Why Women Cheat Abroad

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When a partner travels one of the biggest worries for the one who is left at home is that the other will find themselves in a position where cheating suddenly doesn't become such a bad thing anymore. There are multiple reasons for it and here we’ll have a look at how and why this happens.

Reasons for cheating

Below we look at some of the reasons girls will cheat, ranging from loneliness to just plain carelessness.

Lonely girl

If your girl is traveling without you it would usually be because she is either on a family trip, girls trip or she's traveling for work. When she is out alone guys are going to notice her and especially if she is alone, when guys see a good looking girl alone they automatically make the assumption that she is single. At first most women would reject the advances of guys while out but eventually they'll get a bit bored and decide that some friendly conversation isn't such a bad idea after all. From there it only takes a few drinks and one or two flirty jokes and it becomes “what he doesn't know wont hurt him” and the guy who she thought would be good company becomes good company in bed. This is probably the worst thing that could happen because there is no blame on the guy so you're in the clear but at the end of the day the girl has still cheated on you.

Outside influence

When girls are with their friends, especially those who might not like or respect you, they can often encourage her that any of the many guys who are also on holiday, because that's where this usually happens are not so bad, in fact they are much better than you. Whilst this isn't true and your girl might be aware of it, her friends have a powerful influence on her and can convince her that she's just having fun. This is probably the most common reason that girls will cheat when away from their guys.

Friends with a bad influence can be one of the biggest reasons for couples breaking up in any event.

Family can also be a negative influence and can encourage a girl that she need not respect her relationship. It might be a good idea to keep her family happy that way they'll stop trying to encourage their daughter to socialize with the awkward kid from the family trip who they've known for years.

She's just not that into you bro

Sometimes a girl will cheat on you because she's just not as invested in the relationship as you are. It's a tough pill to swallow but at the end of the day girls and guys are very similar in the fact that they will enjoy a relationship because it's comfortable but if something more exciting comes along then they will jump at the opportunity and forget about any commitment they had for a while. Part of this reason could also be that there aren't any very clear definitions in the relationship, she might think that you guys are just keeping it casual but you might think that things are getting serious. One way to avoid disappointment here is to clearly define what you are to each other.


Beer goggles don't only apply to men. Once the ladies get on the cocktails there are no more rules. If there is a semi attractive guy there and she's had one or three too many it's not gonna be that difficult for her to end up in his bed the next morning. Too many drinks is the most common reason why anyone, male or female, cheat so the only way you're gonna be safe here is to date a girl who doesn't drink.

While girls are away they will most likely let their hair down and hit the bars and clubs so there is a very good chance she's gonna get a little tipsy and once girls get drunk their inhibitions fly out the window and they just wanna have fun, women become particularly rowdy when they've had a few.


One of the almost forgotten reasons why women will cheat while overseas is the surrounding they find themselves in. Some places can just set an atmosphere that is seductive enough for a woman to forget that she has previous commitments and one thing leads to the next and before you know it she's getting it on with some guy who has said the right thing at the right time in the perfect place. Places like Paris, Italy and Amsterdam are but a few places that can be considered seductive.

Foreign men

It is a very well known fact that women find guys with an accent irresistible, if there is a tall, dark and handsome stranger who sounds like any one of her favorite actors then sorry mate you're done for. Just the fact that they are different will be almost enough for her to jump into bed with him, and the men are well aware of this and they target the traveling girls because they know half the graft is done for them, all they have to do is hold a decent conversation and they'll get lucky. And let's face it it's tough to compete with a good looking foreigner if you're not even there.

So these are just some of the reasons that women will cheat while abroad, now these reasons might not be true for all women but if your girl ever does cheat on you while she's traveling, odds are you can chalk it up to one of these reasons. And if she does cheat on you then mate she just wasn't right for you, there are plenty fish in the sea.

How to avoid your girl even considering cheating

There are ways to make sure your girl will remain faithful to you when she is away, because in honesty it is most likely the guy that would do the cheating in any event. If you keep your girl happy she won't have to look for it elsewhere, talk to her regularly, show her that you are interested in her life and what she is up to. Most of the time that is all women want, just someone who is interested in them and isn't afraid to show it.

One thing that will stop her from looking for it elsewhere is good sex, because at the end of the day that's what cheating is, it's her looking for satisfaction from someone else. You need to be mindful of the fact that sex is not just about you as the man, you need to please her as well, don't become a one pump chump, and then roll over and go to sleep, women like it when you make it about them and don't just cast them aside when you're done. Be affectionate and caring, in turn you will also get rewarded. Read more: How to Give Good Sex to Her

How to deal with getting cheated on

Let's say the worst happens and you do end up getting cheated on by your girl, some guys will want to stay with her and accept excuses like “it was a mistake, a one-time thing” - that's rubbish mate. If she could do it once there is nothing stopping her from doing it again. The best thing to do is to just move on and save yourself any extra drama and fighting, like we've mentioned if she was meant for you she wouldn't have tried it on with another guy. Cut your losses and move on fella.

In conclusion it can be very easy for a girl who goes overseas to cheat on her guy but if you as the guy make sure that she feels valued and appreciated then you can avoid all the heartache and drama that comes from cheating. Keep your women satisfied guys.

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