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New York City dating guide advises how to pick up New Yorker girls and how to hookup with local women in New York City. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date New Yorker women, where to find sex and how to get laid in New York City, New York state, United States of America.

Midtown Manhattan facing south toward Lower Manhattan

New York City (NYC) is also referred to as the "City of New York", "New York (NY)", "The Big Apple" or simply "The City" by locals. In the United States of America, it is the most densely populated major city and the most populous city. With an estimated population of 19.9 million inhabitants in the New York metropolitan area in 2018, the metro area is one of the most populous mega cities worldwide and by urban landmass, it is the largest. New York is a global power city and it has been portrayed as the financial, cultural and media capital of the world to include its momentous impact upon sports, fashion, art, tourism, politics, education, technology, research, entertainment and commerce. There are five boroughs in New York City with different counties; Staten Island (Richmond County), the Bronx (Bronx County), Queens (Queens County), Brooklyn (Kings County) and Manhattan (New York County). Interesting fact - there are up to 800 languages spoken in New York and the city is home to the highest number of billionaires compared to any other cities in the globe.

New York City Top 10 Overview:

Chance of picking up girls: 4.75 / 5

Picking up at daytime: 4 / 5

Picking up at nighttime: 4.5 / 5

Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5

Attitude of girls: 4 / 5

Nightlife in general: 5 / 5

Locals' English level: 5 / 5

Moving around the city: 4 / 5

Budget per day: US$120 - $1200

Accommodation: US$70 - $1200

Girls in New York City

New York City is a center for trade, finance, research, art, fashion, food, media and culture. You will find different kinds of girls in New York City because of the uniqueness and dynamism of the city. The first kind of girls you will find in New York City are the workaholic type, these kind of girls are in the Big Apple because of their ambitions. When you go on a date with these kind of girls in New York City, they never let their phones stay unattended to for a single moment as they reply messages and emails constantly. They barely have a life outside of their offices and most times when they are at the restaurants, their minds are still glued to the excel sheet that must be worked on first thing in the morning. The second kind of girls you will find in New York City are the picky ones, they are hardly satisfied with anything they get and all is just a tad below their expectations. These kind of girls are often those who come from an international family and they are the proud ones. The third kind of girls you will find in New York City are the romantic ones, they are sweet, charming and truly romantic. These kind of girls have seen lots of romantic comedies and they are the movie buffs who believe in fairy tales. If you get hooked up with these kind of girls in New York City, it's just a matter of time before you start to realize how much they care about marriage and kids. The fourth kind of girls you will find in New York City are the weird ones, it's fine if you call them quirks. These kind of girls in New York City do not share similar mindset about the regular things that people do and the way they express their conceptions is kind of disturbing. The fifth kind of girls you will find in New York City are the hardcore party girls. These kind of girls in New York City are everywhere and it's very difficult to avoid them. If you befriend these type of girls in the city, get ready to be out almost on all weekends and even on weekdays too because they always know where the coolest parties are going down in the city. If you follow these kind of girls to a party, you will see how popular they are and if you're the party type, you will find more pleasure rather than getting exhausted. However, if it's a Manhattan girl, it's likely that you'll be digging deeper into your pocket. Generally, New York girls are smart, educated, hardworking, lively and fun to be with.

RatingLooks Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5

New York girls are beautiful, gorgeous and attractive. No matter what kind of girl you get hooked up with in the city, it's always a beautiful one. You will find a good number of White, Asian, Latino and African-American girls in New York City.

RatingAttitude Attitude of girls: 4 / 5

Although many believe that girls in New York City are rude, arrogant and engulfed with the "New York attitude", actually, New York girls are nice and even nicer than you think except if you step on their toes or cross your limit.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in New York City. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

How to Pick Up Girls

RatingPickup Chance of picking up: 4.75 / 5

There are over 180,000 more women than men and there is a high chance of picking up girls in New York City. Unlike other cities like San Francisco and Chicago where there is a fair equal number of both sexes, the ratio of girls to guys in New York City is skewed and for every guy in the city, there are about three girls ready to get hooked up. If you're a single, straight guy and you are finding it difficult to pick up a girl in New York, you're not just being confident enough. In fact, once you are attractive and you're in a cool spot like a bar, you will find the girls approaching you themselves and they don't even care if you are with another girl. There is an ultimate hook-up culture in the city, you will see people working hard in the day and playing harder afterwards. Every night, New Yorkers go out to have a few drinks and to hook up at the same time. As a guy, there are lots of options of girls for you to pick from because of the insane amount of women looking for men, making the the city the ultimate playground for men. You can pick up any girl of your choice if you want to have fun every night and there is no limit to the number of available young and successful women looking for who to hook up with. You can pick up single girls in New York City at places like bars, lounges and nightclubs such as dive bars, neighborhood bars, popular bars, hotel bars, cocktail lounges, hookah/shisha bars, dance clubs, player's clubs and house clubs.

Tips for Daytime

RatingDaytime Chance of picking up at daytime: 4 / 5

Meeting New York girls in the day can be somewhat tricky because in a huge city like this, people are always busy during the day and they often have a quick pace, nevertheless, singles girls are always around you during the day and you just have to stay positive. Space and time are important factors that can affect your day gaming in New York City. Day gaming in a small area will not yield much positive result because of the way people get crammed and you might also not get too much results in the day because New Yorkers walk faster during the day and they don't like to pause or get paused by a stranger. New Yorkers are known for not being outwardly friendly on the street and this is because of the bag snatchers that are somewhat rampant on the street. If you want to meet hot single girls in New York, the Fifth Avenue is where you should be. This famous shopping district is a source of attraction to many tourists and locals and it's one of the perfect places for your day hunting. You can also hook up with New York girls during the day at Hanover Square around lunch time or at Wall Street. The bars at this area will get filled up swiftly after working hours, just make sure you are seated and well positioned a few minutes beforehand and let the professional women come to you directly. During summer, you will meet a lot of local girls in New York, at this period, you will meet both tourists and local girls and the Times Square is your Mecca. If you want to meet horny girls in New York looking for who to have sex with, take a walk around hostels, girls there won't mind spending the night at your place. Other spots that are perfect for your day gaming are Central Park, Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Union Square Green Market, Soho, Hudson River park and Murray Hill. Generally, day gaming in New York do not require too much, all you just have to do is step outside in the street or get into town. If you do not have the nerve to step out to hunt for New York girls in the day, or if you are scared of being rejected, you can just sign up on online dating sites to chat, hook up and get laid with New York girls. There are lots of New York girls on these online dating sites who are signed up for different purposes; some sign up to get hooked up with the love of their life or just to get a casual boyfriend and some sign up to find who to have sex with. If you need some of these online dating websites where you can chat, hook up and get laid with New York City girls, look at the online dating section below where you'll see the list of popular online dating websites where you'll meet beautiful girls in New York City.

Best Places to Meet Girls

New York is the city that never sleeps with its everyday hustle and bustle. There are over 1 million residents in the city and it is impossible for you not to find people in a street. As much as the beautiful city is enriched with cute and elegant women, knowing where to meet your kind of women is an important key to getting hooked up. One of the best ways to meet women in New York City is to take a walk around the city. You will be surprised that there is something going on in the streets of New York and to include, you will see a lot of women at the sidewalks. Take your time to explore the city, feed your eyes and go to parks on foot, particularly Central Park, the park is a famous spot for meeting dog walkers, sunbathers, joggers and professional women in New York City.

Central Park
  • Museums and art galleries. If you want to meet sophisticated women in New York City, visit museums like the Museum of Natural History, the Guggenheim MET or MoMA. These museums are often crowded with art connoisseurs, students and people of different colors.
  • Concerts and shows. The theatrical and musical scene of the city is vibrant with performance from top artists in the world.
Metropolitan Opera
  • The gym because a large number of girls in the city have gym memberships they use often. By signing up for a gym membership, you will get to meet women in New York who love to workout, become workout buddies and take it up from there.
  • Taking classes From computer science to singing, there are thousands of classes New York offers for anything. A lot of women in New York take yoga classes and study at acting schools and universities, joining a classroom environment will make you meet more women in the city either as a fellow student or a colleague.

Tips for Nighttime

RatingNighttime Chance of hooking up at nighttime: 4.5 / 5

In the city that never sleeps, fun is a sure thing for everyone who wants to taste from the resplendent nightlife of the city. There is always something for everyone in this city and the nighttime is never a lagging moment.

Where to Pick up a New York girl on a Friday Night:

  • Brass Monkey at 55 Little West 12th St: The Irish Pub style bar is free to enter. You would find YUPPIES (young urban professionals) congregating at this three-story bar. At this venue, you will meet girls of different sizes, shapes, colors and heights that suit your preference. If you want to roll up to that hot blonde, go downstairs as it is often jam packed with no dance floor in particular, making it very easy to approach girls.
  • Kiss N Fly at 409 West 13th Street: There is a high cover of about $20, selective door and a crowded dance floor at this venue. Please note that this place is not for the faint of heart but if you can find a way to get in and do your thing, you will sure find a girl to hook up with. When you arrive at this venue, enter with a dominating demeanor and a purpose and you'll be rewarded with lots of hot girls.

Where to Pick up a New York girl on a Saturday Night:

  • 230 Fifth at 230 Fifth Avenue: This venue is perfect for picking up classy ladies in New York on a Saturday night. Girls at this venue are elegantly dressed to experience a breathtaking night. However, you should note that you'll find a large number of tourist girls at this venue and it's important for you to work out your logistics for your planned activities.
  • Plunge at 18 Ninth Ave or 9th Avenue and 13th street: This venue is where you will meet New York girls looking for a man to hold onto for the night. People at this venue are often those between the age of 25-35, if you're with girls, you will waste no time on the queue to get in. Girls at this place love a quick interaction so as to discover if you are fun or fake.

Where to Pick up a New York girl on a Sunday Night:

  • Hotel Gansevoort Roof Top Bar at 18 Ninth Ave: It is very tough to get into this venue and picking up a girl here is not a cakewalk, you need to beef up your game. Dress appropriately and get ready to mingle.
  • Turtle Bay at 2nd Avenue and 52nd Street: This venue is another cool place to pick up hot and beautiful New York City girls on a Sunday night. Hot New York girls are floating everywhere at this venue and you just have to step up your game to pick up one.
  • 675 Lounge at 675 Hudson Street: The music at this venue is not really loud which creates a more social mood to get hooked up and pick up girls. It's a great place to get socially lubricated and the girls at this venue are not really hot. Anyways, it's a great place to start the night.

You can also pick up hot New York girls at any of these dive bars:

  • Brass Monkey at Little West 12th Street and 10th Ave.
  • Beer Garden at Little West 12th St and 9th Ave.
  • Sutton Place.

These classy lounges are also cool ideas for picking up beautiful New York girls:

  • 230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge at 230 Fifth Avenue).
  • Plunge on the roof at the Gansevoort Street Hotel.
  • Empire Rooftop Lounge at 63rd St near Broadway.

If you are in the Bronx, you can pick up New York girls' at any of these singles bars:

  • Skyline Bar & Lounge Bx at 1511 Wilkinson Ave.
  • Illusions Hookah & Mixology Lounge at 3229 Westchester Ave.
  • Mingles Restaurant and Lounge at 4012 Boston Rd.
  • Bronx Beer Hall at 2344 Arthur Ave.
  • The Punch Bowl at 5820 Broadway.
  • Rulay Lounge Bar at 2959 Webster Ave.
  • Mott Haven Bar at 1 Bruckner Blvd.
  • Evo Cocktail Lounge at 1306 Unionport Rd.

If you are in Brooklyn, you can pick up New York girls' at any of these singles bars:

  • Mood Ring at 1260 Myrtle Ave.
  • Barcade at 148 West 24th Street.
  • House of Yes at 2 Wyckoff Ave.
  • Skinny Dennis at 152 Metropolitan Ave.
  • Bembe at 81 S 6th St.
  • Black Flamingo at 168 Borinquen Pl.

If you are in Manhattan and around East Village, you can pick up New York girls' at any of these bars and nightclubs:

  • Solas at 232 E 9th St # 1.
  • Hotel Chantelle at 92 Ludlow St.
  • The Wren at 344 Bowery.
  • Belfry at 222 E 14th St.
  • 13th Step at 149 2nd Ave.
  • The Dead Rabbit at 30 Water Street.
  • The Back Room at 102 Norfolk. St.
  • Penrose at 1590 2nd Ave.
  • Stumble Inn at 1454 2nd Ave.
  • Dorrian’sat 1616 2nd Ave.

If you are in Queens, you can pick up New York girls' at any of these singles bars:

  • Elevate Sky Lounge at 123-07 Liberty Ave, South Richmond Hill.
  • Tropix Bar & Lounge at 9532 Queens Blvd, Rego Park.
  • Donovan’s Pub at 57-24 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside.
  • Leaf Bar & Lounge at 133-42 39th Ave, Roof, Flushing.
  • Lic Bar at 45-58 Vernon Blvd in Long Island City.
  • Dutch Kill’s Bar at 24-27 Jackson Avenue in Long Island City.

If you are in Staten Island, you can pick up New York girls' at any of these singles bars:

  • Cabo at 2623, 96 Page Ave.
  • Craft House at 60 Van Duzer St.
  • Above Rooftop at 1100 South Ave.
  • 1001 Nights Cafe & Lounge at 2025 Richmond Ave.
  • The Coupe at 379 Van Duzer St.
  • Bootleg Mannings at 2645 Forest Ave.
  • Burrito Bar at 585 Forest Avenue.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

Here is a list of some of the best nightclubs in New York City:

  • Electric Room at 355 W 16th St (in Dream Downtown), New York, NY.
  • Le Bain at 848 Washington St (at W 13th St), New York, NY.
  • Times Square Terrace at 760 8th Ave9 New York, NY.
  • Lavo at 39 E 58th St (btwn Park & Madison Ave), New York, NY.
  • 1 OAK at 453 W 17th St (btwn 9th & 10th Ave), New York, NY.
  • PH-D at Dream Downtown at 355 W 16th St, New York, NY.
  • Nublu at 62 Avenue C (btwn 4th & 5th), New York, NY.
  • Up&Down at 244 W 14th St, New York, NY.
  • Frim Fram Jam at 412 8th Ave, New York, NY.
RatingLooks Nightlife in general: 5 / 5

New York City is known for its terrific nightlife and it is enriched with extraordinary nightlife spots to include a combo of wild and crazy, and slow and sultry venues to give you any kind of night you want.

Long Island

Mature Ladies and Cougars

It can be quite daunting to find attractive cougars in New York but it's not impossible. A vast number of cougars in New York are stable, confident, and can be intimidating at times. New York cougars know what they want and they are never afraid to pursue whatever it is. Here is a list of the spots to meet beautiful cougars in New York:

  • Whole Foods: There are over 18 Whole Foods stores around New York City and there are lots of cougars at these stores because Whole Foods is usually the most natural place to meet and interact with unknown people generally. When you see a beautiful cougar that catches your fancy, you can strike up a conversation with what she has in her basket. The beautiful thing is that you will always get to keep simple conversations with older women at this spot and the scope is to keep it engaging, random, interesting, casual and light.
Whole Foods at Lower East Side
  • Hillstone: You will meet a lot of classy, trendy and well-to-do cougars in New York at this snazzy jazz lounge. The place is known for being chic and spacious, its wide array of cocktail drinks, fabulously delicious menu and its cushy dining room which is why it is often filled with younger men and cougars trying to match off till the closing hour around 11 pm.
  • Morandi: New York cougars are prowling here every evening. The impressive Italian wine list and the mouth-watering bar menu are part of the biggest attractions that draw Cougars in New York to this spot, it is very easy to strike a conversation with an older woman at this venue.
  • McCarren Park: This public park is popular with cougars, area hipsters, and young families, particularly, it is a casual way to meet cougars in New York City. There are lots of activities that this place offers to engage people. It has tennis courts, football, soccer fields, baseball, dog runs and many more. New York cougars love to visit this park during the weekends to relax and they don't mind getting hooked up too provided that you're the confident type.
McCarren Park
  • Geisha: There are numerous hangout spots and entertainment at this chic, high-end bar. Apart from the bar, it also offers private dining rooms and a sushi bar. It has numerous palette of flavors that are made through the usage of voguish French techniques. The items on the menu are lambs, ducks, lobster, and cougars definitely. Geisha's doors are flung wide open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m and afterwards, it gets closed for two hours and reopened again from 5:30 p.m - 11 00 p.m.


When visiting New York City, dating can be a fun and interesting experience., lets you meet local members in New York City and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. It just takes a few minutes, you simply create an account, upload a few images and tell a little about yourself. Since time in your destination may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand so when you do meet, you can skip the awkward introductions and start having some real fun.

Top Dating Tips

It is always an adventure to date in New York City. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes which will be great for a date. If you're on a budget trip and you need a list of nice, romantic and amicable restaurants and bars, here is a few of the best ones to try out for your first date:

  • Auction House
  • One if by Land, Two if by Sea
  • Salinas
  • The River Café
  • Peasant
  • La Lanterna di Vittorio

For a cheap date in New York City, try out any of these nice bars and restaurants:

  • Patricia’s
  • Pete’s Candy Store
  • Alameda’s
  • Brooklyn Night Bazaar
  • Spin Ping Pong Bar

Comedy clubs are also good options for your date in New York, here is some of the recommended ones:

  • Gotham Comedy Club
  • The Stand
  • New York Comedy Club
  • The Bell House
  • Carolines on Broadway

If you want something a little classier or if you are with a sophisticated New York lady, take her to see what's playing at a Broadway Show. You may also take her to see a show at any of these great theaters:

  • Richard Rodgers Theatre
Richard Rodgers Theatre
  • New Amsterdam Theatre
New Amsterdam Theatre
  • Lincoln Center Theatre
Lincoln Center Theatre

If it's a day date, any of these places will be magical:

  • Central Park Express Cafe
  • Gantry Plaza State Park
Gantry Plaza State Park
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • Museum of Interesting Things
  • Gallow Green
  • The Cliffs
  • Deep Tanks Studio
  • Bagatelle

Relationships and Love

Thousands of single women in New York City are searching for a partner and potential future husband. Check out an ultimate guide for dating local girls, relationships, love and marriage: Relationship & Love Guide to New York City

Online Dating

Online dating is very active in New York City. New York Girls who want to meet new guys are signed up on these online dating sites and are getting hooked up day by day. Here is a list of popular online dating sites and apps to meet girls in New York City:

  • Tinder: Tinder seems to be the most largely used online dating website in New York City. When it comes to finding a quick fling, virtually everyone sees Tinder as a last resort. Guys who want to meet beautiful girls in New York on this dating site must be very attractive or else they will have a very tough time getting hooked up with a girl because there are lots of New York girls that are getting spammed non-stop. Make sure you upload a very cute and nice photo of yours that will help you stand out from others.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel: Quality is the principal feature of this dating website - quality people and quality connections. On this dating site, matches are referred to as bagels and you are given a circumscribed number each day, it may be close to 21 for men and for women, it's determined by the number of men who recently “liked” their profiles. It was the three sisters; the founders, that created this approach so as to save singles time and make the dating app more women-friendly.
  • Happn: There is something special about Happn, it has a mysterious way of connecting you with someone special you had once met before with its mixture of online dating with offline dating. This dating app gets you connected with people that you have crossed paths with in reality, it tells you how many times it has occurred and leave you to take the necessary action.
  • Bumble: A large number of local girls in New York City are signed up on Bumble because they believe they'll get to meet their fellow local guys too and not just tourists. One good thing about this dating website is that it is the ladies who make the first move. If you're a good gamer, you'll get hooked up with lots of local New York girls on this online dating website.
  • Hinge: This dating site is guided by authenticity and it is inspired by love as it is committed to providing long-term relationships and monogamous commitments to those who seek them. One of the specialties of this dating website is that it allows people to comment on others pictures which is a cool way of breaking the ice.
  • PlentyofFish (POF): POF depends on a “chemistry test” in the creation of profiles. This test tracks the distinct personality dimensions which are important in maintaining a romantic relationship. Members can send messages to anyone that interest them after seeing their profiles. Even without signing up on the website, one can view the well organized and heavily used forums. The online site also has video and audio chat available. There are both free and paid membership but the paid version is likely to increase one's chance of meeting love.
  • It is one of the best online dating sites to meet single ladies in New York around you. The dating site was created in 1995 and it's among the first dating websites ever. More than any other dating sites, the site is reputed to have matched many people up in marriages and relationships. The matching system of the dating site emphasizes on personality, life goals, and dating preferences which facilitates lasting connections. There are over 30 million members signed up on and it's one of the best dating sites where you can get hooked up with a beautiful girl in New York City.
  • Adult Friend Finder: If you're looking for who to have a quick sex with, the first app you should try out is Adult Friend Finder. The dating app has a huge number of users with about more than 50 million members and has a very good attention in the beautiful big city of New York City.
  • Elite Singles: If you're looking for a partner who values education in New York, Elite Singles has made it all easy for you. Those signed up on the dating site are those who have completed their diplomas and degrees, the dating app is where you can get connected and hooked up with a professional woman in New York.
  • Grindr: This dating site is often referred to as the Tinder for gay singles as it is only for bisexual, gay and curious men. Grindr makes use of geolocation to suggest matches who are close-by, either you are at a festival, bar, restaurant, home or anywhere else. If you are into them, swipe right, if you're not, swipe left.

Live Cam Dating

Are you looking for virtual satisfaction in New York City? Chat with live web camera models and find the best girl for your needs. There are thousands of girls online 24/7 waiting for you: Live Cam Girls

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

Money is a tool that will make your gaming work faster but you need a good attitude, a good outfit and an ability to steer a friendly conversation without being rude but being respectful without hurting any feelings.

Risks while Gaming

Nothing will cockblock you harder like poor logistics. Take your time to plan and make use of all tips given. To avoid getting into a fight, make sure you do not approach girls that are evidently hooked up. There are lots of girls to pick up in the city but your composure, smartness and confidence is what will determine if you will get hooked up not to talk of getting laid.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

New Yorkers are sex-positive and they view sex as a fun and desirable activity. New York girls will get laid with you under the right conditions if you strike their fancy. So, if you want to get laid as fast as you can, go to any of the nicest pick up bars in town, put on a cool attitude, don't be desperate, spot a lonely girl, keep her company, keep a good conversation but don't throw-in the idea of sex too early, if she likes you, she won't mind getting laid with you that night. Another quick way to get laid with New York girls is to sign up on online dating sites. Lots of beautiful girls in New York looking for who to have sex with are on these online sites and to get laid with any of them, you just have to reciprocate the same action by registering. Either you're looking for Asians, Whites or curvy African-American girls in New York City to have sex with, these online dating sites have good potentials for your bidding.

Gold Diggers and Sugar Babies

New York City is full of hot girls looking for a mutually beneficial hookup with travellers. There are lots of girls who don’t charge by the hour but who will do anything for a guy who is willing to help them pay their bills. If you are looking for a more personal and less transactional alternative to escorts, a good place to find these sexy open-minded girls in New York City is SecretBenefits.


Looking for a new bondage partner while traveling? is a community of like-minded people with members around the globe. Our members are interested in submissive sex, power exchange, locating persons for new slave roles, erotic BDSM, bondage & fetish sex, as well as live sex dates. Find thousands of play partners for whatever your fetish may be; bondage, foot, cockold, spankings, role-play, electric or water play, sadism and masochism all while traveling in New York City.

Swinger Clubs and Naturism

Swinger clubs also referred to as lifestyle clubs are informal or formal groups that are committed to organizing activities that are sex-related. Unlike brothels where sex workers are paid to have sex with, patrons of Swinger clubs are only permitted to have sex with other patrons after paying an annual membership fee. Famous swinger clubs in New York are SinSation, One Leg Up NYC, School of Sex, Check Mate, Adult Socials and Caligula.

Costs of Living

Everything is expensive in New York City with the exception of just very few things. If you want to enjoy living in this city, you need to make more money.

CostsDay Single traveler’s budget per day: US$120 - $2000

Because of the expensive cost of living in the city, prepare around $300 for your daily spending if you are a solo traveler but if you have an extravagant lifestyle, you could spend up to $2000 per day.

CostsAccommodation Accommodation per night: US$70 - $1200

Apartments in New York are not really big and they are very expensive. You can get a cheap and nice hotel in the city for as low as $70 but the sophisticated ones will cost you close to $300-$1200

CostsBeerBottle Beer in a grocery shop: US$2 - $3

A bottle of beer in a grocery store will cost around $2-$5 in the city.

CostsBeerBar Beer in a bar or restaurant: US$7 - $8

Beer in a bar can be relatively expensive and in Washington the price can be around $5-$8.

CostsMeal Meal in a restaurant: US$9 - $80

You can find food at all price ranges in the city. If you are on a budget you can try eating meals at inexpensive places or even grab a quick bite from street vendors which will not cost you more then $4-$8. Meals in high end places can be for around $60-$200.


Accommodation in New York is very expensive but you can get nice apartments via Airbnb. Cheap and quality hotels are available in the city for booking around $70 per night but a 3-5 star hotel will cost you up to $80-$1200.

Plaza Hotel, New York

If you're staying in New York for a month and you're considering renting an apartment, here is a list of the estimated monthly rent for diverse types of apartment:

  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre $3,000.
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre $2,000.
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre $6,460.
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre $3,430.

How to Get There and Move Around

By air: The code for all airports in New York City is NYC. The city is well connected by air with available flights from anywhere in the globe. The three large airports that serve the region are operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; they are

  • Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport
LaGuardia Airport

Other airports serving the city are:

  • Long Island MacArthur Airport
  • Westchester County Airport
  • Stewart International Airport
  • Trenton-Mercer Airport
  • Teterboro Airport

By bus: A large number of buses in New York are safe and some of these buses offer business-class style luxury, wi-fi and outlets and a ride costs about $2.75.

Bus in New York

By car: It is not advisable to enter New York by car because of the usual huge traffic congestion but if you'd love to, make sure you have a smartphone with GPS support and live traffic support application like Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps. You can also rent a car at the offices of the three major airports but it is very expensive, if you do not have a credit card, you may have to deposit up to $500. Taxis can also get really expensive but a great option for travelling short distances. Uber or Lyft is and alternative option.

Taxis in New York

By train: New York Penn Station (NYP) is where Amtrak operates from directly under Madison Square. Common trains get filled up quickly during rush hours and it is advisable to make your reservations via phone or online and get your ticket at any of the electronic kiosks in the station with your confirmation number or credit card. The Amtrak's Acela express train offers commuter service on a regular 150 mph along the east coast such as Providence, New Haven, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston and Washington, D.C. PATH is another good option to travel by train in New York City, it costs $2.75 per ride.

Brooklyn Train

By boat: New York is reputed to be one of the most relevant passenger sea ports in the world with its stylish and extraordinary method of arrival by cruise ship or ocean liner. The Cunard Line functions on a regular basis with scheduled passenger service aboard the largest ocean liner ever built; RMS Queen Mary, between Southampton and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal including Germany, Hamburg and England. Depending on the season and cabin, trip costs $800–6,000 and it takes 6–7 days. SeaStreak and NY Waterway are other fast ferry services that serve the city.

Boat in New York

Visas:If you want to visit New York City for a period of 90 days or less without a need for visa, you may apply for the Visa Waiver Program. However, there are certain criteria you must meet to travel with this opportunity. One of them is to be a citizen or National of a VWP-participant country. Currently, there are just 38 countries worldwide that are participants of Visa Waiver Program. Another option for you to travel to New York as a non-US citizen is to obtain a visitor visa, business visa or tourist visa.

Digital Nomads and Remote Work

Digital nomads are the kind of persons that utilize telecommunications technologies to survive day by day. These kind of workers often work remotely from recreational vehicles, co-working spaces, public libraries, coffee shops or foreign countries with the use of wireless internet enabled devices. If you're a digital nomad in New York City, you are going to find a lot of remote work and all you just have to do is to search online or ask the knowledgeable locals around.

Internet and Mobile Operators

New York has excellent cellphone service and Internet connection. Following are the details on both. Best internet provider in Miami:

  • Verizon
  • Spectrum
  • Xfinity
  • RCN
  • Mediacom
  • Optimum
  • Viasat
  • Atlantic Broadband

Fastest Internet Service Providers in New York

  • Verizon
  • Spectrum
  • Xfinity
  • RCN

You can Also Surf the Internet with a Free Wi-Fi at any of these Places:

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park at Main St (Plymouth St), Brooklyn, NY.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art at 1000 5th Ave (btwn E 80th & E 84th St), New York, NY.
  • Bryant Park at E 42nd St (btwn 5th & 6th Ave), New York, NY.
  • Hudson River Park at West St (btwn Battery Pl & W 59th St), New York, NY.
  • High Line between Gansevoort & W 34th St, New York, NY.
  • Union Square Greenmarket at1 Union Sq W (btwn 14th & 17th St), New York, NY
  • Madison Square Park at Madison Ave (btwn E 23rd & E 26th St), New York, NY.
  • Last Rites Tattoo Theatre and Art Gallery at 325 W 38th St. Store 1 (8th ave), New York, NY.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6 at Pier 6 (at Atlantic & Furman), Brooklyn, NY.
  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck at 30 Rockefeller Plz (btwn 5th & 6th Ave), New York, NY.
  • Winter Garden Theatre at 1634 Broadway (at W 50th St), New York, NY.

Gambling and Casinos

Casinos are legal in New York and here is a list of some of the best ones in the city:

  • Big Deal Casino
  • Resorts World Casino New York City
  • Empire City Casino
Empire City Casino
  • NJ Casino Nights
  • Trump Hotel Casino
Trump Hotel
  • NYC Poker Clubs
  • Heights Casino
Heights Casino
  • Garden City Casino
  • Foxwood’s lounge

Weed and Drugs

In 2008, over 40,000 people were arrested in New York City for marijuana alone. Cannabis is only permitted for medical use and it is considered illegal for recreational use but possession of small amounts is decriminalized.

Health, Fitness, Gyms and Massage

New York City has some pretty great gyms where you can work out and also meet cute girls. Some of the best Gym Centers in New York City are:

  • Ludlow Fitness
  • Harbor Fitness
  • Brooklyn Athletic Club
  • Bodhi Fitness Center
  • Chalk Gyms
  • Absolute Power Fitness

Best Places to get a Massage in New York City:

  • Aire Ancient Baths
  • Great Jones Spa
  • Fishion Herb Center/Massage
  • Zu Yuan Spa
  • Renew Day Spa

STDs and HIV

The rate of HIV in New York seems to be high. In the year 2017, about 108,000 people were living with HIV of which 43.9% were Blacks, 34.2% were Hispanics and 17.5% were Whites. Make sure you protect yourself with a condom if you must engage in a sexual act.

Stay Safe

New York is statistically the safest large city in the United States, and its crime rate per person is lower than the national average and the crime rate of many small towns. You can also be assured of a high police presence in Times Square, public transportation hubs and other major crowded places. For the most part, the legendary subway crimes of the 1970s and 1980s are now a thing of the past, and it is generally safe to travel around at night in the subway as long as you use common sense and keep a moderate level of vigilance.

The most common crime against tourists (not including being overcharged!) is bag snatching. Never let go of your handbag (putting other bags down is OK, as long as you guard them carefully), especially in the subway but also when eating at a restaurant. Take special care if you are sitting outdoors or in a crowded self-service restaurant. Leave your passport and other valuables that you don't need to carry in a hotel safe or hidden in your suitcase.

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