Top 10 Easiest Cities to Pick Up Girls in the USA

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The USA is one of the best countries in the world to pick up girls. The women in the country vary from city to city in terms of preferences but there is something for every single guy in some of the cities we’ll look at below. There is such a wide variety of ethnicities, cultures, body shapes and personalities in the land of the stars and stripes that you will almost be spoiled for choice. With picking up any girl though there are a few important tips to remember that will help you with any girl, regardless of where she's from or what she's like. You need to be confident, charming and with the American girls you will have to be quite flirty as well. Now that you know what you're in for, let's have a look at some of the best cities.

Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the easiest cities in the country to pick up girls, the city is absolutely breathtaking and so are the girls. While some of the women in the city can be high maintenance there are plenty of easy going young ladies who will gladly have a chat and a flirt provided you have the right look to you, girls are looking for the handsome successful young man who can show them a good time, now you might ask yourself if this rules you out of contention if you are not a young successful businessman and the answer is no; if you can portray yourself this way you can easily still score with these girls.

The best places to pick up girls in the city are at the beaches and the nightlife spots. The beaches in Miami are beautiful and the girls who hang out on them are as good looking, if you have an athletic body and are willing to show it off then you increase your chances of picking up a girl by a thousand. The night club girls will fall over their 12 inch heels to get to you if you offer to buy them a few drinks. If you're in Miami, good luck to you.

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Miami Beach

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin city as it is affectionately known, lives up to this nickname and then some. Vegas is literally the biggest playground for guys and girls looking for a good time in the US. with casinos and hotels as far as the eye can see the Las Vegas strip is one of the busiest night time attractions in the world. Picking up girls here is simple, be good at gambling and hold your drink well and you're in with a shout from the outset.

The city of Vegas is full of groups of girls who have come there on an all girls trip and when they are out they will let their hair down in a big way and this plays right into the hands of the single guys in the city who are looking to get laid.

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Las Vegas Strip at night

Los Angeles, California

LA is positively overflowing with hot young girls who are looking to party and this makes it one of the easiest cities to pick up chicks in. The vibe in the city is so relaxed and it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Women from Spanish, African and European descent can be found all over the city and these are usually the most attractive, do not however for one second write off the local long legged blonde who is more than hot enough.

Similarly to Miami, LA has some of the best beaches around and you'd be a fool not to go to some of them in the pursuit of some of the hottest girls in the city. The advantage here is that these girls are very friendly and are likely to talk to any guy who simply has the confidence to approach her and strike up a conversation.

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Los Angeles and Echo Park Lake

New York City

The big apple is also one of the best places in the US to pick up girls, with the pace of life in the city it is almost the best city of the country to pick up girls with relative ease. The girls aren't overly picky and they do not have the time for a relationship and this makes it a single guy looking to get laid paradise.

The things to remember when out looking to meet girls in New York are confidence, looking good and being up front with your intentions. If you can show a girl these three things then you are most definitely in the pound seat when looking to pull. There are plenty of options available to you in terms of ethnicity, culture and look. There will definitely be a girl in the city of New York to suit your taste and if you play your cards right then you can also be awake all night in the city that never sleeps.

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Midtown Manhattan facing south toward Lower Manhattan

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has the reputation for being one of the most liberal cities in all of the USA so picking up girls here shouldn't be all that difficult for any guy to get lucky here. The characteristics of the women in the city are no different to any of the others in the state of California; lively, friendly and beautiful girls looking to have a good time and for the guy who can provide that to them.

Again if you are physically attractive you are already at a massive advantage here and can easily pull but should you be considered an average joe and need some inside tips then follow these simple rules : be confident in who you are, know your craft beer (there are plenty of independent brewers in the city) and definitely have lots of banter. The girl here is straightforward and to the point and will appreciate that in a guy. Hang out at the beach or in one of the many bars and pubs to meet plenty of very pretty young women.

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San Francisco from the Marin Headlands

Jacksonville, Florida

The home of the Jaguars is teeming with beautiful girls and has exceptional weather the entire year round, making it one of the most popular cities in the country to meet girls. The locals are incredibly proud of their city's sports teams and this offers guys looking to pick up girls a way in. If you simply show them that you are indeed interested in the NFL, NBA or any other major sports league you are bound to find a pretty local who will happily give you the lowdown on which teams are doing well this year and which are underperforming.

The great weather in the city means that there are plenty of outdoor activities for people to take part in hand that all the ladies who take pride in their appearance and are exceptionally good looking so if you fancy a toned body with a killer tan then definitely head to the beach for a game of volleyball or even just to catch a tan, and then if all else fails once the sun goes down hit a bar or a nightclub and you will find an abundance of students letting it rip on the dance floor. Jacksonville is one of Florida's biggest playgrounds.

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Jacksonville Skyline

Houston, Texas

Down in Texas the weather is always hot and so are the women. Although very different to many of the cities in the coast, Houston has some of its very own unique qualities and can be very easy to meet girls. The people of the lone star state are super friendly and will openly interact with just about anyone. If you approach a girl and offer to buy her a beer she’ll definitely be more than willing to have a lengthy conversation with you that could lead to way more than talking.

The great thing about the scorching heat in Texas is that the girls will constantly be in shorts and tank tops, the city is full of students who are always looking to party, everyone loves partying with college girls, they know how to let their hair down and they aren't particularly difficult to impress and will always make for a good time after dark. The key when looking to pick up girls in Texas is to remember your manners and that if you can hold a conversation then you stand a strong chance with any of the girls, once the Texan girls get to know you they are quite frisky.

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Houston skyline from Sabine Park

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey is notorious for being one of the biggest party cities in the country and the girls are particularly easy to get with here. If you can drink a boat load of vodka and dance the night through then you are almost certain of pulling in any of the night clubs in Jersey. Often the city gets a bad reputation for not being the most desirable city to live in but honestly when looking to meet girls there are few more fertile cities in the US.

The girls from here are party girls so if you like them slightly on the wild side then definitely hit up Jersey. There are a few requirements though. If you are a guy who likes to hit the gym and show off those muscles on a night out then you are already halfway there when looking to pick up a girl, they are into guys who look good and can put a little effort into their appearance. If you are one of those guys then you'll have a swell time in the city and will most certainly go home satisfied.

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Jersey City skyline

Phoenix, Arizona

The state of Arizona is a hot one, again in terms of weather and the girls in the city of phoenix, there is a bit of a trend here, the better the weather in the city the easier it is to pick up girls and again it is no different here. There is a good mix of ethnicity and culture in the city to provide all the guys with something to look forward to. The girls are friendly and will always be willing to engage in conversation if you have decent photography skills.

Phoenix isn't the coastal gem of a Miami or a LA where all you'd have to do to meet a girl is go to the beach and chat up any decent looking girl. In Phoenix there are a few things to remember, it's pretty much always hot and there are plenty of water parks in the city to cool down in and this is where most of the locals and the visitors to the city will be hanging out. Once again remember to be confident and approach the girls with any kind of charm and your chances of getting a number or even more are very good.

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Phoenix Downtown at night

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the more laid back cities in the country in which to pick up girls, the girls in the city are very chilled and friendly. If you are interested in them the easiest way to get their attention would be to tell them. Invite them out for a drink and tell them what your intentions are, they are a no nonsense people and will appreciate you not wasting their time and in turn they will not waste yours which is equally as important.

The girls here are rather low maintenance and you won't have to dress yourself up as much as some of the other cities but looking good has never hurt anyone's chances so don't be a slob either way. The ladies in Chi town know a good craft beer when they see one so you need to be on top of it when choosing a bar or pub to go for a drink at. Also they are very passionate about their sports teams so be careful not to insult any of them. If you play your cards right you could find yourself the perfect girl to keep warm with in the rather cold Chicago weather.

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Chicago skyline

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