Top 10 Countries with Girls with the Best Attitude

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We had a few other lists with the most beautiful chicks all over the world. But now, let's go over some of those again, and pick the ones that are easy-going and have the best attitude when it comes to dating and all other fun stuff. So, without any particular order, here is our Top 10 pick for the countries with the girls with the best attitude.


Although the girls in Japan are quite shy and reserved at first, they are known to be very open once they get to know you. And yes, they are very sexy and attractive with their outfits. They like short skirts and school-like attire. In addition to that, they are very intelligent and well-educated, and most of them speak English very well. They are somewhat submissive to their men, as they expect you to be the one who spreads authority. So, if you are confident, you will do quite well here. The girls here are also open to talking about various topics, and they are not afraid to discuss marriage as well if that is one of your interests. So, as long as you are bold and not afraid to strike any conversation, they will fall for you easily.

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This list couldn't be complete without one of the Nordic countries, and it was quite a tough choice, but we ended up picking Sweden in the end. This is the country which has one of the friendliest people in the world, and that includes the female population as well. Most of them are really relaxed and easy-going almost all the time, even so much that they rarely wear any makeup unless they are going to party. They are also very open-minded and adventurous. And if you catch their attention, they won't hesitate to make the first move. And even have sex with you on the first date if she is really into you. Typically, they have very good jobs as well, and they even don't expect you to pay for the first date. Although they will appreciate it if you do so. They like to drink as well, so don't be surprised if you can't follow up. And the most stand-out thing about them is their overall attitude; they almost never express anger or strong emotions in public, and even so in private. Rather, they speak softly and calmly, and they like to let you know immediately if you are of any interest to them. Definitely, they are one of the best women in the world when it comes to being nice overall.

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Well, this comes as no surprise at all. We know that the girls in Brazil are as sexy as hell and that they love sexy dancing and festivals. That is a part of their culture, as they are very passionate, affectionate and being open about your sexuality is not a big deal at all. They are also very comfortable with being close to somebody, and they never hide their true feelings, which is a big plus. While they expect you to be dominant and masculine, they are not afraid of calling the shots and approaching you first, if they are into you. They also hold high regards for family, and they are much more emotional when compared to the rest of the world, and a bit possessive as well. They are very feminine and they like to have the time to do all the girly things, and of course, spend a lot of their time to look as good as possible. All the good perks! Even though a lot of them don't speak English very well, they won't mind you not speaking Portuguese. Good body language and willingness to take initiative is all that you need. Also, they like to be very physical, which means that naughty touching and sex on the first date are not too uncommon for them.

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Mexico is also another country which is very similar to Brazil when it comes to the overall attitude of the female population. And they are also very pretty when it comes to physical looks. Looking good for every occasion is also a thing which gets huge emphasis here as well. And they are not afraid to get intimate and physical in no time, as the girls here even greet their friends with a kiss on the cheek most of the time. Even though they are quite religious, they are also very open-minded at the same time, and they like trying out new naughty things. And for some reason, they have a soft spot for white men. Since they are surrounded by the guys like them, they will see you as an exotic man, and you already have a head start in comparison to local guys. The only downside here is that they pretty much expect you to cover all the expenses when it comes to spending time together, and they expect you to act like a gentleman. Small gestures like holding her jacket or opening the doors are greatly appreciated here!

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The fact that there are much more women than men in most of the Slavic countries is already a good reason you to consider visiting one of those, but we decided to pinpoint only the best of them. And Russian girls definitely fall into that category. What stands out for them is the fact that they are used to being treated as prettier sex. And they as well try very hard to make themselves look as good as possible for every occasion. So, don't be surprised to see them at the grocery store looking like they are just about to hit the club. They also love men who act like gentlemen, and they like to be approached if they are single. They don't value career so much, and instead, they turn to love and family. But this doesn't mean that they are not open to having some fun. They like to party a lot, and they keep this kind of attitude until they get married.

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The Philippines is home to the many beautiful Asian girls, if not the most beautiful ones. And this place is also a paradise for strangers who want to meet girls. It is also a rather cheap place to visit, so that is another plus! Girls here are super open-minded as well. Although many of them are on the lookout for a boyfriend, there are those who are really liberated and just want to have fun. Especially if you are a non-Asian stranger. If you are a good looking white guy, and especially if you are tall, don't be surprised if many girls just look at you and smile when walking by. However, a downside is that they will rarely make the first move and approach you. It is up to you to do this. They are also generally less focused on the career and education when compared to some of the countries on this list, especially European ones. They seem to be shy and uninterested at the times, but this is due to their culture focusing on getting to know people before you open up to them. But they like to have a male by their side, and they get attached easily. This might be both a plus and a minus, depending on what you're looking for.

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Another one which does not surprise that much at all. We know that Ukraine is a home to many beautiful girls, and the country's living standards are good and cheap at the same time. Their attitude is also pretty good and open-minded, especially when it comes to strangers. But they like a more traditional approach. Make sure to dress well and act like a gentleman. They will know how to appreciate this. When it comes to the stereotypes, there is quite a mix here. A lot of them are looking for long-term emotional relationships, but they also like to party and have fun with casual hookups and one night stands. So, the situation is open in both ways. They also seem to have this soft spot for strangers, and they spend a lot of the time looking for foreign guys and tourists who are willing to visit Ukraine. So, be sure to take advantage of this!

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Yes, Colombia is a home of one of the most beautiful and attractive chicks in the world when it comes to physical appearance, but there is so much more to them than just this. They are literally every man's dream, as their appearance in combination with their attitude makes a pretty clear situation that they are in the top. They are very open-minded, and they like to take things to the more intimate physical levels if they are into you. But they also expect you to be a gentleman and pay while on the date. While being really open about their sexuality, they are not so easy when it comes to getting laid on the first date. They are very passionate and they like to see that their man has high social skills. This is very likely the most attractive trait that they are looking for in the guys. They also like to get a bit jealous from time to time, in a good way, of course! The girls here have high respect for their men, and they like to show that to everybody. If she chooses you, she will sit to you and maintain a physical touch. It's their way of showing appreciation. And it is also a part of their culture. But they also like exciting and fun-filled dates, so make sure to cover that as well!

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As of lately, Serbian girls are getting the attention and the reputation of being one of the hottest in Europe, and in the world as well. But with those great looks, they come as a full package due to their open-minded and friendly nature, and willingness to do a lot of crazy and fun things. This is a trait which is shared amongst pretty much all of Slavic origin girls. They are also highly intelligent, and in addition to looking good all the time, they spend a lot of time studying and focusing on their career and education. And they expect their guys to be intelligent and educated as well. In addition to that, they look for a dominant male who knows what he wants in life. As nightlife is a thing of reputation here, they also expect you to be open to parties, even during the weekdays. With Serbian girls, every day is a weekend, and you're in for a ride of your life. Conversational and social skills are a big plus and will draw the attention of Serbian girls for sure!

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Another Slavic country, which pretty much remained hidden for most of the time, but Moldova is actually a really nice place with a lot of stunning women! But that is not all! In addition to that, the girls here are really into strangers. And we mean it, really! Since Moldova is not known as a hot tourist location, being a foreigner here will draw a lot of attention from the local female population. So, it's quite easy to get their numbers and get them out for a date, as they will be highly interested most of the time. They like to go out for a date, and they expect their guy to be open-minded as well. They fall into that category of girls who don't care a lot about your physical appearance and your money, but they are more interested to hear your story and know what you want out of life. Although, looking good is never a bad thing! They are also really cool and easy-going when it comes to their overall attitude, and they appreciate a good sense of humor and a positive mindset. The only downside to them is that they are not so easy to get in bed. They rarely sleep on a first date, but if they are really into you, they are more than willing to break the boundaries if they hear a good story!

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