to make the first move.

Tips to picking up Greek girls:

Keep it simple - the Greeks aren't complicated people and the key to getting lucky with them is to keep everything simple, go to the beach, have a few drinks and you'll boost your chances of scoring exponentially.

  • Look good physically - if you're planning a trip to Greece and looking to pull then it's a good idea to hit the gym a few times before heading over, the ladies love a man who puts a bit of work into his body.

Some of the best pick up locations in Greece:

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