Online Dating

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Technology, especially smart devices such as phones and personal computers have greatly changed the way that we meet people and form relationships with them, be it a romantic relationship or something else. People's attitudes towards using online applications as a means for meeting new people gave grown progressively towards the positive side in recent years. In research conducted in 2005, that was asking American citizens' opinion about online dating, only 24% gave positive feedback, while the others claimed that the online dating is a fake way to replace the real ways that we meet people, and the big majority thought of just a way of self-promotion and salvation for hot-headed egocentric people. However, if we fast forward 10 years, the same study showed totally different results. 59% of respondents claimed that online dating is a good way to meet new people and expand social circles. The way that we get in touch with new people has greatly changed over the years and the huge reason for this is the massive expansion of technology, starting from the early 2000's.

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