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We all know that CouchSurfing is not a dating or a hookup app like Tinder. But when you are choosing your guests, picking up a host or choosing a friend from the "hangouts" section of the couchsurfing app, that you might get along with. It seems quite normal one would look for the same qualities that one would look for in a partner. So it's only logical that there might be chemistry and you may end up getting laid.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex on CouchSurfing.

What is CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing is a social networking and hospitality service accessible via a website and mobile app. Users can offer lodging and hospitality, use the service to arrange homestays, join events such as "Couch Crashes" and meet others thru the "hangouts" which works similar way as Tinder.

Hosts are not allowed to charge for lodging. Users set up an online identity, and after leaving comments on their experiences with other users, develop a reputation. Users can either directly request lodging from other members or post their travel plans publicly and receive offers from other users.

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Hosting in CouchSurfing

If you want to get laid while hosting CouchSurfer girls, the main thing is you want to be able to choose the correct girls who are most likely willing to have sex with you. This is not so easy, but if you want to get laid as a CouchSurfer host, here are some tips how to get laid and avoid the problems.

Which Nationalities You Should Host and How to Know Who to Host

Some nationalities are much easier than others. It also depends wether you are hosting a European girl in Europe or American girl in the USA. Often when the chicks are far away from home, they are also more open minded. French girls are known worldwide as a horny sex animals, while in their own country they hardly never get anything between their legs.

Most central European girls are some of the toughest to hookup with and German girls are usually the most boring ones. Scandinavian girls such as Finnish or Swedish often travel for sex, especially to Caribbean, Southern Europe, Bali and South America. So you are most likely going to get laid as the only reason they want to stay with you is sex as they are not poor and could easily pay for the hostel bed in these countries. If you host a Scandinavian girl and do not sleep with her, then most likely she will go to the nightclub and hookup with some other dude.

But again while hosting girls on couchsurfing, you should be a careful when trying to hook up with them. Especially the European and American girls may give you a bad feedback if you try to approach them and get rejected. South American girls hardly never do this, since they come from the macho culture countries, where it is ok to be a man and they understand that most men like sex.

The girls from Peru and Argentina are also great options to choose when choosing a guest.

How to Read the Signs She May Want to Sleep with You

  • It's a sign if her profile shows that she has lots of reviews from good looking guys. Read the reviews especially from the guys who don't have t-shirt on the profile picture or have good looks.
  • Compare her male friend amount to a female friends. If she has only male friends on her CouchSurfing profile, then most likely she travels on couchsurfing for sex.
  • If her profile is filled with mostly men from a macho countries such as Italy, Brazil, Spain or Caribbean countries and an assortment of Latin countries, then there's a big chance that she’s sleeping with her hosts.
  • If you hang out with her and she tells you she slept in the same bed with her former male hosts, had sex or fooled around with them. This is the best sign.
  • Read her references carefully and think if you would leave some random chick an overly glowing reference unless she did something nice to you such as giving you a great sex or amazing blowjob. If she is a North American and she has done the European sex tour (Spain, Italy, Greece etc.) you can be most likely sure that she is down to fuck, since in these countries mostly gay men only host other men, and guys who host girls are after pussy.
  • If a girl is spending a week or more at some male hosts place, you can bet she is not spending those days exploring museums and sightseeing. Male hosts are not shy about making this known, either. You should look for rates in the references such as “she stayed for a whole 1 week and it was great and she is a real party girl! A typical couchsurfer stays on average between 1 to 3 days only.
  • Most couchsurfing girls have an assortment of pictures: group shots of couchsurfing meet-ups, sport activities and shots of herself. But on the other hand, if her photos are only with single guys that hosted her and semi-naked pics of her, you can be almost sure she is after some good time. You need to remember that the profile pictures accurately represent the types of people she is meeting and likes.

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