How to Get Her Phone Number

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While it can sometimes seem like the most difficult thing in the world, there comes a time when you just have to ask her for a phone number in order to stay in touch. Imagine a situation like this: the night-out is already coming to an end, and you just have to go for it in order to keep in touch with that cute girl that you were talking to. Yet, sometimes you even get that digits without asking, which should be your ultimate goal. To be honest, that is not easy to do, but in case she offers her phone number, you're already miles ahead. However, you can't always predict how the things will unfold, and sometimes the conversation itself is like walking on eggshells, and you just can't find the right moment to ask her number. There can be also some other weird moments that could make your task quite difficult to pull off. If you're stuck in this kind of situation, don't worry, we got you covered this time as well!

How to Get the Conversation Going in the Right Way

First and foremost, let's get this out of the way. You need to be somewhat sure that the girl is into you as well. You don't just want to ask random girls for their phone numbers, as they will most likely think of you as a creep, clingy nerd and stalker. And we don't want that! Now, we discussed a lot of attraction-related stuff in other articles, but you should be looking for small subtle signs and hints. Easy way to do this is to look at her body stance - if she is open to you, you're on the right track. However, make sure to take your time and build some attraction before you do anything more specific.

Golden Rules, What to Do and What Not to Do

The phone number itself is useless to you if you just got it and disappeared. What you want to do is to actually make her want to get contacted by you, and make her look forward and anticipate it. That is why the connection is more important. Getting her phone number should not be your main goal. You're out there to have a good time, flirt and build new connections. Tease her, let her subtly know that you're into her. Most of the time, if you did your homework here, you will get that number without asking. Also, make sure to give her your number as well. She probably won't be calling you unless she's really into you. But you want to make sure that she knows who's calling her.

The other important thing is that you should not directly ask her for her number out of the black in the middle of the conversation, as this is most likely to fail. You need to give her a good reason to share her number with you. Try to hit the peak of the conversation, instead of waiting for the last moment before you two eventually split. Also, don't just ask for her number. Try to ask for you two to exchange numbers, as this is a more friendly and safer manner for her. Try to be as confident here as possible, but take it easy and don't overwhelm her with reasons. Tell her that you need her number in order for you two to get together again sometimes. Make it look like you're just naturally going about it as if you're asking your friend for a small favor. Just try to casually catch her when her guard is down. Stay cool, as to look like you've done this a million times, whatever, not a big deal.

At this point, hopefully, you have an idea about how you should be approaching her for this. Now, let's cover some more specific situations and what to do in those cases.

In the Nightclub

This one is the easiest place to get a girl's phone number. Think of it this way: Why is she even in the club? It's simple. She's there to have a good time, dance, maybe meet somebody new. If she's there and looking the best that she can, she wants to draw the attention of the guys. It's just how things work in the clubs. Ideally, you want to approach her when she's alone. So, give her some looks from time to time, and wait for her to go away from her friends if possible. But don't just jump right after her like a mad man. Approach slowly and try to maintain eye contact. Introduce yourself, ask her for a dance. Just improvise your way with her. The key is to look after her reactions and take it to the next step at the right time. Don't think of failure ever. Even if you don't get her number, what's the worst thing that can happen? In fact, nothing. She's not interested in you, or she is already in a relationship. Keep in mind that you have nothing to lose!

On the Street/Traffic

This is a very tricky situation that you can find yourself in. You're walking around, or you're in a public bus on your way home, and suddenly, there is this really nice girl in front of you. The reason why is this so hard to do is that your time-frame might be limited or even very short, like a couple of minutes. The first thing that you need to do is to check if she's already noticed you. If she is not aware of you yet, then you can actually have some time to check her out and try to see what kind of girl is she. Is she a bit shy? Does she seem angry or upset at the moment? Remember, everything is in the good timing. In case she has noticed you as well, the best thing that you can immediately do is give her a nice friendly smile. You know, that little bad-boy smirk. Girls like that, as it tells them that they are of interest to you. If your face is just flat and non-emotional, that is not good. If you have missed your first chance, make sure to give her that smile the next time she looks at you. If she responds in a similar fashion, it means action time.

Approach her friendly. You can also give her a small compliment, but don't overdo it. Introduce yourself in a nice, easy manner. Be confident, but not too cocky or imposing. The first impression that you leave on her is the most important one. Also, quickly check yourself as well before you make your move. You can't just approach the girl like that if you have just been in the gym, and you're all sweaty and messy. If you're fine, try to get some small talk going on. Ask her a casual question. For example, if you're on a public bus, you can ask her on which stop does she get off or something like that. Be well-mannered. If she is not responding, or responding with only a few words, maybe you should let her be. Wave goodbye, and leave it with something like "see you around sometimes." If you're good, and you manage to keep the conversation going, try to encourage her to be more talkative to you. Be friendly, and try to make her feel friendly and relaxed as if this was just casual chit-chat. Don't think too much about it, let it happen naturally and you're on a good path. Remember, don't wait for her to start leaving to ask for a number. Do that before, and have some words left for after you exchange numbers. Remember, running away just after you got her number will not leave a good impression on her!

At School/Work

Although not as tricky as a public place, you should have certain things on your mind. As with previous cases, the key is timing. There is no perfect moment, but there are bad moments. If you two already know each other from school/work, then you just go for it when the first chance appears. However, if you have to approach her for the first time, you should try to do that when she's not too busy. Catch her during the break or after the school/work time is over. But first of all, check her mood. Sometimes girls can be nervous, stressed out or just tired. Especially at school or at work. The ideal scenario is waiting for Friday after she is finished for the work week. This is also good because you can get her number to call her and her friends to join your company on weekend night out if they are interested. But of course, you will be calling only her. This was just a reason for her to let her guard down and give you that number. As mentioned in previous cases, be as casual and easy going about it as possible.

She's with Friends/Family

Now, this is the most difficult situation for you, but it's far from impossible. Think of it as a double-edged sword. Her friends will stare at you, they will measure you and most likely try to make you feel unpleasant and insecure. But she will feel a bit unpleasant and surprised as well. Just imagine this scene: you are suddenly showing there in front of a girl company while they are busy with the girl's talk. She will wonder what are you up to, for sure! However, don't worry. There is a good side to this. If you have the guts to approach her while she is with her friends, then you're like the most confident guy ever in her eyes. And they do appreciate that over pretty much everything else.

Now, what you need to do is to wait for a good time to enter into the discussion. Don't interrupt them if they seem to be busy or talking about serious things. Instead, wait until they split from the group conversation and start talking one-on-one in between themselves or until somebody else shows up. Approach your crush, and try to think in a positive way. You don't want yourself sweating in front of a few girls. But since this is a very delicate situation, you don't want to be overly confident and imposing. That might cause her friends to get skeptical and you will be out before you even started. What you want to do is to keep your attention on your girl. You might feel her friends staring at you, but try to make your girl feel like she's the only one in the room. This is actually the only situation where you might want to keep it shorter than usual. Keep in mind, she's hanging with her friends/family members, and not with you. You don't want to bother her too much, and you want to let her get back to her friends after a few minutes. And again, try to think of some good reason as to why she should give you her phone number. This should be your main focus, especially if you're the only guy in there. Another important thing is to be polite to the people with whom's she with. Smile and wave hi and goodbye. If they do something to trip you off, like mock you or maybe roll their eyes on you, try to take it easy. Her girlfriends will most likely do something like that to test you. Just keep that smile going, and don't taunt them back. It's a trap! You can throw a joke or two in there, but try not to encourage yourself to interact with other present people too much. If they ask you something, respond in a nice manner and turn back to your girl. In this particular situation, you can justify your leaving after you've gotten that number. You can apologize to the group for interrupting them. Wish them a nice time, thank your girl for her number, and leave it with something like "I will call you soon." You can also text some of those things right after you leave. It will make a good impression on her friends as well, and you will probably be their next topic before you even know it. And that is the best thing that can happen. If the girls are talking about you, it means that you have done your job very well!

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