Top 10 Easiest Countries to Pick Up Girls

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There is nothing worse than planning a vacation or going to stay temporarily in a place without having girls to hook up with and indulge in some sexual pleasure. Many countries in the world are popular sex destinations. These places have girls who really desire and love foreign guys. If a guy is looking more than just hook up and sex, there’s good news as he can even attract girls and enter into a long term relation with them. Life can be quite stressful at times, and it is great to have some fun with sexy girls.

Looking for an attractive woman who is interested in you? Wanting to have some fun with girls? Then these 10 countries are the best places to get your kind of girl.


Thai girls are thin and pretty looking. You probably won’t find curvy girls here. Most girls are slim. Thai girls have varied shades of their skin. Some girls are tanned with date brown skin but a majority of them are fair. Beware of ladyboys in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. Thai girls are very feminine. They truly have a very kind heart. The Thai girls are not aggressive generally nor are they aggressive in bed. They let the man take control of the bed. Thai girls can be clingy at times. When a Thai girl is really attracted to you, especially to foreigners she sleeps with you to have a long -term relationship. She even considers moving in with you for a living relationship.

Thailand is the top sex tourist destination trending across the globe. It is a great place to have a girl for one night stand here. You can even find the sexiest wife here too. The Thai girls have a laid back attitude about sex. All the white guys get great attention from the girls in Thailand. You can hardly escape the sexy curvy girls flaunting their bodies on the beaches in several islands. The islands are very popular tourist destinations. For most travelers the sandy beaches are like a paradise. Some of the most popular islands are Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Chang, and so on. You can also find nice beaches from the mainland, such as Hua Hin or Pattaya.

Thai girls are rated highest in Asia for their attractive looks. They love to laugh and mingle with western guys. You can easily hook up with Thai girls in bars and pubs. They are clubbing almost every day. Though prostitution is illegal in Thailand, some Thai girls are on the poles in nightclubs seducing guys to hook up with them.

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Bangkok skyline


Swedish women are truly blessed with wonderful genes. Swedish girls do not like to wear too much make-up and stay natural. They are beautiful, quite attractive and open-minded. They are very friendly to guys too which makes it easy to pick up girls here. The Swedish girls are independent and have good jobs. They are financially independent and hence do not look for guys to have a one night stand for money. They love to indulge in sex for pure pleasure.

In fact, the Swedish women are quite bold and they can often make the first move to have sex. Sex on the very first date is common. Swedish girls love to drink and you will probably have the best chance to pick girls in nightclubs and pubs. Swedish women are generally soft-spoken and calm. It is rare to witness them demonstrating ant strong emotions like anger. They are soft on the bed too but also open for wild sex.

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Stockholm city view


There is a myth which floats around claiming that there is a higher population of women than men in Russia. In fact, there is also an all-women university in Russia. You can pick up girls in this university too. If you want to date women in Russia, you will find plenty here. Russian women are pretty and sexy. All women in Russia are well-dressed at all times. In some parts of Russia it might be difficult to get one night stand, but in most places it's not too difficult. If you aren't wealthy, avoid the posh nightclubs in the major cities, such as Moscow or St. Petersburg. Women in luxury nightclubs are mostly looking for a rich guy.

Women here love to have a long-term relationship. Russian women put their family and love a number one priority. The bars and streets are full of sexy Russian women looking out to lure sexy attractive guys into a long term relationship.

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View of Moscow

The Philippines

The Philippines is quite a cheap place to stay and spend your time. In fact, many foreign tourists require just $500 USD a month. This makes it easier to spend more time here and find girls to attract them. Filipina girls are sexy and beautiful. The girls usually are available for hook up in bars and pubs. You will find plenty of modern girls who are quite approachable when they are drunk at the club. However, a large percentage of women here are traditional and need a long-term relationship. The girls are quite attracted to white guys who have charming looks and personality.

The downside of finding girls here is that they are less educated and they tend to be shy and uninterested mostly. This makes it a little more difficult to lure the girls very easily. The girls can speak fluent English and hence it is very easy to communicate with them. If you're visiting Manila or Cebu, just start swiping your Tinder app and you will have a bunch of attractive matches in no time.

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Manila skyline


Colombian girls are very attractive and yet they have a traditional culture and outlook for dating. They love to date men for a long term relation. Though it’s not always easy to find girls for a one night stand, but you can still find them in nightclubs and pubs. You are expected to be a gentleman with a charming persona to attract girls. Not all women in Colombia are traditional and you can expect to be kissed on the first date too. Sex on the first date is also very possible. Colombian women are quite flaky in nature. Hence, it is recommended by experts that you should schedule two to three dates in a day as one of the girls may be flaky.

Colombian girls are very passionate by nature. Due to this extreme passion, they get super excited even on the first date, they get jealous of seeing the guys they are dating with any other girl. This passion and excitement work great for sex. Colombian girls are great at sex, and quite fun and exciting too. They love to have a tactile feel with their boyfriends. Colombia is a relatively cheap place and hence you can stay longer and find the right girls to pick up and hook up along for fun and pleasure.

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Bogotá city centre


Ukrainian women are no less than models. They are highly attractive and beautiful. Ukraine is one of the top spots for picking up women in the world. The women in Ukraine have sexy bodies and are really attractive. The Ukraine women are attracted to the gentleman who brings them flowers and respects them on their first date. They prefer a long-term relationship than a one-night stand. However, some proportion of the population prefers one night stand too.

Most Ukraine girls do not talk very openly about sex and topics related to sex. But there is a mix of girls here. 60% of the girls may be super conservative in nature, and some may be cool and casual about sex and hookup for a pleasurable night. The looks of Ukrainian girls is quite similar than Russian chicks.

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Kiev's central neighborhoods

The United States of America

American girls are very flirtatious by nature. In fact, girls are very modern in the United States of America. You can easily flirt with them and go for a one night stand. They are financially independent and quite bold. They love to dress up in sexy short dresses in summers to outline their breast and busts. They are not too sleek and slim but they have a muscular heavy built. They love to party and drink with men. They are easily approachable to flirt and hookup if you have a charming personality and attractive look. Getting tipsy on their drinking date drives them wild and makes many more things like kissing, smooching and sex pleasurable, wild and much more exciting.

Los Angeles in the United States has the highest number of attractive girls who are easy to pick up. Overall Californian girls are very out-going and fun. Columbus is also buzzing in the United States with girls. In fact, nearly 34% of the entire city's population is single and ready to mingle. You can find lots of horny colleges going girls here.

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Midtown Manhattan in New York City


The Polish women are easy to find and they are very open to the pleasures of life. A one night stand or hook up with Polish women is considered normal. The polish women love to drink, especially vodka and beer. So if you take them on a date in a bar or pub they would love it. They are quite wild at sex. They are caring and feminine by nature and love to mingle with men.

You will find plenty of Polish girls to date in Warsaw and Krakow. It is not surprising to find sexy chicks at the nightclubs. They usually do not have sex on the first night unless you play your cards right. But with time they get comfortable and indulge in wild sex.

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Castle Square in Warsaw


The Brazilian beaches are not only lovely, attractive and beautiful but the girls are equally attractive and beautiful. The Brazilian women are known for their sexy and attractive figure. They love doing the sexy dance on wild nights at the pubs and bars. Brazilian women look hot at the beaches in their sexy Brazilian bikinis which are truly sensuous. Brazilian women are quite open-minded and ready to hookup. You can even make out with ten girls on a night-out. It is normal in Brazilian culture to be affectionate and close. Kissing and smooching in public is not a great deal. In fact, when people greet in Brazil they kiss on cheeks. The Brazilians are quite comfortable when they are in close proximity to each other.

Not all Brazilians are fluent in English. Hence, it can be a great challenge to communicate with Brazilian women. Brazilian women love white guys. If you desire Brazilian women for their sexy biking figures and stunning dark tanned color skin ton it is the perfect spot to be hooked up. The beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro are world famous.

Brazil is known to be a sex tourist destination. The pumped up asses of the Brazilian women are truly to die for. It is the special glamour quotient of the girls. The Brazilian women are very compassionate, caring and loving towards their loved ones. Brazilian women expect their husbands to be financially great and charming. They love romantic acts and long for long- term commitment with the one they love.

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Estonian girls are often blonde, slim and have a soft face. They do not possess curves or bubble buts but their attractive looks will surely lure you towards them. Most of the young Estonian girls speak fluent English. Hence, they can be easily communicated with and makes it easier to pick up girls in Estonia, especially in Tallinn, the capital.

The Estonian girl has more attitude than the girls in Stockholm (Sweden) or Helsinki (Finland). Estonian girls are a mixture of Russian and Nordic girls. The girls in Estonia are not too wild but they are ready to indulge in sex, just like the girls of the Nordic countries. The Estonian girls may seem shy in the first meeting but once they are comfortable they open up and if you met them privately they can indulge in kissing and cuddling and turn naughty soon.

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Tallinn at night


It is very easy to impress girls nowadays. There are plenty of dating sites and apps where you can connect with these girls and fulfill your harmony and get pleasure. This was the top list of the countries where you have high chances of meeting the hottest women. The countries like Thailand, Poland, Eastern Europe, Russia, Estonia, and Brazil are great options to hook up with girls. Hence, be ready to pack your bags and get going to get your girls. You can hook up with most hot women in these places in bars, pubs, and nightclubs. You need to be bold, charming and have the guts to approach the girls and impress them.

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