How to Give Good Sex to Her

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While there are tons of articles on this topic out there, we will try to focus on some main things which you can implement to make your sex life much better and most importantly, to make her feel like the most desired girl/woman ever!

Missionary, the most commonly used sex position

Now, let's face it, even though you may not like this. But most of the men actually suck when it comes to pleasuring their significant others. And there is a really good reason for this. They don't have sources to learn that matter properly. And those are available are too unreal to be true.

First of all, the biggest reason for men being bad at sex is porn. Yes, you read it right, porn. Most of the porn movies that you can see online are very unreal and too good to be true. Over-hung guys, that can keep going for more than hour with three different girls? Girls who are having an orgasm approximately every 30 seconds? You have to know that nothing of this is real and if you had more than 0 sexual partners in your life, you would have figured it out by now. As it is the case with any movie, porn movies are shot in multiple takes. And thus, it looks too good to be true.

Secondly, your friends. They might talk to you how they had great sex last night with this amazing chick that kept cumming all over him. Yeah, in your dreams, maybe.

And third, some sources are showing you like "20 techniques to lick clitoris". Really? There is only one technique and all of that no-sense crap is mostly there to waste your time and make you feel better about yourself.

But those are all misleads that never touch the most important thing about having sex. And that is how your girl feels about you. The emotions that she feels when you take her into your arms and toss her on the bed. Remember this: most of the women can't achieve orgasm because they are stuck in a mental state that is actually blocking her physical senses. And the biggest reason for this is lack of self-confidence. As good of a boyfriend as you might be, she will for some reason think that her body is imperfect in your eyes and that you actually find that mole on her ass cheek unattractive. And this is even more usual when she is very young and still insecure about her looks. And what you need to do is to make her feel secure and positive about herself, and trust us, she will no longer be able to control herself. That is the moment when she is so sexually charged towards you and that imaginary blockade disappears and she can enjoy it as much as you do.

Good thing is, you don't need a 10-inch penis to satisfy her. Everything related to sexual satisfaction is in her brain. Chemical reactions which are converted to an electrical impulse that is reaching her nerves and resulting in the best orgasm that she ever experienced. Keep reading until the end of this article, and you will have the knowledge to make this happen!

The 'cowgirl' position


Most of the guys think that this is the boring part that you always have to go through in order to make her wet and be able to penetrate her. The truth is, most of the time she enjoys foreplay even more than the actual intercourse. What is the reason for this you might ask? It is really simple. She has erogenous zones all around her body other than her vagina. However, after you implement the knowledge that you will be given in this article, you will not even need to go through foreplay after some time. Why is that? Because she will be so much into doing it with you, that a single look into her eyes and a nice touch of your hand will drive her insane and make her soaking wet down there in a matter of seconds. And, as much as it is good, it can sometimes be bad because there will not be any way to get her off yourself than to give it to her at that exact moment. You will catch yourself having sex with her in the kitchen instead of eating. You two will do it in the car, in the public bathroom, and the best thing is, you will do it whenever you are together.

Okay, I want to know about that. How do I make it happen?

First of all, there are some things that you will have to do even before you engage in having sex for the first time with her. You had spent some time making out, kissing, touching each other, but now you actually want to get undressed and make it happen for the first time. This is all fine and good, but try to delay that first intercourse as much as you can. Don't even get undressed. Remain laid down, kissing and touching each other, and rubbing against each other. If you try that for 2-3 times, you will notice that it now takes both of you much shorter to get horny. This is because the mutual attraction is rising higher and higher due to waiting. The trick is to repeat this until your brain is literally going to explode if you delay the penetration even one second longer.

You think now is the time to fuck the hell out of her? Well, you can do that, but there is something much better that you can do, and that will help you have her anytime you want for a long-term. And we are talking years here. Me and my ex took this approach, and even though we broke up after 6 months of being in a relationship, we kept having sex for almost 3 years after the break-up, and on a regular basis, like at least once a week, because we could not get enough of each other.

Okay, back to the main point. Once you were able to make out a couple of times without the actual penetration, it is time to get undressed and take it to the next step. Now you can actually start doing some oral sex as well. Gently get your head down, and get going. Read her reactions, and as soon as she starts to get into it, stop immediately. The point of this is to tease her and let her warm up, and then cool down, and all over again. Don't let her have that orgasm just yet. You want to do this until she literally starts begging for you to enter her. And when you do that, go for a couple of minutes and then stop it and lay beside her. The trick is to keep this habit going until both you and she can't resist the urge anymore. Do this a couple of times as well, and also let her try to orally please you as well, but don't let her finish you off. The sole point of this hot-and-cold game is for you two to get used to each other's bodies, and it builds anticipation so much that the windows of your bedroom will always be fogged from the inside when the two of you are having sex. Feel her smell, feel her heart beating faster and faster as you are breathing into her ear. And also remember that the foreplay doesn't start when you lay down with her. It can start the moment you wake up. You can exchange sexy texts throughout the day and build the anticipation for the evening. Try this out as well, as you will not be disappointed!

Sometimes, you can also start giving each other a nice massage during the foreplay. This will make both of you physically ready and more relaxed to jump straight into the next step. Once you two are not able to keep the hands off each other, it is time to move on to the next step, which is the intercourse.

The 69 position


Now, there is so much to be said about this. Some say that it is better to take things slowly. Some say that you should do it as fast as you can before you cool down. And the truth is always somewhere in the middle of all things. If you are doing it in the public bathroom (and you will be doing that as well, don't worry), of course, you want to get everything over as soon as possible, before somebody catches you in your acts. Some say that when you are in the bedroom, it is best to make love to her slowly as women don't like to be rushed. However, the best way to go about this is to feel each other's reactions. You can start nice and gentle, with her laying on the side as you enter her from behind. Especially if it is an early morning fun. And early morning fun is the best thing that you can do after a night of exhausting jumping and the two of you alternately switching the "who is looking at the ceiling." Make sure to have a nice and well-painted ceiling if you are doing that, or she will get bored if she is under you.

Moving all that bad humor aside, there are various things that you can do to make this better for her. Pull her hair, spank her ass, bite her back (but not too hard) and all other crazy things that you can come up with. She wants to feel the touch of a man, and not the touch of weak girly hands. Unless she is a lesbian and you got lucky. This does not mean that you have to hit her with your fist. But show that you have more physical power than her. You can wrap your hands around her neck, and don't be afraid that you will suffocate her or hurt her. When she is aroused, her pain tolerance is much higher, and so you can get rough from time to time. Take control, and when she is about to explode, just lay down and tell her to do her thing. Getting stuck in the same routine is a killer for the attraction, but don't worry, as long as you keep it interesting and spice it up from time to time, her attraction and desire for you will only get higher.

It is impossible to talk about intercourse without mentioning the anal sex. Now, this might be something that your girl is not into yet, but if she is, we will discuss that as well. It goes without saying that this is something that you should slowly get into, as it is much more complicated. But the reward of having an anal orgasm with you is something that she will never forget. So, the worst way to go about this is to force her to do it. It will never work out that way. It is all about her wanting to do that, and you only want to make this enjoyable to her, and you mean it. Don't pressure her by any means!

It might take a long time for her to actually want it. She may have had bad previous experiences, or she thinks that it will be dirty and gross. Or she might not want to do it at all, ever. What you want to do is to show her your desire for that. Tell her how good her ass looks. Massage and kiss her cheeks, and let her know that you want that not only because of yourself. If she gets into the idea, this is how you will do it.

Poke and rub the entrance of her ass gently while you are eating her out or doing it from behind. If she gets comfortable and starts moaning, you can slowly let the tip of your finger slip inside. But be very careful, and don't use any quick movements. If she is uncomfortable, gently get out. If she is okay with it, the best way to start is to practice with small toys and fingers first. And don't forget to use a lot of lube. Also, it is good if she is willing to do it with her own fingers, as she will be able to control how deep she goes.

After some time, she will get comfortable with the feeling, and then she is ready for a full experience. If it is her first time, don't go deeper than half an inch. There is an internal involuntary sphincter, like a small muscle ring that needs to loosen on its own in order for penetration to be painless. This could take some time. You can stay like that for a couple of minutes while you two are busy kissing and touching each other. When she gets relaxed and ready, slowly, and we mean it, SLOWLY work your way in deeper. If you have done everything properly, it will be painless and she will be moaning with pleasure.

Keep in mind that you should not have anal sex with her more than once a week. Anything more than that is risky, as she might have permanent damage to her tissues. So, take it with moderation, don't force your way in and use a lot of lubricants and she will enjoy it every time.

A doggy-style position


You wonder what to do when the game is over? Well, it is also important to spend a quality time together after you have both had an orgasm (or she had a couple of them). You just shared an intimate moment, and staying together will only strengthen your bond. You can do various activities while resting and preparing for round 2. Or 3. Or 4. If you followed everything that we mentioned, it should never end on only one go. If you did some anal in your last session, it is very important that the both of you take shower as soon as it is over. And you can do this together as well. You will save a lot on your heating bills and you will maybe get to round 2 even before you are done with cleaning yourselves.

After that shower, you can also get back to bed, or wherever you did it, and just lay down. Relax and cuddle each other. You can watch a movie or your favorite sitcom in the meantime. You can play video games together. Or you can also grab something to eat to replenish your calories. Actually, it is really good to do that, since you will be spending them again anyway. Also, remember to drink a lot of water or your favorite liquid stuff, since dehydration is by far your biggest enemy.

One last important thing to remember: Never ask if she liked it or apologize if you noticed that she was not into it. You can always read by her reactions if she liked it. And if she did, she will make sure to let you know about that in some way. If she wants to do it again, you can be sure that she liked it. Make sure to keep it that way then. Let her relax enjoy those moments, and you can save the talk about that for some other occasion. If you were that good, don't worry, she will make sure to bring it up sometimes!


We hope that you had a good time reading through this. If you find this article useful in any way, hey, make sure to refer a friend to it. We know for sure that you have a friend that is confused and could really use something like this. And keep in mind that no women or girl is the same. This was just the overall look on the matter. Sometimes it will work out like a charm, and sometimes you have to come up with something else. Sex is a form of art itself, and the more creative you are, the more fun you will have between the sheets!

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