Top 10 Summer Locations in North America

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How many of you can say that you live an American dream? Even if that is not your goal, and you only like to travel around and check places, we are here to make sure that you get the handpicked best-of-best out of North America. In no particular order, these are some of the best locations not just in North America, but in a world as a whole. So, if you're planning a trip, make sure to check one of these locations, and get at least a glance of that American dream yourself. Fasten your belts, here we go!

Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, this is not a big of a revelation to anybody, but what can be said about The Vegas except, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Of course, if you're traveling by yourself and leaving your significant other at home, which is highly recommended. Who needs wood in the forest anyway? It's the city that never sleeps, so make sure to rest properly if you plan to go there. You will need all that precious energy. While it is every gambler's dream to make it big here, you certainly don't need to gamble in order to have a good time in Vegas. While you're there, make sure to visit the Grand Canyon at least. It will take you two to three hours of a drive through Arizona's deserts to get there, but it will be worthy of every minute spent to arrive. In case you're not in for a sightseeing and stunning landscape views, you can always just stay inside the city and check numerous bars, cocktail parties and restaurants. Also, there are a lot of live music acts every single day during the season. Just imagine a rock show on top of a 20-floor building, and the view of city lights. Whatever is that you're into, be ready to get your breath taken away. And your wallet as well, as this is not a cheap place to visit by any means. But it is worth every damn penny!

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Tulum, Mexico

Although not as spectacular as a previous one, it is surely a place worth visiting. Located on Mexico's Riviera Maya, it is a small beach town on the far south-east coast. And it is truly a stunning place. It is also one of the best-preserved ancient Mayan towns, and it really stood the test of time well. The coastline is beautiful with sugar-like sand beaches, crystal-clear blue water, and many underwater and land caves as well. Above all of that, there are ancient ruins of the old Mayan empire, which are almost intact until the present day. It is also an archaeological site which draws the attention of not just the tourists, but the researchers, historians, and scientists as well. Movie-like temples are just breathtaking sight, as they are much more than just old buildings. Who knows what could you possibly find inside? Maybe some old jewelry or maps? But if you're not that much into history, there is still plenty of things to do here. Like kite-surfing above the beautiful ocean water or diving into underwater caves. The aquatic life is very rich, and so are the Tulum's restaurants. There is plenty of them, and if somebody knows how to make a fish dish, these folks are the ones! They are also very influenced by the old history and culture, and they like to tell the old tales. If you want an adventure of a lifetime, don't miss Tulum. Also, for the average American standard, it is a very cheap place to visit.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Probably the second signature American city, just after the Vegas. Tulsa simply screams USA! Located in the heart of Oklahoma on the Arkansas River, and a subject of many country songs, it is truly a place worth visiting. If you're looking for great entertainment, be it art, opera, ballet, zoo, Tulsa has it all! There are also many music venues for everybody's tastes. Make sure not to miss the Tulsa Garden Center, as it is home to the big horticultural library and all other green-related stuff. Also, there are many other places for various outdoor activities, such as Bells Amusement Park, golf and River parks, and many tourist trails alongside Arkansas River which contain many picnic parks, fountains, sculptures and playgrounds. Even if you decide to stay in the city, there are still many cultural attractions to see. You could literally spend days visiting many museums, including the famous Gilcrease, the Museum of Jewish Art and the Philbrook as well. If you thought that this is all that Tulsa has to offer, you are quite wrong on that one. Perhaps the biggest attraction as of lately is the Route 66 Historical Village. It was built to honor the city itself, as it was the birthplace of the probably most famous highway ever. But besides honoring the legacy, the place has many other entertainment shows, such as Car Shows, Oil and locomotive demonstrations and many others. Sure, Tulsa might miss a seacoast, but it is a fun place none-the-less!

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San Antonio, Texas

There is so much to see and do in America's 7th largest city, and the heart of Texas. Over 20 million tourists visit this city every year, not just to view the famous spot where the Battle of the Alamo took place, which completely overshadows the all-so-important San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, which contains the ruins of four Spanish mission churches from early to the mid 19th century, and many other historical buildings. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. That alone should testify about its importance. Also, make sure not to miss the downtown River Walk, and get some chili while you're there. It's San Antonio's signature meal! It is a very dynamic city, with a very rich history and culture. Also, there are many different nationalities in San Antonio, such as Mexican, German, Irish, Tejano, Czechoslovakian and many more. Locals are very welcoming as well. Also, keep in mind that this is the hometown of many world-famous musicians and artists, and the city itself is crowded with tourists and people who are looking for live music gigs and acts. Mainly, it is a home of country and rock music, but you can find some more modern stuff around as well. It is also a rather cheap place when compared to most of the American cities.

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Nicaragua is like Costa Rica's little cousin. And it is also a more budget-friendly place. Although its reputation is still a bit questionable and reeling from 80's conflicts, Nicaragua welcomes its tourists to beautiful places such as the old colonial town of Grenada, history, and culture-rich Leon, and many amazing Carribean islands. There are many gorgeous beaches along the coast of the city of San Juan del Sur, located in the southern part of the country. While you're there already, make sure to check bull shark-infested lake of Nicaragua. But don't go into the water, just stay on the boat! In the lake's center is the island named Ometepe, which has a giant volcano crater. Apart from many attractions clustered on the western and southern coasts, there is also a capital city of Managua. It is a place which saw human footsteps more than six thousand years ago! They are kept at The Museum of Acahualinca. In addition to many fossilized historic remains and impressive collections of pre-Columbian artifacts in many of the city's museums, Managua has a lot more to offer. The Tiscapa Lagoon Natural Reserve is a watery amusement park within the city, with many bars, restaurants, shopping places, amazing zip lines, and canopy rides with a beautiful view of downtown and coastal area.

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Squamish, British Columbia

The so-called place where mountains meet the oceans, is located just to the north of Vancouver. This is a perfect place for those who tend to turn towards a more active lifestyle. There is literally no outdoor activity that can't be found here. Mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, wind, and kite surfing, hiking and anything else that you can think of. And it is one of the most acclaimed destinations for rock-climbing, on the 2000-foot Stawamus Chief mountain, which is also a 2nd tallest body of freestanding granite in the world, just after the Gibraltar rock. Also, the most recent addition of Whistler is the Sea to Sky Gondola is something to look for, for sure! It will take you 3000 feet in the air in less than 10 minutes to a separate network of high alpine trails perfect for hiking. It is a breathtaking view that reaches more than 10 kilometers in the distance, above the mountains and the ocean. Each year, Squamish is also a host to one of North America’s largest convocations of bald eagles, who will stay during the winter times before they set flight again. And since it is becoming one of the hottest destinations as of lately, there are many tourist places opening on a daily basis to make sure that they can justify the demands which increase as years go by. However, a rise in prices is to be expected as well.

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Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

And since we are just around the neighborhood, there is one more location that has to be mentioned here. Haida Gwaii, or as formerly known by the name of Queen Charlotte Islands, is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, 50 kilometers off the coast of West Canada. It is separated from the land by the shallow Hecate Strait. It consists of two main islands: Graham Island in the north, and Moresby Island in the south, along with approximately 400 smaller islands. Other major islands include Anthony Island, Burnaby Island, Alder Island and Kunghit Island. For those who are not into swimming and all that kind of stuff, but still like the island areas, this is such a perfect location. The main town, named Village of Queen Charlotte is a rather small place, but it explodes in population during the spring-autumn months. It is a very culture-rich place with many museums and various history heritages, but also with beautiful untouched natural surroundings. Rainforests, beautiful coastline with beaches, untamed wildlife makes for a must-see location for all hiking and kayaking enthusiasts of all ages. Haida Gwaii also offers true wilderness experience, as you could have a close encounter with some of the planets most vicious predators if you stray off the main roads and paths. It is also worth mentioning that the locals are very friendly and welcoming, and the whole place resonates in the home atmosphere. If you happen to come by, get ready to hear tales of mythical creatures as they are a part of a truly unique local culture!

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Miami, Florida

Miami has become a signature American city and the ultimate summer location, probably the best one in America. Loads of celebrities, luxury hotels, beautiful sandy beaches all along the city's coast and all that good stuff! No wonder that the city's administration is bringing the world's best designers and architects to work on every single new building. The city is becoming larger and larger every year, and there is always something going on, even if it is the most boring day ever. And how it could be, with Miami literally being the prime example and the center of American well-known society. And the girls, what can be said about that? Wherever you go, there is a ton of them! Those beaches could very well be every single guy's paradise. Get your tanning creams, volleyball skills, and hats ready, because it really gets hot here during the summer. Surfing? Then this is definitely your kind of place. Crystal clear Atlantic water and perfect waves to hop onto. However, if you're not a fan of summer outdoor activities, there is still a lot of stuff left for you to do. Check the amazing restaurants and bars all around the town, or wait for nightfall to hear your favorite musician perform live in one of the many glorious venues that the city has to offer. Miami is action-packed 24/7, and the entertainment possibilities are endless! But with fame and luxury comes a price as well, so this might not be the right pick for those on a tighter budget.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Another one that just slips under the radar for most people. But the statistics and the rise of popularity of this place in recent years speaks more for itself than anything. The people of this city certainly took a different approach when it comes to building the environment that will leave a lasting impression. And they were successful in that! What is there not to like about Philadelphia? It is a very urban space, which is perfect for younger folks who like to live a fast-paced life. People are very friendly and welcoming when it comes to strangers and foreigners alike. But don't let yourself get fooled that this city is only for younger people since it is a very rich place when it comes to culture and good storytelling. The Liberty Bell and the Rocky statue on the Library steps are just some pieces that are a true legacy of the American lifestyle. If this is not enough to convince you to visit Philadelphia, how about free yoga classes in the Race Street Pier in the home of hockey’s Broad Street Bullies? Local folks are really into sports and recreation, and you can see that everybody is in quite a good shape, regardless of age. Fairmount Park is the largest city park in the USA, bigger even than Central Park, and it has many nice playgrounds with cycling tracks and rollerblade polygons, and a lot of green areas for picnic, relaxation and also a lot of open stages for music and entertainment. Most people who visited Philadelphia say that it is an American city with subtle European tones. True or not, that remains for you to decide!

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Guanajuato, Mexico

And to top it off, our last recommendation is this central Mexico state. Its capital, Guanajuato City has been a growing attraction since it received UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1987. Visitors from all around the world are literally over-crowding this place during the entire year. What makes this place stand out from the rest of Mexico is the colonial architecture with many different styles incorporated into a signature Guanajuato style, and its lovely narrow streets. The climate conditions are very pleasurable and gentle during the entire year, and the colorful cities just breathe a relaxed vibe overall. But make sure not to miss the rest of this beautiful state. Variable terrain and intact nature are perfect for all of the adventurers who like hiking and mountain biking. Guanajuato's other towns literally spill over with amazing history and cultural heritage, and its worldwide famous leather souvenirs. Just check out the city of Leon if you're into that kind of stuff. And even if you're not, get ready to have your breath taken away by how artistic are the local folks. You've probably heard about the San Miguel de Allende. It is a host to many music, art, and film festivals that are enjoyed by many US tourists. Especially since it got its airport for easy arrival from many US airports. Very strong recommendation for this one!

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