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Osaka dating guide advises how to pick up Japanese girls and how to hookup with local women in Osaka. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date Japanese women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Osaka, Japan.

Osaka skyline

Osaka is the second most populous city in Japan, next in line to Tokyo. It is also the third largest city in the country. The Osaka Castle forms the most attractive landmark, but the city is renowned for its cuisine, modern architecture, and of course an exceptional partying scene. There will always be something to do in the region; most of it centres around the city centre.

Osaka Top 10 Overview:

Chance of picking up girls: 4.25 / 5

Picking up at daytime: 4.25 / 5

Picking up at nighttime: 4.5 / 5

Looks of girls: 4 / 5

Attitude of girls: 4.75 / 5

Nightlife in general: 4.75 / 5

Locals' English level: 1.5 / 5

Moving around the city: 4.75 / 5

Budget per day: US$50 - $1000

Accommodation: US$20 - $500

Girls in Osaka

Japanese girls may be classified into three main strata. The first is the girl who fits in well with the cash-hungry culture. She does well in school and university and has good prospects for an economic future. This type of girl often comes from a wealthy family and is your best shot at finding someone who speaks English.

The second type of girl is someone who looks to attract a socio-economically successful partner through looks and sensuality. A lot of these girls are insanely gorgeous and are keen on tourists. You will find a few of these types in places like Minami.

The last stereotype works in stores or restaurants. They’re often not that pretty, but there are a few exceptions to this trend. However, they certainly do not have a grasp of the English language. Starting something with this type of girl is difficult, but not impossible.

RatingLooks Looks of girls: 4 / 5

Girls in Japan are gems. They’re the Rolls Royce of Asian girls, and a few of them will have decent English because of the country’s strong business connections with the west. In terms of features, you should expect really round facial structures with a light complexion. Paired with a typical ‘Asian-looking’ undertone, many of the girls also have curvaceous bodies but mostly they are petite and short, which makes for really beautiful girls. If Asian girls are your thing, Japan is nothing short of heaven. You should also remain on alert for girls with a combination of Japanese genes and other ethnicities – it’s breathtaking.

Japanese girls in maid costumes
RatingAttitude Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5

Japanese girls are generally very sweet. They can be shy at times, so if a girl likes you, she probably won’t look you in the eye for very long – it’s a cultural thing. Some of the girls can be a bit snobby, and they come off as a bit bitchy; however, these girls are few and far between. Osaka also happens to be the friendliest city in Japan, which only works in your favour. In Tokyo, for example, some girls would just be too busy to have a conversation. The vibe in Osaka is a lot more laid back, which results in more conversations and a greater chance of hooking up.

Where to Get Sex Now

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How to Pick Up Girls

RatingPickup Chance of picking up: 4.25 / 5

As you will see throughout this guide, your best bet is to chat to girls as soon as you are able to. Find any way to do so, keeping in mind that it is difficult due to the scarcity of people who speak English. However, Caucasians, in particular, find themselves at an advantage. Japanese girls take pride in associating with ‘American-looking’ people, as only the upper levels of the extremely classist society are able to converse with such foreigners.

When you engage in a conversation, focus on the simple things. Avoid jokes that are sexual in nature; these are considered offensive and a bit creepy in Japanese culture. As a result, you are likely to lose a girl with a few well-considered innuendos – no matter how successful they may be in western countries. Instead, focus on pleasant conversation. When you make a joke, don’t make it to complicated unless you are able to gauge that the girl’s English is good enough. Simply enjoy each other’s company and you are well on your way to getting laid. Have fun! Girls in Osaka pick up on your energy, so if you are not enjoying life, she won’t.

Tips for Daytime

Osaka has lots of potential for day gaming. Between busy streets, malls that are always packed and the general hustle and bustle of the city, there are plenty of cute girls out and about. The best way to approach a girl will always be easier if someone else introduces you. In this vein, try and make a few local friends. If you can make female friends, that would be even better. By entering friendship circles, you immediately break a lot of the tension which would ordinarily take some time.

With that being said, the cold approach does work as well. You can simply talk to a girl on the street and you will probably get a response if you go about it in a non-creepy manner. Avoid coming across as a creep. Cat calling is a big no-no in most countries, and Japan is no different. Try and engage in a way that takes an interest in the girl herself. Start with why you stopped her, maybe she had a beautiful smile, hair or eyes; pick something. Thereafter, you could try getting her number or asking her to show you around the city sometime. The ‘uninformed tourist’ card is a powerful one, and it should work in most places around the world. Again, keep the sexual references out of the conversation. Slight innuendos work in more western regions, but not in Japan.

RatingDaytime Chance of picking up at daytime: 4 / 5

Best Places to Meet Girls

Japan is a 24-hour country, which is not uncommon in Asia. However, the approach during the day does differ slightly. You need to remember that most people are busy during the day – either work or studies or a combination of both. The industrious nature of the population is a source of pride, so the daytime is always productive. Some areas are better than others, as with any other city, but there is opportunity in abundance no matter where you are.

Universities in Japan are well attended, particularly because the country takes great pride in the academic achievements of the nation; thus, the last two decades have been fruitful. Japan has led innovation particularly in the tech sphere, and it does not look like the country is about to stop. As a result, the universities are well attended. Osaka, being the send most populous city, has a few fine institutions that attract students from Japan and even the rest of the world. This means lots of girls, Japanese and other ethnicities. These girls are also likely to speak better English than most of the population, as only the wealthiest can afford English lessons as a part of their academic routine. Usually, these are the girls that end up at universities.

  • Osaka University is considered the best university in the state. Thus, a lot of the brightest go here, and it also attracts quite a few foreign students as well as a healthy exchange program. The campus is urban in nature, so you may find yourself in the middle of the university without even knowing it. Places to game include the library, cafes nearby, and popular student malls. If you can break into a friendship circle at the university, you are well on your way to getting laid.
  • Kansai University is a close rival to Osaka University. It is also a reputable institution and has the same attraction with local and international students. However, the campus is on the outskirts of the city and follows a more traditional university structure in terms of the layout. Res parties are usually something special; try and get into one through contacts.
Kansai University Muse Campus, Takatsuki, Osaka

If you are in the Osaka area, these universities would be the best to visit. There is no other motive except for popularity. More people equates to a higher chance of meeting a hot girl. However, there are a few more universities to look out for, as seen in the following list:

  • Osaka City University
Osaka City University
  • Kindai University
Kindai University
  • Osaka University of Technology
  • Osaka Prefecture University
Osaka Prefecture University

Malls are unique in Osaka, as the race for space has forced many property owners to look underground for retail space. In 1957, the first underground mall was built, a large-scale retail marvel that attracted visitors from far and wide. Since then, shopping malls have sometimes resorted to the underground space in order to fully utilize their property.

There are lots of girls around shopping venues, so it’s a great place to try simply walking up to one that strikes your fancy and asking for her number. If the attraction is good, you can ask her out for a coffee or ice cream.

Fun Fact: The Japanese Dairy Industry is world class, so anything like ice cream or yoghurt is definitely worth getting.

Next time you’re in Osaka, try the following malls. They are bound to have lots of cute girls and plenty of activities to keep you busy – whether on a date or just hanging out by yourself.

  • Hankyu Entertainment Park
  • Nan Nan Town
  • Shinsaibashi Suji
Shinsaibashi Suji
  • Umeda Shopping Arcade
  • Tennoji
  • Den Den Town
Den Den Town

Local Parks are some of the best places in the city. Often the break from the urban jungle is a heavenly sensation, which is also aided by the fact that the parks are immaculately kept. Often, you will find girls out on jogs or walks; some go on picnics. It’s a great place to both meet girls and go on a date thereafter. Some of the best parks are:

  • Kema Sakuranomiya Park – Definitely worth going for the beautiful river bank and the array of flowers.
Kema Sakuranomiya Park
  • Osaka Castle Park – Beautiful tradition and architecture merged with picturesque natural scenery, romance at its finest.
Osaka Castle Park
  • Ikeda Castle Park – A venue that has a breathtaking castle surrounded by a tranquil river and luscious green foliage.
  • Japan Mint – With over 300 cherry blossoms, it’s nothing short of a wonderland. Step into another world, as you go down a path with melting blossoms arching over the walkway.
Japan Mint
  • Nagai Park – Really close to all of the main action. It’s a pretty venue and a great place to meet girls who are just out to grab some fresh air.
Nagai Park

Tips for Nighttime

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan, so you may think that it compares financially with the likes of Tokyo and Yokohama, but most visitors are pleasantly surprised to find this far from the truth. Osaka is quite cheap when it comes to partying. There is also a lot to do, which is an awesome combination.

Minami is the best partying district, and the night life in general is alive and extremely healthy. Besides clubbing, there are many restaurants, bars and retail outlets open at night. The bright neon signs and the hustle and bustle give it something of an Asian version of Times Square feel. One should also expect plenty of scams around - this is pretty normal, and Osaka is famous for it. Just be weary of the West African immigrants and you should be okay.

The Soemoncho district in Minami, Osaka

The clubs themselves are a treat. There are number of clubs for a specific genre within Minami - the main clubbing district. The people themselves are also pretty fun, and you can make a friendship with something as simple as a high five. People from Osaka tend to be the most willing to let loose, especially once there is a bit of alcohol flowing.

Dress codes are unlikely to be strict, even less so than Tokyo. While there may be a few events that require more formal attire, you will fit right in with sneakers, jeans and a tee. Since Japan is wildly in love with money, it's still a good idea to spend some time making sure your attire isn't scruffy.

RatingNighttime Chance of hooking up at nighttime: 4 / 5

There is a good chance that you will be able to hook up at night, mainly because that is where all the fun really begins. Like a lot of Asian nations, the hours after work are always busy. This is not just limited to clubs, but there are plenty of restaurants and bars open. You will even be able to find a few malls that are filled with people late at night. Osaka is really safe, which is a contributing factor to this. The people are friendly and mellow, so most of the trouble comes from foreigners, which is the main reason for most adult clubs rejecting people of a different nationality.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

  • Club Circus - The best destination in Osaka to enjoy EDM. It's always busy and the headline DJs are often famous festival artists who know how to draw and entertain a crowd. In terms of pure dance alone, this is definitely the best club in Osaka. The atmosphere is electric and even the more underground DJs are able to contribute to a dynamic atmosphere. The only downside could be that it's 'too fun'. That's not a cliché, but it means that you may be too busy dancing to actually connect with girls who would also be enjoying the vibe.
  • Joule - As the name tends to suggest, the club has been one of the main power sources of the night life for a long time - more than twenty years in fact. Joule is often open during the week, which speaks to its popularity. There are always lots of girls in attendance, but weekends are still the best days to go. Saturday night would be first choice, as many Japanese people work on Saturdays. Once you arrive, you can get to work straight away. Find a group of girls and just have fun!
  • Ghost Ultra Lounge - If you are looking for the club that is most friendly to girls, and you by extension, then Ghost Ultra Lounge is the place to be. They're open every night bar Mondays, but the real plus is that they charge girls just $6 for entry - nearly half the price! Other than that, Ghost Ultra Lounge is also the best place in town to jam to some Hip Hop; moreover, the décor is also tastefully done with coloured LED lights. It also happens to be the club that is most friendly to English-speaking foreigners, as most of the staff speak the language and there are often discounts if you show your passport at the door.
  • Alzar - A relatively new addition to the city's night life, Alzar has fast become a staple of the local clubbing enthusiasts. The wonders have paid particular attention to the many details of the atmosphere. It's rustic yet fun, and they really pull out all the stops with smoke machines and a dark vibe that pairs well with heart-thumping bass. You will find lots of local girls and the music is generally amazing. The best time to go is during an event, as it's quite far out from central Osaka.
  • Sam and Dave ONE - the international nightclub in Osaka, it attracts people from all over the world. It's a great way to experience the energy of different countries within the timeframe of one action-packed night. The club also serves meals, so it's a great way to ask a girl out in the spur of the moment.
RatingLooks Nightlife in general: 4.75 / 5

The nightlife in Osaka actually outdoes that of Tokyo. It's a great partying venue, mainly because the people tend to be quite laid back and open to mingling with other people. The music is pumping through most of the week, and the party never seems to stop, as seen by the clubs that continue every night due to the high demand.

Japanese drinking culture is also unique, which means that the bars are well attended. They also double as great places to find a hottie - either a Japanese girl or an international visitor. Try visiting a few of the following bars in Osaka for the best night gaming:

  • Balabushka
  • Little Long Beach
  • Hub British Pub
  • Chicaichi
  • Murphy's
Osaka by Night

Mature Ladies and Cougars

Unlike some countries, Japan does not have a stigma attached to casual sexual relationships. As a result, the chances of finding older women who are looking for a short-term fling are not that bad. You may find it difficult to break the language barrier, as the older generations are not as in tune with a globalized system as much as the Millennials and generation Z. Online dating is your best bet to find someone. Other wise a bar in Umeda or Minam is the way to go. Avoid clubs if you are looking for older women. They are mostly filled with students and young partiers.


When visiting Osaka, dating can be a fun and interesting experience., lets you meet local members in Osaka and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. It just takes a few minutes, you simply create an account, upload a few images and tell a little about yourself. Since time in your destination may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand so when you do meet, you can skip the awkward introductions and start having some real fun.

Top Dating Tips

Japan, as a whole, always has plenty of interesting pastimes. If you are a foreigner looking to date a Japanese girl, you will have to strike the right balance between a date that has enough activity and one that allows for enough conversation. Much of that balance will be determined by the English abilities of your date. If she speaks little or broken English, opt for a date with lots of activity where you never have an awkward silence. If her English is fluent or something close to it, then you may want to have a few quiet moments to chat throughout the date. To get things started, here are a few date idea to keep your game where it needs to be:

  • Visit the Aquarium - Osaka is near the coast, and the aquarium is renowned for its marine life, a showcase of modern technology and a massive variance in wild life. The aquarium boasts over 30,000 animals who reside in 15 completely different exhibits. Nature is a good conversation starter, and this date has the potential to lead to a lot more. If all goes well, you can ask her out for a meal afterwards - perhaps even back to your place.
Osaka aquarium
  • Take A stroll in Minoo National Park - one of the prettiest places in all of Kansai. It is located just outside of the city, but the train ride is direct, short and pleasant with lots of sights to witness along the way. There's a lot on display once you arrive; you can even try eating a fried maple leaf sold by the vendors in the park. Pair this date with an expertly prepared picnic basket and you are good for an impressive time with any girl.
Minoo National Park
  • Visit the Osaka Shochikuza Theatre Brewery. It's unique: the only theatre pretty much anywhere in the world that has a built in brewery. Visitors can enjoy craft beer on tap, and the combination of theatre and alcohol is a great date idea. There is plenty of entertainment if you need to avoid an awkward silence, while the bar area allows for inhibited and flowing conversation - much like the beer.
  • Find a meal in the city Centre. Osaka is known as the Kitchen of Japan. This originates from its historical position as the focal merchant town in Japan, which meant that almost all of the ingredients used to come straight from Osaka before being distributed to the rest of the country. Therefore, almost any restaurant you visit - even the small holes in the wall - are superb. The heavy competition that has built up over the years means that all restaurant need to be excellent just to survive, giving you ample date opportunities.

Visit Dotonbori at night - probably the destination to visit in Osaka. It's so iconic that you cannot visit Osaka without going to Dotonbori at least once. Grab a coffee or a drink of your choice and explore the area. Be sure to take a selfie or two, as the neon lights scream Japan.


Relationships and Love

Thousands of single women in Osaka are searching for a partner and potential future husband. Check out an ultimate guide for dating local girls, relationships, love and marriage: Relationship & Love Guide to Osaka

Online Dating

In times past, Japan had a massive stigma against dating apps. Hardly anyone would admit to being on the platform; however, this has changed as the climate continues to develop technologically and the next generations take centre stage in the affairs of the nation. It is still not as popular as the rest of the world, as there have been many scams in the industry. This started in the 1990s, when a popular dating site charged men a fee to talk to attractive women over a call. It soon came out that some women were less than attractive and a few were not women. As recent as 2015, there were several applications shut down due to catfishing operations. The result is a choice of only four mainstream apps for the best result. These are highly trusted, and you should find a date in no time!

  • Tinder - This platform will be a staple wherever you go, so it should already be on your phone when you arrive. The intuitive design of the interface has forged a niche for Tinder in Japanese culture. Moreover, there are a few Japanese girls who use the app with the intention of finding a foreign - particularly western - date. Tinder is also probably one of the better apps to look for a hook-up; some of the dating apps in Japan are used for more long-term relationships and are, therefore, not as effective when you are looking to get laid quickly.
  • Omiai - This app offers users the ability to choose between short-term and long-term relationships. With a substantial number of people on the platform, it provides an exciting opportunity to meet plenty of local girls. The downside is that the English levels are likely to be poor or non-existent; however, you will find some girls who are able to communicate.
  • Tapple - Tapple is a great selection if you are into local girls and you want nothing more than a short-term fling. It can get annoying, as you are required to pay before you can chat to the girls; however, signing up to browse through the availability is free. One of the great things about the app is that it allows you to search by category, meaning that you will find people with similar interests.
  • Pairs - Pairs is a relatively new entrant into the market, but there are a few factors that make opening a Pairs account worthwhile. Firstly, the app is well designed, with a variety of features that add simplicity. It allows you to choose from a wide selection of women in a short space of time - much like Tinder. Secondly, the company has devoted a large budget towards marketing, which has resulted in adverts and loud campaigns in all corners of the web. Lastly, the intention of the application is one that seeks to attract women who are looking to find a romantic involvement - not the other way around.

Prostitution is illegal in Japan, but much like the rest of Asia, the enforcement of the law leaves a lot of leeway for people to get away with things. Also, prostitution is only defined as payment for vaginal intercourse, so you will find a lot of sex workers offering oral sex on dating apps. Sex workers are usually easy to spot after a few questions. The first warning sign is that they will not have a career or any form of progression towards it, such as university or a job. They will be overly flirtatious and they may disguise themselves as offering another service: delivery or a massage is one example.

Transgenders are also another danger. Japanese men have softer features - round faces and a not-so-square jaw and cheekbone structure. This makes it difficult to tell whether the person is actually female, especially over a cell phone screen. The important thing is to be wary. Use conversation wisely and avoid anyone with a suspicious story. Excess makeup is another giveaway. Although it is not as common as places such as Thailand and Indonesia, the risks are still there.

Live Cam Dating

Are you looking for virtual satisfaction in Osaka? Chat with live web camera models and find the best girl for your needs. There are thousands of girls online 24/7 waiting for you: Live Cam Girls

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

Asian, particularly Japanese, guys naturally have a distinct advantage, especially because they know the language better than another foreigner. Despite this, Japanese girls have always had a fascination with Caucasian westerners – particularly those with money. Most of the culture is based on a financial prosperity foundation, which means that your income determines the strata of girls which you are allowed to select from.

Really pretty girls are unlikely to date a guy that has little money; however, there is room for potential. If you happen to be studying something worthwhile, most girls will accept this. Japan takes great pride in academic achievement, and the promise of a bright future is alluring.

In terms of looks, Western Caucasians probably rank at the top, followed by more Hispanic types. Other Asians would probably fit somewhere in the middle of these two – depending on the region. For example, the Chinese do not have very good connotations in Japan, but Singapore does. A wealthy traveller from Bangkok would also be right up there. African men would have little chance, but it also depends on personality and the willingness to try. Some girls do find darker skin exotic.

Risks while Gaming

Osaka is a thriving metropolis, which is busy at all hours of the day. Despite this, there are a few things you will need to watch out for, as it may cost you more than a few dollars. Risks can be split into three main categories, each of which should apply to any foreigner looking to hook-up with a girl in Japan. The categories go as follows:

1) Language barriers – it is often easy to confuse certain signs, especially when the gestures and body language may be different at times. Ensure that you do not make a girl uncomfortable. For example, sexual natured jokes are considered extremely taboo and a bit creepy. In western countries, such jokes are considered a natural part of flirtatious behavior. In japan, it’s distasteful. This comes with an understanding of the language, so be careful.

2) Cultural differences – Japan has a distinct culture. This is apparent even when compared to other Asian nations. An example of this is the great emphasis the Japanese culture places on consent. Even before going on a date, the line needs to be clear. In western cultures, this may be an unspoken occurrence; however, Japanese culture needs a firm “yes” before you can even go on a date.

3) Crime is present in Osaka, as there are a few slums that should be avoided if possible. Kabukicho is one such district. So, too, should the neighborhood of Shinsekai be viewed with extreme caution. The crime is not at the level where it is life threatening, but you may have your valuables stolen. Gangs are not as common as in Tokyo, the place where most organized crime takes place.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

Getting laid quickly in Osaka is not a difficult exercise if you are able to follow a certain set of guidelines. The main prohibitor is always the language barrier. Second to this is the cultural etiquette, which often means that foreigners offend local girls without even knowing why. Thus, a few norms need to be followed if you are going to have success anywhere in Japan.

1) Avoid excessive physical contact with a girl, especially if you have just met her or you are in public spaces. Giving someone a hug may be a normal thing in most western or Latin cultures, but it is considered a creepy invasion of privacy in Japan. Most girls will simply avoid you and look to get away as quickly as possible.

2)Keep the conversation friendly and non-sexual in humour. Girls in Japan are not overtly opposed to sex as you may thing. In fact, a girl is far more likely to have sex with a stranger in Japan than most of Europe and Northern America. Despite this, making sexual references outside of the bedroom is considered extremely distasteful.

3) Consent is important. Getting verbal confirmation that you are going back to your place or even going on a date is crucial in Japan. Without enquiring first, you are unlikely to get very far. Non-verbal cues may be a sign of sexual attraction in other countries, but Japan is different. There may be a slight exception in clubs with foreigners, but you should never be too pushy or leading with just physical contact.

Now that all of the rules are out of the way, the best way to hook-up with a girl in Osaka is to head to the clubs. There are a few clubs that are renowned for having a lot of foreigners, and the Japanese girls know this, too. Many of them go specifically to find a foreign guy. It happens to be something of a phase that girls go through, particularly those of a student age. For more information on where to go, go to the "Nightlife" section, where you will find a list of districts and clubs that are sure to be the perfect venue to find keen Japanese girls.

Online dating should be a go-to option no matter where you are in the world. Japan is one of the leading economies when it comes to smartphone innovation. Thus, it may surprise you that internet dating is not as common as you might think; however, there are number of reasons for this. In the past, there have been a number of scams run through online dating platforms - even some of the platforms themselves were nothing more than a way to forge a way into people's wallets. So you can imagine the amount of caution people have with dating apps. Despite this, there are still a few good ones, but your strategy should be to get from online chats to a real-life date as soon as possible. See the "online dating" section for more information, especially regarding which apps to choose when you arrive in Japan.

The huge advantage with online platforms is that you don't quite have to sift through a great many girls in order to get a date. You will also be able to determine whether a girl's level of English is compatible, which is one of the main barriers anywhere in Japan.

Lastly, you can try talking to a girl in popular hubs such as malls and train stations. The cold approach does work, as most girls are open to being approached. Usually, they are quite shy, but if you keep the conversation simple, friendly and slightly humorous (sweet humour not anything sexual) you stand a good chance. Those girls who are not interested will tell you straight away. From there, you can either ask her out or get her contact details for a date on another day. Being seen talking to a foreigner, particularly a Caucasian, is considered upper class, as only the wealthy can afford to learn English to the level of actually carrying a conversation.

Gold Diggers and Sugar Babies

Osaka is full of hot girls looking for a mutually beneficial hookup with travellers. There are lots of girls who don’t charge by the hour but who will do anything for a guy who is willing to help them pay their bills. If you are looking for a more personal and less transactional alternative to escorts, a good place to find these sexy open-minded girls in Osaka is SecretBenefits.

Gold diggers are difficult to place exactly. One of the main reasons for this is due to the structure of the culture. One’s wealth determines social class, which affects all other aspects of life, including the quality of girls one attracts – and the amounts, too. A wealthy, charismatic bachelor is likely to get a lot of girls, whereas the poor person will have to settle within his class. This is not a set rule, but it is the norm. Naturally, this creates some confusion when it comes to gold diggers. There is a grey area as to whether girls enter romantic relationships for love or for status and money.

As a result, sugar daddies usually achieve good results in Japan. There is a certain type of girl that is overly concerned with the superficial things in life: hair, makeup, the latest fashion trends and such. This type of girl is unlikely to be studying anything useful. Therefore, they rely on attracting wealthy men for a good time. These are likely to be the gold diggers.

Japan is also known for its complex scams, so be careful not to get sucked in by sob stories. A few of the girls actually live off of multiple sugar daddies at once. Somehow, they manage to keep everyone from finding out, whilst milking all the parties involved for a healthy sum every month.


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Swinger Clubs and Naturism

Swinger clubs do exist, but you may find it hard to get into as a foreigner. The first thing you need to know about swinger clubs is that they're called "Happening Bars". If you want to get into these establishments, you will have to have a command of the Japanese language. Alternatively, you can also try making friends with a local Japanese who would have to put in a few good words for you at the door. Still, your chances of getting in are nearly zero. You will have to get a membership online for most of these places, so that makes getting in even more difficult. This is not only true for swinger joints, but for the entire adult industry as a whole. It's quite well documented that most of the incidents that occur in clubs are the fault of foreigners. Add sex to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. While this may exclude visitors with good intentions, it is understandable why the rules are in place.

If, by some miracle, you manage to find a way into a swinger club, here are the best swinger clubs in Osaka:

  • The Drunken Clam
  • Melinda
  • Fiji Bar
  • PC and Retro Bar Space Station

Costs of Living

Osaka is not as expensive as Tokyo - fortunately so! Food is also reasonably priced, so there is no need to spend a fortune to get a fantastic meal. The best thing to do, if you are on a budget, rent a hostel room close to a train station, eat food from street vendors and save up by buying alcohol before going out.

CostsAccommodation Accommodation per night: US$20 - $500

Hotels are reasonably priced. You will get a fair value for your money, particularly if you are using Euros, Pounds or US Dollars to fund your trip. A 2-3 star hotel will cost around $150 - $200 per night. They are comfortable and they have all the necessities.

IF you are looking to go a bit fancier, then you can stay at a 4-5 star establishment for around $300. This is luxurious enough yet not too pricy, a perfect balance for Osaka, as you want to be out and about, not stuck indoors all the time. You can take it a step further by spending $500 at premium hotels; however, they are not that much better than the traditional 5-star hotels.

In contrast, hostels are much cheaper than Tokyo. You can find a place for a minimum of $18 per night. There are a few nice hostels that charge $30 per night. These come with more comfortable furnishings and a few extra touches like private bathrooms.

CostsBeerBottle Beer in a grocery shop: US$2 - $4

Alcohol has a unique culture in Japan, particularly beer. Osaka has plenty of craft beer microbreweries and a range of tastes in beer. It's also reasonably priced, which means you can grab a beer for as little as $2 in some grocery stores. Craft and artisanal beers get a bit pricier. You may find yourself paying around $4-$5 for one.

CostsBeerBar Beer in a bar or restaurant: US$10 - $15

Bars, clubs and restaurants add a hefty margin to alcohol. If you go into most clubs, your first drink will be free. However, you will have to pay as much as $15 in some places thereafter. Expect slightly less in bars, but restaurants are also known for hefty prices.

CostsMeal Meal in a restaurant: US$10 - $100

The Japanese Yen remains a low-lying currency when compared to most western monies. As a result, Osaka is a great place to visit in terms of economics. Osaka is the culinary capital of Japan, which means that even the little restaurants that charge a meagre fee offer delicious food. You can find a meal for $5 and be completely satisfied - in terms of hunger and flavour. Alternatively you can choose to dine at a high-end establishment. This will cost as much as $40 per plate of food. However, when in Osaka, sushi is the way to go. You will get a decent meal for $8 - $10.


Osaka is a great place to visit if you know which areas to stick to. The primary problem is that crime is isolated within certain districts, each of which must be avoided for safety reasons. Tourists, in particular, are easy targets for criminals and scam artists. The second dilemma is the size of the city; there's almost no way you would be able to pick a spot, as it's more like finding a needle out of a haystack. As a result, your place of accommodation should be close to a major transport hub. Unless you take the expensive plunge of renting a car for the trip. The last criterion for a good location is its proximity to interesting landmarks, sights, and entertainment options. Obviously for the sake of gaming, you will want to be near places where you can find lots of girls, such as clubs, bars, malls and universities.

Minami is probably your best place to stay in Osaka. It has everything you need to keep entertained, both during the day and at night. Furthermore, it's a transportation focal point, so you will always have easy access to the rest of the city. This also means that there are lots of girls around at all hours of the day. However, you will have to wait until night time for the region to really come alive. Neon signs litter the streets and clubs and bars get into gear. If you are keen on fun, Minami is the number one place to stay in Osaka.

Kita is probably the best place to stay if you are interested in a day-game approach. There's lots to do during the day, and in that regard it is probably a little bit nicer than Minami. It also happens to be the main transportation hub in Osaka, meaning you can get to pretty much anywhere in Osaka quickly with little cost. It is the home of the Midosuji train station, the largest train station in the whole of Osaka. Malls, restaurants, cafe's and other interesting spots can be found throughout the region, and there are also cultural sights such as museums and galleries. You will never run out of activities in Kita, but the nightlife is a bit less appealing than Minami's outstanding partying scene.

Honmachi is located at the very centre of Osaka. It is somewhat of a bridge between Kita and Minami. Although it does not have the same level of entertainment as the other two, it does give you a chance to live in three major districts as both Minami and Kita are within walking distance. Honmachi also happens to be another crucial transport hub in Osaka, so you will never struggle to get around. The night life is not impressive; you will probably find a few chilled bars, but you can easily journey to Minami using the subway.

Fortunately, the prices of accommodation are not as expensive as Tokyo. In fact, property is, on average, 44% cheaper in Osaka than Tokyo. This does equate to some savings when you book a place in Osaka, but it can still get expensive in some areas. Hostels, in particular, are cheap. You can easily find a fairly comfortable place for $20. 3- and 4-star hotels are around $150 - $250. If you are looking for 5-star luxury, you can find great international hotel chains for around $350 per night.

Infobox A tip for travelers who are staying in a hostel in Osaka:

If you're staying in a hostel (dormitory) where you can't bring guests and you are getting lucky with a girl, you can always rent a room from the numerous Love Hotels in Osaka. Love Hotels are invented in Japan, and they are designed for couples for having sex. Some luxury rooms have even a jacuzzi and other facilities, such as mirror in the ceiling and free lubricates and condoms.

How to Get There and Move Around

By air: Osaka has quite a history when it comes to air travel. The city was once serviced mainly by Osaka International Airport. This changed when the airport suffered overcrowding issues due to an increase in demand for both local and international flights, which resulted in the construction of another airport: Kansai International.

Kansai is a state of the art airport with world-class facilities and a variety of retail stores and pastime to keep you entertained while you wait for a flight. Its creation is quite impressive. For starters, it's foundation is secured in an artificial island; moreover, its design is unique and efficiency is its ultimate goal. Since 1994, the airport has become the only airport for international flights in the Osaka region (Osaka Airport became a venue for domestic flights only). Kansai, is, therefore, a good place to scout around for international girls visiting Japan. You can simply ask one out for a coffee or drink at a restaurant close by.

Kansai International Airport

By bus: The bus system in Osaka is really good. You can get around to almost every corner of the city, and the pricing definitely makes it one of the more affordable ways to get around. There is a downside: all of the information on and about the bus system is in Japanese, meaning that foreigners will struggle to use it with any confidence. You would have to know the language before you could use it.

Bus in Osaka

By car: Travelling by car in Osaka can prove expensive if you are a visitor. Despite this, there are times when it is necessary - for example, when you have been out clubbing and you need a quick, safe ride back to your accommodation.

Cabs are the quintessential way to get around in most of the metropolitan areas in Japan. They're always available and you don't really need to worry about safety concerns or being ripped off. Once you land in Osaka, ask around for the most popular apps to download, as these will connect you with cabs all over the city - showing things like availability, price, etc. There is a slight downside, as most of the cab drivers do not speak English. As a result, navigation can be difficult. You will probably have to have some form of translating software on your person to ensure that you are going to the correct location. Furthermore, when you compare it to using the train or the bus, it is really expensive. Again, you should probably use it after alcohol or when you need to get back home in a respectable manner after pulling a girl after a night out.

Uber is also available in Osaka - like any other major city. The problem comes in when one compares it to the cab services commonly available. Uber is not as popular as most first-world cities, due to the fact that it is more expensive than traditional cabs; however, if you are struggling with cabs because of factors such as language barriers and navigation, then Uber might be a viable option. Beware that just two kilometres will cost as much as $20. Taxis whether uber or a normal cab are generally very expensive in Japan.

Taxi in Osaka

By train: The train is an integral part of the economic health of Osaka. Therefore, it's always efficient and relatively cheap. It really is the quintessential way to get around in Osaka, and it takes one to every corner of the city with ease and efficiency. The train system is a subway one, which means that the routes are quick. The train stations are also something of a marvel. Due to the large volume of traffic on a day-to-day basis, the stations themselves are rivals to the fanciest malls around. You will be able to find a lot to do in them, and they also double as a great location to meet cute Japanese girls.

Train in Osaka

The high speed shinkansen or bullet train provides the fastest, most convenient and most comfortable transport service between Osaka and Tokyo. Trains depart from Shin-Osaka Station. This route can be economical if you have a Japan Rail Pass. If you do not have a Japan Rail Pass then the fare will be 13,620 yen one way.

Bullet Train

By boat: Osaka is not too far from the water - Japan is an island after all. As a result, there are a few tours, cruises and expeditions lined up for everyone to enjoy. This means of transport is purely recreational, and is never used as a viable daily way to get around. It's often a fun date option, so keep it in mind when taking a girl out. Depending on what you choose, it can get a bit pricy.

Boat near Osaka Castle

Visas: Japan is quite regulated when it comes to allowing entry privileges, especially because much of Asia is gripped by poverty in comparison. Japan does, however, allow visa-free access to 50 countries. It must be noted as well: some of the countries that belong to the EU as well as the US are allowed a special holiday working visa that allows persons between the age of 18 and 30 to work under special conditions. To avoid disappointment, check Japan's visa requirements for your specific country.

Digital Nomads and Remote Work

Japan, as a country is definitely the best economy in the East. Although rivals like Singapore and Hong Kong may lay claim to a thriving financial services sector, there is no doubt that Japan leads the way in Eastern tech. Companies like Samsung make the country an exciting financial prospect for visitors.

If you are looking to survive a bit longer than just a few weeks, there is a major gap in the market for English tuition. As the country continues to plug into the global economy, the demand for English speakers continues to rise. Thus, professionals are willing to pay handsomely to learn the skill.

Other than that, you could probably survive on remote work, provided you are compensated in US dollars, Pounds or Euros. The exchange rate favours these currencies and allows people to survive without much stress. Plugging into the local economy is difficult. It can cost as much as $65,000 to obtain a working visa.

Internet and Mobile Operators

The Japanese mobile phone industry is one of the leading markets in the world. As a result, the public has access to some of the world's leading technology and a consistent connection at all times. If you are looking for a reliable connection , here are a few companies whose sim cards you can buy/rent in Japan:

  • NTT
  • Docomo
  • AU
  • SoftBank

From this list Docomo' would be the most popular and a good, go-to option for visitors. You can buy the sim card at any major supermarket chain or corner store. Importantly, you will not be able to use your phone in Japan, which is something not many people expect. In order to gain access to the network, you will have to rent a mobile sim card for the duration of your stay. This can get expensive.

The connection and services provided in Japan are very good. The only downside, like most things in Japan, is the hefty costs involved.

Gambling and Casinos

Generally speaking, gambling is illegal in Japan, which is the case in most Asian countries. The law prohibits most gambling activities, but does leave room for betting on certain things. Motorsport and football are key examples of gambling that is exempt from the law.

If you are looking to gamble, there are a few underground casinos; however, these are run by gangs and are involved with a side of Osaka that you don't really want to get involved in. Rather opt for betting on a game of billiards or something trivial instead of entering one the dark casinos in the bad sides of town.

Weed and Drugs

Osaka has become infamous for its gang-related activity; it is often viewed as one of the more dangerous cities in Japan. Despite this, it is pretty safe by international standards, but it does mean that drugs are commonly available if you know where to look.

Drugs in Japan are closely governed through a strict legal system that is harsh on foreigners. If you are looking for drugs, you may want to think again before choosing to buy or get drugs.

If caught, the legal system is harsh. You will be fined and imprisoned for something as trivial as marijuana. If you are caught with more hardcore drugs, you are also legally liable for solitary confinement.

As a result of the 'harsh legal system and the exorbitant costs of the city itself, drugs will always be extremely expensive. Weed, for example, costs as much as $20 for a gram in some areas (depending on the quality as well).

Japan is really controlled in terms of the types of drugs for sale. Most hardcore drugs, such as meth, heroine or LSD are not available in Osaka. If they are, they would be smuggled in small batches illegally. However, it would no be long until they are found. The most common drugs to be found are weed and Speed, which are mainly around the clubbing areas.

Health, Fitness, Gyms and Massage

The fitness industry is not yet a thing of pop culture in Japan - at least not to the extent that it is in the West. However, there are still a few gyms to visit in the Osaka area. They are located in Umeda and Minami mainly.

  • Gold's Gym - If you are looking to lift weights in Japan, you will probably struggle to find a gym. fortunately, Gold's gym is around to help you get the pump you need.

Osaka has a few gyms scattered throughout the city. Due to the high costs of land, gyms are generally very small. Added to this, they are extremely expensive: the cheapest gym available is around $50 per month, with the most expensive being well over $100 per month.

Japanese spas are an ultimate treat to visit. It can also make up for the perfect date idea. You can try the following places for a memorable experience:

  • The Day Spa
  • Spa no 1
  • Body Design AMI

STDs and HIV

Japan is one of the best nations in the world when it comes to controlling the HIV rate. In fact, only 0.01%, which equates to 17,000 infected people in the country. As a result, HIV is not much of a worry, and most of it is carried by immigrants from the poorer areas.

Other STDs to watch out for include HPV, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. There are a variety of other warts and unpleasant STDs to look out for, especially from tourists from the rest of Asia.

When having sex, it is important to remain protected by using a 'condom. The risks are too high - even though Japan is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to hygiene and STDs.

Medical care is the one worry when visiting Japan. Women's clinics are common in Osaka, one of the main cities in the country, but they do not contain certain necessary medications. Also, if you are male, you will struggle to find similar, governmentally-funded clinics. Yeast infection remedies are difficult to find unless you are willing to spend quite a bit in pharmacies. You will be able to find most medications in pharmacies; however, they will be expensive as STDs are uncommon in Japan. Dealing with one is more of a hassle and an expense than anything else.

Stay Safe

Osaka has a dangerous reputation (by Japanese standards), but is still remarkably safe for a city of its size, and the overall level of crime is as low as in Tokyo or other Japanese cities. However, some areas, particularly Shinsekai and Tobita, may be a little dodgy at night and the Airin/Kamagasaki area — Japan's largest slum, home to a lot of jobless and/or homeless people — south of Shin-Imamiya is best avoided at most times, especially after dark.

Incidentally, despite the movie stereotype of gangsters speaking in Osakan dialect, the actual base of Japan's biggest yakuza families is neighboring Kobe — and the most gang violence occurs in Tokyo. Unless you're dealing drugs, you're unlikely to get involved with the local mafia.

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