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Technology, especially smart devices such as phones and personal computers have greatly changed the way that we meet people and form relationships with them, be it a romantic relationship or something else. People's attitudes towards using online applications as a means for meeting new people gave grown progressively towards the positive side in recent years. In research conducted in 2005, that was asking American citizens' opinion about online dating, only 24% gave positive feedback, while the others claimed that the online dating is a fake way to replace the real ways that we meet people, and the big majority thought of just a way of self-promotion and salvation for hot-headed egocentric people. However, if we fast forward 10 years, the same study showed totally different results. 59% of respondents claimed that online dating is a good way to meet new people and expand social circles. The way that we get in touch with new people has greatly changed over the years and the huge reason for this is the massive expansion of technology, starting from the early 2000s.

Dating Industry

We've all heard of the term matchmaker. It is a concept of connecting a person with another one of similar interests and personal preferences. It is a leading concept in the dating industry, and almost all providers of those services use this concept one or another way. As mentioned above, with people having a more positive attitude towards online dating in more recent years, the industry has evolved enormously and spanned into multiple branches such as:

Online Dating Websites - sites like Cupid Media, eHarmony, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish and others are around for a long time now, bringing convenient and affordable ways to meet singles all around the world;

Dating Apps - with the rise of smart devices and phones, the industry has taken it to the next level. Whether you are home or traveling around, a couple of swipes could easily get you some company, as the apps are available on the go, with Tinder leading the pack at the moment;

Dating & Relationship Coaches and Matchmakers - or as we like to call them "dummy's love life best friends." Why spend your time chatting with somebody endlessly and waiting for them to invite you out when you can hire somebody to do that for you? New trends bring new requests and there is a notable rise in the number of people offering services like relationship coaching, lifestyle coaching, etc. Also, there are people who will make the best dating profiles for you, for a prize. There are also agencies who offer matchmaking services and counseling, and they are much more affordable than one-on-one sessions with random YouTubers (we suggest you stay away from those; better read our blog instead!)


Online dating has become a trend even back in the time of OG sites, Mirc chatrooms and others. While it is a really good way of getting in touch with new people of similar interests, likes, dislikes and character traits, it can also be a bit misleading from time to time, depending on the app or the site that you are using, and also depending on your location. Some places are less likely to have a lot of active members, such as suburbs and small villages, but if you are located in a high-population city, online dating might be just the right thing for you. Over time, with many improvements, we see a increase in successful and long-lasting relationships' numbers, which all started online. At the moment, on average, most of online dating app's users are younger than 30 years. It is perfect for those who live a very fast-paced life, as online dating saves them a lot of precious time. Also, it is noticeable that there are a bit more men than women using these services.


Internet is a very complex network, and you can never be too secure while using any of its features, especially when it comes to meeting people. Over half of the global dating app's users have been a target of written harassment at least once. Keep in mind that unless you can see the person that you're talking to, you can never be sure about their true intentions. Yes, you can see the picture, but unless a profile is verified, you should be a bit more careful. Many apps have various verification steps, to ensure that all their members are genuine and real people, but even the most bulletproof network will have a couple of fake profiles. It is just how it goes.

Also, we can never stress out the importance of your own data security. Make sure that you are ready to share your pictures online since the people actually need to see what you look like. As a profile avatar, one face shot is more than enough. Only share your content with members that you've already had interaction with. Never share your private information, such as phone number, home address, etc. You can just leave your e-mail or anything like that. Remember, safety first! Also, keep in mind that if you're serious about this way of dating and you actually want to meet people that you encounter online, they do lie on their profiles. Everybody does. Everybody wants to be appealing. Some do that because they want to attract more potential matches, others do that just to satisfy their ego or whatever. Pictures are editable as well, and can't be trusted. Many of the members are lying mostly about their employment and financial situation. Use your common sense, and don't fall for those tricks if you are really looking for something genuine.

How to be successful in online dating

So, we've covered some brief necessities. But most of you fellow readers want to know how to make yourself stand out from the rest. Well, unfortunately, there is no guaranteed formula that's going to have 100% success. Everybody is different, and everybody has different preferences, especially when it comes to choosing potential partners, friends, sex-mates. But since we live in an age of the cult of personality, it is obvious that everything is in a user profile. So, be sure to make your's as appealing as possible. As we mentioned above, a clear face or whole upper body shot will work well for your profile picture. Don't post pictures which include other people, especially not as your front pictures. Don't go too heavy on describing yourself. You can write some basic information and preferences, but leave the rest for other party's imagination. Anyway, what would you talk about if the other person gets to know everything about you just by looking at your profile? Don't lie or input false information. The worst thing is somebody getting hot about you, and then just falling flat when they meet you in real life.

After you've got some matches, you can start reaching out to them. Our suggestion is to send a short introduction message, ask them something about themselves, or politely give a compliment. If the other person responds, you can continue the conversation. However, if they don't respond, it is better to leave them be. Nobody wants to be bothered by a horny stranger. You can eventually send one more message if you are really interested in that person, but anything after that will most likely get you on their block list.

Also, never share naked pictures with other members, even if they ask you to do so. It is unnecessary, rude, and it can easily be used against you. Anyway, what would be left for bedroom if you already know what that person looks like naked, right? One more thing: never ask for a date immediately. Take your time, get to know that guy/girl. Try to look as friendly and easy going as possible. Nobody wants a needy nerd checking on them every 5 minutes.

With that out of the way, we wish you all the luck in your future online adventures, if you opt to go for them. Make sure to check the See Also section below to get more useful information about your favorite topics!

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