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Kraków dating guide advises how to pick up Polish girls and how to hookup with local women in Kraków. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date Polish women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Kraków, Poland.

Aerial view of Kraków

Krakow is a city in Southern Poland located near the border of the Czech Republic. It is known for the Jewish quarter and well-preserved medieval core. The old town of Krakow is surrounded by Planty Park and the remains of the city's medieval walls. In the center of the old town is the Rynek Glowny, a market square also consisting of the Cloth Hall. Krakow is the second-largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. It is also cited as one of the most beautiful European cities, and its Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The total population of Krakow is 771,069 (2018 census). Around 90% of the total population in Krakow follow Christianity, followed by 1% other religions. Remaining people are either irreligious or don't prefer to reveal their religion.

Kraków Top 10 Overview:

Chance of picking up girls: 3.25 / 5

Picking up at daytime: 3 / 5

Picking up at nighttime: 3.5 / 5

Looks of girls: 4 / 5

Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5

Nightlife in general: 4/ 5

Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5

Moving around the city: 4 / 5

Budget per day: US$80 - $120

Accommodation: US$60 - $200

Girls in Kraków

Polish girls

Polish girls are humble, family-oriented, and religious. Similar to almost all European women, Polish girls are not another bunch of horny ladies. They are well-educated and smart. Polish girls in Krakow are even more religious and don't shuffle a lot with boyfriends. They do not talk much and are usually silent observers. Despite being gorgeous, they lack confidence about their appearance, which makes them rather more cute and admirable. You will rarely find an arrogant Polish woman. Most of them are understanding and caring. You will seldom find Polish women fighting on the streets with their boyfriends.

Polish women are very religious. Although Christianity does not have any regulations on dating and relationship, it promotes monogamous relationships. Polish girls abide by these beliefs and prefer loving one man and creating a family with him. But that does not mean that picking up Polish girls is not possible. The attitude of Polish women is changing with time, and they are getting more open to multiple relationships and foreigners. But, you need to understand a lot about their behavior to know how to approach them and how to pick them.

Women literacy rate in Poland is 98.25 percent, whereas the employment rate of women in Poland is more than 60 percent. These statistics justify the liberal behavior and smartness of Polish women. Polish women have had freedom about everything since childhood as feminism is a very old thing in Poland. Krakow is a popular tourist destination in Poland with 8-10 Million tourist visits per year. If you visit Poland in March-May and September-November, you will find a lot of tourists as well. Picking up tourists is always a great option, especially when locals are not easy to pick up.

RatingLooks Looks of girls: 4 / 5

Polish people belong to the group of Western Slavs and have a typical Slavic appearance. Slavic women are naturally beautiful, with pretty looks and gorgeous faces. Polish women usually have a lighter shade of hair. They mostly have blue, green, or grey eyes. Polish women are slim and have fit and attractive bodies. All of these features are complemented by the elegant dressing Polish women are known for. If all of this baffles you, you should only know that Polish women are beautiful and sexy.

RatingAttitude Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5

If you have been to any other Slavic countries, you know how Polish women behave. Polish women are open-minded and smart. However, they don't prefer multiple relationships, hookups, and one-night stands. Polish women have always been into loving one man and raising a family with him. Therefore, it might get hard for you to land in Poland and straightaway pick up girls. You need to be around Polish girls, understand their behavior and trigger points, and then act accordingly.

Where to Get Sex Now

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How to Pick Up Girls

To pick up girls in Krakow, you have to get a good idea about the attitude of Polish girls. Krakow is not a city where you will woo girls with your looks, money, or westerner status. As mentioned above, Polish girls are well-educated and smart and thus, not easy to impress. You need to spend some time in there, be around people to understand how they behave, what they like, and what they hate. A good option can be to befriend a local Polish guy who can help you understand the thinking and attitude of Polish girls.

However, if you don't have that much time, here a few tips that may work for you, no matter how much time you are going to spend in Krakow, you need to understand the behavior of Polish girls. You need to be there around them to get acquainted with their behavior. Once you do so, you will get an idea about how to approach, when to approach, and what to say. You will eventually get better with practice. The more you talk to girls, the more you get rejected, the more you understand their attitude, and the better you get.

Whatever techniques you may use to pick up girls, you should always have a few qualities irrespective of the time and location to pick up girls. Confidence is the quality that will help you succeed. And when we talk about confidence, it is not only about being confident while picking up girls. Many guys approach girls with confidence, but after getting rejected for a few times, they lose confidence and stop trying. This is what you have to avoid. The more you try, the better chances you have. However, never ever do something inappropriate. Know your limits and never cross the line.

RatingPickup Chance of picking up: 3.25 / 5

Chances of picking up girls in Krakow are good. You may successfully pick up a few girls here and there if you are lucky, but in general, it will not be an easy thing to do. As mentioned earlier, most Polish girls are not interested in having casual relationships or one-night stands. If you are looking for such stuff, local Polish girls may not be the right choice. If you are lucky enough to meet a horny female, consider yourself lucky, and make the most out of that situation.

Tips for Daytime

The daytime may give you a few opportunities to pick up girls in Krakow. During the daytime, you should not think of having sex because that will happen rarely. Daytime is best to pick up girls for further plans. You can fix dates with the girls you meet or some night plans. As mentioned earlier, Polish girls are up for long relationships. If you find a single girl and indicate your long term involvement, you can easily fix a date with her. Moreover, you will not find a lot of oh naughty women during the daytime. Therefore, it is best to make some plans for the night.

Krakow is a very famous tourist destination in Poland. If you visit the city in the peak season, you will find a lot of tourists as well. Picking up tourists is a great option, especially if you are struggling to pick up local girls. The best way to pick up tourists is to visit tourist places which are abundant in Krakow. Daytime is the best to visit these places because as the sun sets, tourists prefer to explore more of the city life and the nightlife. Some popular tourist spots in Krakow are:

  • Wieliczka Salt Mine (underground chapels)
Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Wawel Royal Castle
Wawel Royal Castle
  • Main Square (urban space)
Main Square
  • St. Mary's Basilica (landmark)
St. Mary's Basilica
  • St. Florian's Gate (gate tower)
St. Florian's Gate
RatingDaytime Chance of picking up at daytime: 3 / 5

Chance of picking up girls at daytime is average. You will not find a lot of girls during the daytime, which is a common condition in almost all western countries. Daytime can be best utilized to pick up tourists and thus, by visiting tourist spots. If you don't want to pick up tourists, you can go to some popular local spots as well, but you should not hope for much success during the daytime.

Best Places to Meet Girls

Krakow is commonly known as the city of churches because of a vast number of churches in the city. Therefore, when you talk about the best places to meet girls, you might end up visiting religious places. But churches are not a bad option to pick up girls either. Polish girls are usually religious and visit churches regularly. Apart from churches, Krakow has a few decent spots where you might have a chance to pick up girls. As a general rule, try visiting places that are popular hangout spots. A little inquiry from locals can help you get more information. Best places to meet girls in Krakow are:

  • Forum Przestrzenie
  • Tytano
  • Lindo cafe and bar
  • Andrus food truck
  • Kopiec Mounds
Kopiec Mounds
  • Bunkier Sztuki Café
  • Mercy Brown bar
  • Kazimierz
  • Zakrzówek
  • Lody na Starowiślnej

Tips for Nighttime

During the nighttime, you can be more sex-oriented. During the nighttime, your aim should be to have sex. However, it is not a compulsion, and you can take things slowly as well, especially if you are on a longer visit. Nightclubs should be your primary visiting option during the nighttime. You can also look for bars and pubs if they are popular. You don't need to visit every bar in Krakow to have a successful night game. You just need to visit a few popular ones, and you will be good to go. In Krakow, Main Square is the best area for nightlife as it has a lot of clubs and bars located around it. Plac Nowy is another good area for spending your night. It is best to get a hotel or Airbnb around these areas for a convenient trip.

Nighttime is also great for going on a date. If you met a girl during the daytime, fix a date for the night. Krakow has some really good dating spots including restaurants and lounges. If not on a date, you can try picking up girls in clubs and bars. During the nighttime, you can expect girls to be more horny and naughty. If you find a girl who is alone in a club, don't hesitate to approach her. The worst that can happen is you will get rejected. But, getting rejected is the part of the process and is something you should always expect. But if you don't approach girls, how will you know whether they are interested or not?

RatingNighttime Chance of hooking up at nighttime: 3.5 / 5

Chance of hooking up at nighttime is good but not outstanding. A lot depends on the type of girls you come across and the places you visit. In places like Poland, where girls are not much fond of casual relationships, you have to rely a lot upon your luck. Even if you are the best looking guy in the world, you will still find girls who will not be interested in getting intimate. If you spend more time in clubs and bars around the popular areas, you will have a good chance to pick up girls.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

Krakow has a lot of excellent nightclubs where you can spend your nighttime having some fun and picking up girls. But, when it comes to nightclubs, you need to be picky because not every nightclub you visit will give you the desired outcomes. As mentioned earlier, Main Square and Plac Nowy are the most popular areas in Krakow during the night, and you should visit nightclubs and bars that are situated around these areas. Best nightclubs to meet girls in Krakow are:

  • Prozak 2.0
  • Shine Club
  • Klub 30
  • Piękny Pies
  • Club Hush
RatingLooks Nightlife in general: 3.75 / 5

The nightlife of Krakow is excellent. It might not be the best for picking up girls, but you will have a great time in general. With so many nightclubs and bars spread all over the city, Krakow is a city where you will find a way to enjoy irrespective of the area of your stay. Moreover, if you are staying around Main Square and Plac Nowy, you will have access to some of the best nightspots in the city along with an elevated chance to pick up girls.

Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków by night

Mature Ladies and Cougars

You can pick up mature ladies and cougars more easily and quickly than young girls. This is a story of almost all western countries and has the same reason. Mature women are usually more open-minded than young girls. Mature women have been through the dating scenes at their young age and now only crave to have sex.

Many mature women don't have a good sex life because of their and their husband's busy lifestyle. Therefore, many mature women get frequently engage with young men into one-night stands and short casual relationships. If you want to be one of those young men, you should understand how and where to pick up mature women. Online dating is the best way to pick up mature women as almost all single mature women use some dating site. You can also visit casual dining restaurants and bars to find mature women as well.


When visiting Kraków, dating can be a fun and interesting experience., lets you meet local members in Kraków and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. It just takes a few minutes, you simply create an account, upload a few images and tell a little about yourself. Since time in your destination may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand so when you do meet, you can skip the awkward introductions and start having some real fun.

Top Dating Tips

Going on a date with a Polish girl is an achievement in itself. If you are one of those guys, consider yourself lucky and give your best on your date. Polish women are punctual and expect you to be the same. Moreover, being on time builds a good solid impression. Polish women are very humble and somewhat shy. They will not ask you a lot of questions and may remain silent for the most part of the date. It is your job to make her comfortable around you. Ask her questions that she is comfortable in answering. Make light jokes on yourself and maybe on her if she looks comfortable. You should keep on flirting a bit but not much to keep up the romantic vibe. There are a few things you should never do on a date with a Polish woman. You should never make her uncomfortable. Don't ask any such thing or make any such joke that makes her comfortable. Flirting too much can also make the girl uncomfortable. In short, you should know your limits. Getting physical with the girl on the first date itself is a blunder you should avoid at all costs. On the first date, only physical contacts you should have are hugs, handshakes, and occasional touches on hands and shoulders. Anything more is not recommended on the first date.

Relationships and Love

Thousands of single women in Kraków are searching for a partner and potential future husband. Check out an ultimate guide for dating local girls, relationships, love and marriage: Relationship & Love Guide to Kraków

Online Dating

Online dating is prevalent in Poland, especially among mature women. But that does not mean that young girls don't use dating websites in Poland. You will find all types of girls and women on these dating sites. You can pick girls for one night stands as well and if you want, for long-term dating too. To get success in online dating, make your profile attractive with a bunch of attractive pictures and a great bio. Online dating can sometimes be a slow process which requires patience. But it is a proven method that has helped millions of men to get laid successfully. Best dating sites in Poland are:

  • Sympatia: Sympatia is the best and the most popular website in Poland. With more than 5.5 million users, Sympatia should be your first choice for online dating in Poland. If you don't want to sign up for multiple websites and want to stick to only one, Sympatia is your go-to website.
  • EDarling: If you are a guy above the age of 35, this website is best for you. This website is mainly designed for middle-aged adults and can be ideal for both casual as well as serious relationships.
  • Mydwoje: Mydwoje is not highly popular but is ideal if you want serious relationships. The compatibility algorithm of this website is created by a psychologist and therapist to make sure you get ideal matches.

Live Cam Dating

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What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

The answer to this question is obvious. Polish girls are more into serious monogamous relationships. If you are looking for a companion or a life partner, Poland can be the place for you. However, guys who are only looking to have sex might not get success initially, but they will eventually if they keep on trying. Guys who use online dating have a good chance as most of the single girls in Poland use dating sites. Guys who look good obviously have a good chance as well.

Risks while Gaming

You should always get your ticket stamped before traveling into public transport. You also have to follow the rules while jaywalking and crossing roads. You should see crossroads only at the dedicated pedestrian crossings. Public drinking, public drunkenness, and drink and drive are criminal offenses and can get you behind bars. You might get approached by pretty girls and invite you to give her company in a club. It is mostly a scam to drain your wallet. Other things to keep in mind are respect and public decency. With so many pretty girls around the city, guys can get carried away. Make sure you don't make any such mistakes in public as it can get you behind bars.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

There a few tips you should follow if you want to get laid quickly. Firstly, don't overlook online dating. Many guys make this mistake and suffer. You should always visit the place in the right season. Krakow might look the most beautiful in winters, but it is not the ideal time to pick up girls. Therefore, you should plan accordingly. You should be patient all the time. As mentioned multiple times above, patience is the key to getting laid in Poland. The places you visit also matter a lot. Make sure you visit tourist spots and popular local spots to increase your chances.

Gold Diggers and Sugar Babies

Kraków is full of hot girls looking for a mutually beneficial hookup with travellers. There are lots of girls who don’t charge by the hour but who will do anything for a guy who is willing to help them pay their bills. If you are looking for a more personal and less transactional alternative to escorts, a good place to find these sexy open-minded girls in Kraków is SecretBenefits.


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Swinger Clubs and Naturism

Some good swinger clubs in Krakow are:

  • Diamond Gentlemen’s Club
  • Gold-Club
  • Taboo Club

Naturism is not officially allowed in Poland, but there are a few nudist beaches along the sea where you can shed your clothes. However, no such beaches are known to exist in Krakow. However, you can always ask some locals for more information.

Costs of Living

Krakow is not an inexpensive city if compared to European standards. Everything from the hotels to the meals is priced reasonably, and you can spend a comfortable vacation on a low budget.

CostsDay Single traveler’s budget per day: US80 - $120

With transportation and food being inexpensive, a single traveler will not end up spending more than $80-$120 per day. Accommodation is not included in this cost.

CostsAccommodation Accommodation per night: US$02 - $04

Hotel rooms are moderately priced in Krakow, but it also has some big luxurious hotels. On average, you have to spend $60-$200 per person for a night for a room or Airbnb in Krakow.

CostsBeerBottle Beer in a grocery shop: US02 - $04

To get a draught of beer in a grocery shop in Krakow, you have to spend anywhere between $2 and $4. Some popular beers in Poland are:

  • Żywiec
  • Okocim
  • Tyskie
CostsBeerBar Beer in a bar or restaurant: US3 - $6

If you visit a bar or a restaurant in Krakow, you will have to spend $3-$6 for a bottle of beer. Some popular bars in Krakow are:

  • House of Beer
  • Duffy's Irish Bar
  • Wodka Bar
CostsMeal Meal in a restaurant: US$20 - $30

Food is also priced reasonably in Krakow. A three-course meal for two people will cost you $20-$30. If you visit a cheap restaurant, you can also have a meal for $5-$8. Some good restaurants in Krakow are:

  • Starka Restaurant
  • Padre Restaurant
  • Cyrano de Bergerac


If you are visiting Krakow for a small visit, you should find an accommodation option near Main Square or Plac Nowy as they have a lot of great spots around them. If you are planning for a longer stay, you can choose any area of the city until it is not too far from the center.

How to Get There and Move Around

Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland and is a very famous tourist destination. Because of its high popularity, it is well connected to all the cities in Poland and many other countries in Europe and other continents. Public transport in Krakow is dominated by a large network of trams and buses along with a few minibusses.

By air:

Krakow International Airport, also known as the John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport is the second busiest airport in Poland after Warsaw. It is connected to Athens, Paris, Chicago, Vienna, London, Brussels, Belfast, Geneva, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Dubai, Madrid, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Budapest, Frankfurt, Munich, Prague, Rome, and Oslo.


By bus:

Two types of bus services are functional in Krakow: Municipal buses and minibusses. Municipal buses are run by the government, whereas minibusses are managed by private companies. You can use the bus service in Krakow to travel locally in the cities or to travel to other cities in Poland.

Bus in Krakow

By car:

Taxis are abundant in Krakow and are quite cheap. Uber and KiwiTaxi are popular taxi companies in Krakow. You can also rent cars, but it is not advisable as Poland has a bad reputation for its rash driving. Bicycle sharing system is also very popular in Krakow and is highly recommended.

Taxis in Krakow

By train:

Kraków Główny Osobowy is the main railway station in Krakow. Krakow is connected by trains to Warsaw, Szczecin, Częstochowa, Gdynia, and Katowice. International connections include Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Kiev, Hamburg and Lviv.

Main train station in Krakow

By boat:

Krakow is a landlocked city with no ports. However, you can enjoy boat tours in the Vistula river.

Vistula river


Poland is a part of the Schengen Area and follows the Schengen are visa policy. Schengen Area visa policy allows citizens of all EU member states and four non-EU member states that follow the same visa policy are allowed visa-free entry to Poland. Other than these countries, there are many North American, South American, and Oceanian countries whose citizens have visa-free entry to Poland for 90 days in a 180 day period. Citizens of other countries require a visa to enter Poland.

Digital Nomads and Remote Work

Poland has always been a great country for digital nomads. Great atmosphere, great opportunities, great internet speed, and low cost of living makes Krakow an ideal city of digital nomads and remote workers. To find remote work, all you need to do is browse some websites, and you are all set to work.

Internet and Mobile Operators

The average internet speed in Poland is 12.6 Mbps. In addition to excellent internet speed, Poland has good coverage as well, which helps n uninterrupted calls. Popular telecom companies in Poland are:

  • T-Mobile
  • Orange Polska
  • Plus
  • Netia
  • Novator Telecom

Gambling and Casinos

Gambling is legal in Poland but not popular. Krakow has one legal casino: Krakow at Dwor Kosciuszko Hotel.

Weed and Drugs

Most drugs, including cannabis, are illegal in Poland for recreational use. Medical use, however, is legalized in Poland since 2017.

Health, Fitness, Gyms and Massage

Some good hospitals in Krakow are:

  • John Paul II Hospital
  • Specialist Hospital
  • Brothers Hospitallers

Some popular gyms in Krakow are:

  • Atlantic Squash Fitness Gym
  • The Little Gym Krakow
  • Energym Fitness Club

Some good spas in Krakow are:

  • Magia Day Spa
  • Ambra Day Spa
  • Moonlight Spa

STDs and HIV

HIV rate in Poland is 3.3 people per 100,000 population. HIV rates in Poland are on the rise with around a 15% increase in HIV rates reported in the year 2017-2018.

Stay Safe

Like the rest of Poland, Kraków is generally a very safe city with strong police presence. Violent behaviour is rare and if it occurs it is most likely alcohol-related. While pubs and clubs are generally very safe, the nearby streets may be scenes of brawls, especially late at night. Try to avoid confrontations.

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