Top 10 Things that Women Want from Men

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One of the biggest mysteries to men all over the world for centuries now has been what women actually want from men. Many have tried to figure it out and some have even claimed that they have unlocked the secret only to have the rug unceremoniously pulled from under them. Read further to help you and millions of other men across the globe find out what the fairer sex really wants from us.

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One of the top things women want from any man is love. She wants to feel that she is truly appreciated and cared for by her man. Girls absolutely adore it when a man can openly show her that he loves her, and read that part her, don't just say it. That is one of the biggest reasons women become unhappy in their relationships is because they feel that the man doesn't show her enough that he loves her.

We aren't talking diamond earrings and flowers every other week, ladies enjoy the small and simple gestures as well, bring her breakfast in bed on the weekend, open the door for her, send her sweet text messages, don't for a second think that she won't enjoy these little things. The problem with men is that we think because we say we love a girl she knows we do, they read into our actions way more than our words so it's up to you to make her believe you truly love her with both word and deed.


Another biggie is support, your woman needs to know that you have her back no matter what. There are times when she will feel like the whole world is against her and even if it's not the case, you have to be there and make her feel that if the world is against her you'll be there to take on the world with her. Lack of support from a guy is often the reason relationships end.

If your girl has dreams and goals to work towards you have to help her and try to advise her as best you can to help her get to these goals. If she becomes successful because you were in her corner she will be eternally grateful for it and in turn reciprocate the support offered by you in the first place. As guys we know that women are more in touch with their emotions anyway and if they feel that they can count on you, then you have done a good job and your girl will definitely keep coming back to you for help, making your relationship stronger.


Now fun can be many different things in the context of a relationship, you could have a hobby that you do as a couple or we could be talking about keeping things interesting in the bedroom. Either way you have to make sure that you are her number one source of entertainment, otherwise she might go looking for it elsewhere. Here it helps to know what her interests are, if she likes playing sport for example maybe you should take her to a game every now and then or even partake in a practice session.

On a more personal level if you keep things fun and interesting in the bedroom she definitely isn't going to go and try to find that fun anywhere else. Good sex keeps a relationship fresh and you'll always look forward to being with each other, this will not only keep the girl interested but it will also stop your eyes from wondering as the man in the relationship. Moral of the story here is to keep a smile on her dial. Read more: How to Give Good Sex to Her


Women absolutely love intimacy, and this doesn't always refer to sex, yes it's a big part of being intimate as a couple and it no doubt has its benefits but there are also other ways in which you can be intimate with your lady. Often ladies complain that men make sex all about themselves, if you can show her that pleasing her is equally as important and your own pleasure she will enjoy it a whole lot more.

Intimacy doesn't end after sex either, one thing girls enjoy is the feeling that you aren't just using them as a pleasure outlet but you actually want to be around them and near them, cuddling up watching her favorite movie, discussing her feelings while laying in bed etc. These are the kinds of moments that mean a lot to the ladies in our lives and if you can provide these moments to your girl then you put yourself in pole position to keep the fire burning. Your girl needs to feel that you are putting an effort into the relationship and that is not all about the physical aspects but there also needs to be an emotional connection between you two.


This is massive in any relationship, if a woman feels valued and respected she will be into the relationship wholeheartedly. There are so many women who feel like the men in their lives do not show them as much respect as they deserve. In a world like the one we live in today where the fight for gender equality is a hot topic, it is important for guys to show respect to their women, but not exclusively to their partners. A quick way to turn a girl off you is to disrespect another woman, there is no good in only respecting one and not the other.

Respect is not limited to words but also actions. You can say you respect a girl but in the next breath do something that shows absolutely no respect to her whatsoever. Things like letting her know where you are, arriving on time and thanking her for whatever she does for you will go a long way toward showing that you respect her and your relationship. That's one of the most important things that women want in a relationship.


Honesty is the best policy is one of the most popular sayings in the world. And for a good reason, this is something that women really want from men. Women are also very good at finding out when a guy is lying to them and thus will appreciate it a lot more if you can just be straight with them from the beginning. Leaving a woman to wonder can be dangerous because if she comes to a conclusion and starts to believe that whatever she concocts is true it can ruin your relationship.

There are many things you can and need to be honest about, for instance there are many cases where the girl will believe that you are in a committed relationship where the guy will think that it's okay to see other girls, the woman instantly perceives this as cheating but you think you're not doing anything wrong, you need to be honest with her and tell her you're not ready for a serious commitment. If you lie to your girl once you automatically lose her trust forever and trust is one of the most difficult things in the world to win back, it's much easier just to keep it intact the first time.


Every girl likes to feel comfortable in her relationship. The comfort of knowing that she is the only girl in your life will make it that much easier for the both of you. The last thing that any girl wants in a relationship is to feel threatened. If you as a guy have quite a few female friends you usually hang out, don't just stop hanging out with them but bring your girl along so that she can see that these relationships are purely platonic.

Girls also enjoy physical comfort, cuddles and hugs play a big role, if she feels like you don't want to be affectionate towards her then she definitely won't be comfortable around you. Let's be honest here, we all enjoy a little cuddle ourselves as well so it's not a bad thing and doesn't make you less of a man if you're affectionate with your woman. If your girl is comfortable with you then she is happy, and there is a saying that goes “happy wife, happy life”, so if you wanna be happy make sure your girl is too.


One thing guys often forget is that women want you to spend time with them, and no guys, taking your girl down to the pub to have a drink with the boys is not spending time with her. If your friends are constantly around when you guys see each other then she is not going to be a happy camper. You need to manage your time well between your mates and her. Work is obviously a non-negotiable but you can always split time spent with friends and time spent with your girl.

Prioritize time with her. If you make her feel like you spending time with her is important to you then she will only appreciate you more and her feelings for you will grow stronger. This being said keep the time you spend together fresh, don't always go for the dinner and a movie option, ask her what she wants to do, find out about the likes and dislikes and maybe try things you wouldn't normally do in order to show her that you are actually serious about her and want to put effort and time into your relationship with her. Women love to feel important and if you can make time for her she will definitely feel important.


One of the biggest hurdles in any relationship can be the communication or lack thereof from guys. Women want you to tell them everything, even the little things you might class as unimportant. They want you to get it out to them. They themselves might not always give you clear communication but will certainly expect you to be open with them about everything. And in all honesty clear communication can only make any relationship stronger so keep it clear and keep it accurate and you should sail smoothly.

One of the things people don't always communicate effectively about are relationship roles, and the status of the relationship. Sometimes the woman will feel like the they are ready for the next step, be it actually being your girlfriend or even marriage, if they feel it's time move forward and they initiate this progress, they have no way of knowing if you don't feel the same if you don't tell them what is what. They will respect and appreciate you a whole heap more if you can be open and honest with them about these things. Make time to talk to each other about what is going on, it serves no good to bottle things up.


Nobody wants to be in a relationship just for the sake of it, if you are not serious about a girl then it might be a good idea not to date her at all, there are plenty of women out there who are looking for a casual fling that revolves solely around sex. If you get into a relationship with someone there is an expectation that the end goal is to marry one another. If that's not your goal, then it's probably a good idea to get out before anyone gets seriously hurt.

Commitment is a big step and can be frightening to a lot of guys and it can even chase guys away, but if you commit to your girl you show her that you are serious and it will prove to her that you are worth the effort of being in a relationship with. Again, if you're not in it for the long run then just leave the whole thing all together.

So those are the top 10 things that women want from men, if you can give these things to any girl then you will undoubtedly keep her happy and that is the end goal of any relationship. Good luck out there lads!

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