How to Approach Girls

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When approaching a women while she is walking. You need to be confident and sure what you are doing. Girls are happy if someone comes to talk with them and tell some compliments. Same as guys would be happy if a girl come to you and the that you are handsome.

Approach Immediately

Don’t stop wondering. Girls can sense if a guy is not confident. Many guys don’t have strong self confidence because they think that they are not that good as some other guy that they know. Most important is to approach and start to talk. You never know where or how it will end. If the girl doesn’t like you it’s okay. You will learn from that and next time you will be even better.

Using Body Language and talk

When approaching take your hand in front and say 'hello, nice to meet you'. She will think that you know each others from somewhere so she won't be impolite. Tell any compliment to the girl for example: You have nice outfit today. Then start to ask questions as much as you can from the girl so you can agree later her desires.

Getting Her Number

After small discussion when you have realized that she is even a bit interested. Give her your phone and tell her to add her number so you can be later in touch. Normally it works. Send her immidiately fun SMS e.g. funniest guy in bar.

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