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Germany dating guide advises how to pick up German girls and how to hookup with local women in Germany. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date German women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Germany, Europe.

Berlin skyline

The country of Germany is located in Western Europe. It has a population of more than 80 million people. It has a vast diversity of the population, as every one in ten German is an immigrant from a foreign country. Germany is known for its academic pursuits. It is the third most popular destination for higher studies. Germany is also known as the “Land of poet and thinkers”. Germany is famous for all forms of art and particularly classical music. The country is quite popular among men to pick up women.

Germany Top 10 Overview:

Chance of picking up girls: 4 / 5

Picking up at daytime: 4 / 5

Picking up at nighttime: 4 / 5

Looks of girls: 4 / 5

Attitude of girls: 4 / 5

Nightlife in general: 4 / 5

Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5

Transportation: 3.5 / 5

Budget per day: US$70 - $900

Accommodation: US$40 - $700

German Girls

The German girls do not possess any distinctive facial features which distinguish them as Germans from other Europeans. There are slight specific facial and physical features which are common with most German girls which segregates them from others. In general, the majority of the German girls are fair or whitish in complexion, and they are built squarely. Many German girls have large bone structures. Some German women have fuller faces especially around their cheeks and the lower part of the face. Their lips usually give a fuller look. Most German girls have light eyebrow colors which are only slighter darker than their skin color.

Most German girls have blue eyes and blonde hair. Their average height is 165 cm (5.4 feet). They are highly attractive in their looks in their simple attire. In fact, many of the top models around the globe are Germans. Most German girls prefer to dress simply in a casual look rather than dresses and high heels. The girls in Munich though are more petite and feminine on dressing style than those from Berlin.

The girls in Germany are well-educated and quite independent. They are highly successful in their careers and quite intelligent too. They are not impressed by men who speak about common topics like weather, people, or food. They are more attracted and responsive to men who are highly successful in their careers and interesting. They love to indulge in conversations related to technology, politics, economics, health and other interesting topics. They love to hear compliments on their successful careers and their intellectual levels rather than their looks. German girls are quite honest and straightforward in their opinions. If a German girl does not like the company of men who are trying to converse with her, they bluntly tell them. Their straightforwardness sometimes seems impolite to men. German girls appreciate equality in gender. The German girls are very punctual in time too, and like men who are as punctual as them.

There are a vast majority of immigrants found in Germany who form the majority in the population. These are usually Syrians, Iraqis, Turkish, East Europeans, Americans, and Brazilians. Arabian women are easy to distinguish in Germany. Arabian women are blessed with an abundance of beauty. They usually have big almond-shaped eyes, in various glistening colors like stark black, green or hazel. The Arab women are genetically blessed with beautiful dark coarse eyebrows. The typical Syrian women usually indulge less in physical activities yet they have a curvy body figure which is quite attractive. They have a natural tan color skin which suits their persona.

The American girls in Germany look more or less similar to German girls but most have blonde hair and very fair skin. The Brazilian girls are really attractive though they have a dark skin color. The Brazilian girls have a perfect bikini body and bright black eyes. They indulge in a lot of weight training and possess a toned body figure. Though the Brazilian girls are the shortest and they are usually within 5 feet 2 inches.

Out of all the above classifications, the German girls are the most approachable to hook up. They are very open-minded, and they love to meet new people from different countries around the globe. Most German girls can speak English fluently and hence there wouldn’t be any issues in communication. They are very impressed by men who could pick up sentences in German and complement them in their local language.

RatingLooks Looks of girls: 4 / 5

The women in Germany are quite attractive though all may not be stunning; they are indeed cute. You may find women from different regions apart from the local German girls like Syrian, Brazil or American. Some are dark-skinned or tanned, and few are very fair while some are whitish in complexion. Whatever be the skin color, most of them have curvy and toned bodies and look beautiful in their way. The above rating shall justify the women you would meet in Germany.

RatingAttitude Attitude of girls: 4 / 5

Most girls in Germany are quite approachable. They are friendly and love to interact with men from different countries. Most German girls love getting complimented and appreciate the attention the men give them. Hence, the above rating justifies the rating of women in Germany.

Where to Get Sex Now

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How to Pick Up Girls

Germany is a very liberal country. You may meet girls from various backgrounds and regions. There are girls from varied backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds like Americans, Brazilians, Turkish and Syrians in the country. Though the girls are from different ethnic backgrounds, they are quite liberal in their views. Berlin has great nightlife where you can find a lot of girls. You need to be intellectual, smart, and attractive to be able to attract the German girls to be hooked up with you. The women are known to have a great attraction towards foreign men in Germany. They love men with great dressing style and smooth conversational ability. In Germany, you will find well-toned bodies and beautiful looking faces. Berlin, the capital of Germany has the majority population of modern liberal German girls whom you can attract with your skills and charm.

RatingPickup Chance of picking up: 4 / 5

There is a bright chance of picking up girls in Germany. There are various ways of picking up girls in Germany. Online dating app like Tinder is quite popularly used for hooking up with German girls.

Tips for Daytime

Dating in the daytime is a good time in Germany. Most of the women in Germany are open-minded and always charged up to meet men from different countries in the day time. While you approach German women in the day time be it at a café or restaurant, you need to be very punctual. They do not appreciate nor understand any grace period. The German girls love men who are well-dressed, intellectual, soft-spoken and confident. They believe in gender equality and do not like the men paying for them. Most young girls are free during the day time to hook up with foreign boys. The tips and tricks given below will surely help you attract young German girls.

How to approach the girls?

While approaching the women in Germany, one should be casually dressed, and the men should be successful and intelligent. The women love their culture, and they love it when men talk to them in German. So if you want to lure a German girl, try and pick up some sentences to compliment them in German. The women love to talk about intellectual topics, and they are liberal in their views. They are friendly, and kind and expect the same from the men. You can even center your conversations around sex in a decent way.

Women in Germany believe strongly in gender equality. They do not like men paying for them in any café, restaurant or bar. German women are very punctual about time, and you need to be very punctual to date German girl. They hate men who are late for a date.

The German girls are quite honest and straightforward too. When they don’t enjoy the company of men, they are dating they very clearly state the facts which seem impolite and rude at times. They expect the men to be straightforward and honest too.

RatingDaytime Chance of picking up at daytime: 4 / 5

The chances of hooking up with German girls is almost as bright during the day too as much as it is at night. There is no specific time that they like to hook up with foreign men.

Best Places to Meet Girls

Germany is a modern country which has great cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars. These places are the best spots to meet girls while you are in Germany. Berlin is the most preferred place where you will find plenty of German girls to have a hookup. You can date German girls in pubs, bars, nightclubs at nighttime and shopping malls in the Kreuzberg area are the best spots to hook up with a German girl. Some of the best spots to meet German girls for dating includes:

Best shopping malls at Kreuzberg (Berlin) to date German girls during daytime

  • Alexa at Grunerstrable
  • Neus Kranzler Eck
  • Sony Centre at Potsdamer
  • Mall of Berlin

These are the top spots in Berlin you can meet the hot German women to start a conversation. If things go well over a cup of coffee or a drink and things move in a fast manner, the German girls would even have a hook up for the night. Given below is a list of some of the best places to visit in the city of Munich to pick up horny girls:

  • Hofstatt Mall
Hofstatt Mall
  • Karlsplatz Stachus
Karlsplatz Stachus
  • Pasing Arcaden Mall
Pasing Arcaden Mall
  • Olympia-Einkaufszentrum
  • Einkaufs-Center Neuperlach

Tips for Nighttime

Germany and Berlin specifically have great nightlife. You can hook up with a lot of girls in nightclubs for a night one stand. All clubs are not same; however, some of the nightclubs in Berlin are known to have the most controversial and pervasive patties where German girls are ever ready for a one night stand with foreign tourists.

Berghain is one of the most popular nightclubs in Berlin known for its German girls. The entrance to the club has a wide array of sexy German girls to lure foreign tourists for a one night stand. This club is full of dark corners for hardcore sexual activities.

The KitKat club is the most pervasive club in Berlin known for its sexy hot German girls who are itching to have sex at night. If you are looking for a place to chill with German girls, then Kreuzberg has many places to chill with German girls over a glass of beer at the bars.

RatingNighttime Chance of hooking up at nighttime: 4/5

The chances to hook up with German girls are very high at night in Germany in Nightclubs. You need to be at your best fame to get successfully laid by a girl for a pleasurable night.

The nightlife in Germany is excellent with loud nightclub parties and great bars. There is no shortage of hot women in some of the nightclubs who are willing to get laid with a foreign man for a night. If you have charm, you would not be disappointed with the nightclubs at Berlin and the sexy girls.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

Germany is best known for its nightclub parties in Berlin. It has an excellent ambiance, and some nightclubs are full of darkly hidden spits to get laid by a girl. The women in these nightclubs have a sexy curvy figure and are beautiful. They are always on a lookout for handsome and impressive foreign tourists. So if you are ready to get hooked up to naughty girls in Germany to have sex, make it a point to meet them at these nightclubs in Berlin:

  • KitKat Bar at Kopenicker
  • Prince Charles at Prinzenstrable
  • Sisyphus at Hauptrasse
  • Watergate at Falckensteinstrafle
  • Soda club at Knaackstrable
  • Café Luzia at Oraneinstable
  • Berghain at Am Wrezeiner
  • Tresor at Kopenicker
A bar in Munich
RatingLooks Nightlife in general: 4 / 5

The nightlife in Germany lively and vibrant. The women usually love partying and drinking, while most of these clubs offer you a place to hit on women until the wee hours of the morning. The above rating justifies the nightlife in Germany

Munich at dusk

Mature Ladies and Cougars

The chances of meeting mature ladies in Germany is also quite good. The women are married and have their kids. These women seldom indulge in any debauchery. But the women who are single mothers, divorced or single have no qualms about indulging in sexual relations with other men. Many women dispute their age also are quite active sexually and quite flirty.


Germany is a federal republic consisting of 16 states (called "Bundesländer" or shortened to "Länder" in German). Three of the Bundesländer are actually city-states: Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg. The states can be roughly grouped by geography as listed below.

Regions of Germany
Northern Germany (Bremen, Hamburg, Hannover, Bielefeld, Rostock)
Western Germany (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bonn, Duisburg, Bochum)
Central Germany (Frankfurt,Erfurt)
Eastern Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig)
Southern Germany (Munich, Stuttgart)


  • Berlin — the reunified and re-invigorated capital of Germany; known for its division during the Cold War by the Berlin Wall. Today, it's a metropolis of diversity with elegant clubs, shops, galleries and restaurants.
Bode Museum, Berlin
  • Bonn - the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (previously, West Germany) and lies on the river Rhine some 20 km south of Cologne.
View over the Rhine near Bonn-Beuel
  • Bremen — one of the most important cities in northern Germany, its old town is a slice of hanseatic history.
Freimarkt vor dem Rathaus in Bremen
  • Cologne — city founded by the Romans 2000 years ago with a huge cathedral, Romanesque churches, and archaeological sites.
  • Dresden — once called 'Florence on the Elbe' and world-famous for its Frauenkirche and rebuilt historic centre destroyed during World War II.
South face of the Garrison Church, Dresden
  • Düsseldorf — Germany's capital of fashion also offers fascinating new architecture and a vibrant nightlife.
  • Frankfurt — seat of the European Central Bank (ECB), with a skyline reminiscent of Manhattan ("Mainhattan").
Skyline of FrankFurt
  • Hamburg — Germany's richest and second-largest city, famous for its harbour; liberal and tolerant culture with its nightclubs and casinos along the Reeperbahn.
  • Munich — Bavaria's beautiful capital city, gateway to the Alps and the site of the famous Oktoberfest.
2018 Oktoberfest
  • Stuttgart - the capital of Baden-Württemberg.


When visiting Germany, dating can be a fun and interesting experience., lets you meet local members in Germany and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. It just takes a few minutes, you simply create an account, upload a few images and tell a little about yourself. Since time in your destination may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand so when you do meet, you can skip the awkward introductions and start having some real fun.

Top Dating Tips

Most German girls are not at all the typical European girls whom you can hook up or get laid so easily. They are much more educated, self-independent and quite straight forward. They look for these qualities in men also to hook up for a one night stand. You need to be charming to be able to date a German girl. Small efforts by men towards them can get you their respect and it makes them feel special.

Relationships and Love

Thousands of single women in Germany are searching for a partner and potential future husband. Check out an ultimate guide for dating local girls, relationships, love and marriage: Relationship & Love Guide to Germany

Online Dating

The people of Germany have always been technologically advanced, they are leaders in mobile technology and it is a given that a sizeable chunk of the population is accepting towards the idea of using the internet and online websites and apps to find a suitable partner. The younger generation has taken this to the next level altogether. Given below is a list of the apps and websites that one can make use of in Germany to find a date:

  • Finya: This app is one of the most popular dating apps in Germany as a whole. The app is made by Germans and is completely free, while the majority of the users can speak English, the preferred mode of communication on this app is German, so brush up on your skills or make use of the translate feature. The large population of people using the app in Germany makes it the best-rated app on this list.
  • Tinder: Tinder is the global market leader when it comes to online dating. The app which is available in Germany is identical to the global version and is easy to use. One shall find a large number of hot German women looking to hook up with male tourists. Thus, it is one of the best options to find a suitable partner.
  • eDarling: The app is immensely popular in Munich because of the steps it takes to ensure that there aren’t any fake profiles on it. The app is run by the same group that operates Elite Singles and thus, its credibility is reliable.
  • Badoo: The app is useful for tourists to hook up with women who are in their vicinity. The app matches people who have similar interests and you can message them to take things further.
  • OkCupid: The app is popular among the youth of Munich. The average user here is in her 20’s and thus it is ideal for men looking to hook up with young women. The same parent company that owns Tinder runs this app as well and hence one doesn’t really need to worry about its reliability

A few of the above-mentioned apps have prostitutes listed on them, hence it is highly recommended to ask women about their intentions before hopping into bed with them.

Live Cam Dating

Are you looking for virtual satisfaction in Germany? Chat with live web camera models and find the best girl for your needs. There are thousands of girls online 24/7 waiting for you: Live Cam Girls

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

The German women are quite intelligent, self-independent and open minded. They love their country and love to talk about intellectual topics. They admire men who are casually dressed, intellectually smart and respect German women. They believe in gender equality and expect the same from men. They genuinely admire men who have similar qualities and treat them as equals. Hence, men who understand these sensitivities of German women tend to do well at dating German women and gaining the pleasures of life.

Risks while Gaming

Germany has the least risk while gaming. It has a very low rate of crime. Germany is quite a safe country with educated men and women.

Though prostitution is legal, you need to be well aware of the rules and regulations of prostitution. Be mindful of bargaining in prostitution and getting overly intoxicated the prostitutes as too much indulgence can get you in legal troubles.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

Getting laid in Germany is not very tough in big pubs and night clubs in Berlin. The nightclub parties are the best places to hook up with German girls.

Gold Diggers and Sugar Babies

Germany is full of hot girls looking for a mutually beneficial hookup with travellers. There are lots of girls who don’t charge by the hour but who will do anything for a guy who is willing to help them pay their bills. If you are looking for a more personal and less transactional alternative to escorts, a good place to find these sexy open-minded girls in Germany is SecretBenefits.

There is a considerable number of prostitutes in Germany. Gold diggers and sugar babies are also quite a lot in the number who hail from good backgrounds and look for a long term relationship with men who treat them equally, and they get adequate sexual pleasure.


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Swinging and Naturism

Swinger clubs and naturism is quite common in Germany and especially Berlin. Rave parties are common in nightclubs with naughty girls standing at the entrance of these clubs to have sex or indulge in various wild sexual activities with men. These parties have these activities go on all night at these parties.

Costs of Living

Compared to other European countries, a trip to Germany is reasonable and more budget friendly. It shall approximately cost as given below:

CostsDay Single traveler’s budget per day: US$70 - $900

A traveller who is planning a solo trip on a budget shall spend 70 USD per day while if the same traveller wants to enjoy some more luxury he shall end up spending upto 900 USD.

The travellers who wish to take a trip to Germany and be frugal shall not spend more than 70 USD a day, and this amount shall be utilised as given below:

CostsAccommodation Accommodation per night: US$40 - $700

Those tourists who do not mind Couchsurfing, Airbnb, hostels, or shared living spaces shall enjoy their trip at an accommodation cost of 40 USD per night. This increases as the amenities increase.

CostsBeerBottle Beer in a grocery shop: US$3 - $4

A pint of beer at any grocery store costs approximately 3 USD, and almost 8-10 USD should suffice to purchase enough alcohol per day. Keep in mind prices go higher during Oktoberfest.

CostsBeerBar Beer in a bar or restaurant: US$4 - $8

The cost of a pint of beer rises to almost 5 USD at any bar or even at a restaurant.

CostsMeal Meal in a restaurant: US$15 - $40

The cost of meals depend on where you eat but it is relatively expensive as a simple breakfast costs about 4 USD, while lunch and dinner are in the range of 10-11 USD per meal. To have a luxurious dining experience at a reputed local restaurant, one shall have to shell out 30 USD per meal.


Germany uses the international rating system to give a rating to the accommodation hotels in Germany. They are from one to two-star hotels to 4 to 5-star luxurious hotels. The one to two-star hotels has shared bathrooms and small rooms. The three-star hotels have a restaurant at the site, bigger rooms, and a private bathroom. The four and five-star categories hotels have all modern room amenities and facilities. It is a luxurious day option.

Boutique hotels are also a range in Germany for budget travelers. They are located in trendiest parts of Berlin and give a luxurious stay option at lower prices.

The 4 to 5-star hotels range from 100 to 200 USD per night. The 1 to 2-star hotels ranges within 50 to 60 USD. The boutique hotels are within USD 100.

Hilton Hotel, Brussels

How to Get There and Move Around

Germany has a well-connected and organized transport system in Germany.

By air:

Air travel in Germany is quite easy. The airports are managed by the government and are well-organized. They are efficient with all modern amenities. German airports have plenty of duty-free shops, restaurants, and bars. Getting down at any German city airport gives facilities of car rental and cab services. The Frankfurt airport is the largest airport in the country with its casino. It is not easy to find the way out in huge airports, and hence the clear representation of directions are given in English and German with pictorial representations.

FrankFurt Airport

By bus:

The buses are the cheapest form of transportation for traveling in Germany. They tend to be a little slow and uncomfortable for travel. The tram lines have a high capacity and are faster. They are preferred to the buses in Germany. Most buses operate intercity and make it easier to travel to different parts of the country.

The Bus stops in Germany have indicated with a capital letter H. Berlin has several bus systems operating simultaneously and has a night bus system.

Most of the metropolitan areas in Germany has an underground U-Bahn which comes in every 4 minutes. It is well connected to all parts of the city.

A bus in Germany

By car:

The cities and small towns are well-connected by the public transport system which is comfortable and cheap. If you like to rent a car, it's a good option if you would like to explore the country with your own schedule. The highway system between the major cities is excellent. Alternatively you can get a taxi.

German Taxis

By train:

The major cities in Germany have a well-connected system of local railway lines such as U-Bahn and trams (Strassenbahn). The ticket machines accept debit cards, credit cards, and cash as well.

Main Train Station Leipzig, Germany

By boat:

Hiring canal boats in Germany is a great way to explore the beaches and yachts.

Hanse harbour, Stade, Lower Saxony, Germany


Some citizens traveling to Germany needs to obtain a visa before they are permitted to enter the country. It grants a maximum stay for 90 days for tourists. Check from the consulate what is the situation with the passport you're holding. People who are from western countries should not have big issues visiting Germany and other European countries.

Digital Nomads and Remote Work

Germany is a great place for digital nomads to reside. It has excellent infrastructure, excellent food options, good places to work and great weather at a nominal cost per month.

Internet and Mobile Operators

The internet speed in Germany is quite fast and efficient. The biggest mobile operators in Germany are:

  • O2
  • E-Plus
  • Vodafone

Gambling and Casinos

There are more than 400 gambling facilities in Germany, and it has a high number of cruise ships and racetracks. The casinos have a myriad of options like American Roulette, Baccarat, blackjack, slot machines, card poker, etc. The sports betting on games like football and soccer are also quite popular in Germany. Frankfurt even has a gambling casino at the airport.

Weed and Drugs

Drug abuse is very much prevalent in Germany. Many drugs like weed, cocaine, meth, etc. are readily available especially in major towns of Germany. But these are illegal, and the government is implementing strict regulations to stop such offense. Don't do anything stupid.

Health, Fitness, Gyms and Massage

There are over 350 spas spread across Germany. It is well-known for its spa centers. There are quite a number of top- rated gyms across the country too. The fitness enthusiasts can visit the best gyms with all modern amenities to sweat it out.

STDs and HIV

The high number of population of prostitutes in Germany has given rise to HIV and AIDS. Though increased awareness programmers by the government have successfully declined the rate of HIV and AIDS in Germany. Still, it is advised for the tourists to take precautions and be cautious before having sex with a stranger.

Stay Safe

Germany is a very safe country. Crime rates are low and the rule of law is strictly enforced.

Violent crimes (murders, robberies, rapes, assaults) are very rare compared to most countries. If you're staying in certain parts of Berlin or Hamburg (Schanzenviertel) around 1 May (Tag der Arbeit) expect demonstrations that frequently degenerate into clashes between the police and a minority of the demonstrators.

Take the usual precautions and you will most likely not encounter any crime at all while staying in Germany.

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