Sugar Dating

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Have you ever heard of Sugar Dating? If you haven’t, it is not about the dates coated with sugar. Does it mean how sugary would those dates be? However, sugar dating is not a type of dessert or anything!

You must be familiar with the concept of dating when you take a girl out on a dinner, have a nice time and if things, go well you may get some ‘action’ at the end of the evening. Sugar dating is like regular dating, but there are some things you may want to know about it.

Pretty much everyone must have seen gorgeous young girls with older guys and must have thought as to why would a girl be with an older guy like that. It is entirely possible that the couple would be in love or you must have considered the girl as a gold digger, but neither of those scenarios could be true. The couple you had seen could have an arrangement between them which is known as sugar dating. It is entirely possible that you may have come across a couple who would call their relationship as sugar dating, but you may have thought that they were using the word “sugar” to point out their love for each other. Well, you were wrong. Now let’s see why would people get involved in such an arrangement and what benefits are there for the couple in this arrangement? In sugar dating, an older man and a younger woman make an arrangement to be involved with each other.

The man involved in this kind of agreement is usually called sugar daddy and the young woman involved with that man is called sugar baby. Such intelligent terms to refer! Aren’t they? This arrangement could include different terms, depending upon the people who are involved in such kind of relationship. A sugar daddy may want a companion while going on certain overseas trips or events and a sugar baby may want money or luxury lifestyle, and thus, sugar dating brings them together.

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Let’s see what sugar daddy and sugar baby means.

Sugar Daddy

Usually, a sugar daddy is a rich man, above the age of 40. Being rich is what matters the most in sugar dating. A man could be much younger, good looking, and rich but in that case, why would he get involved in an agreement while he can get the attention of all the ladies anyway. The involvement of a young rich man in sugar dating would not be a surprise because there is a good chance, he may not find time for casual dating or who knows he may like to take different young girls on expensive luxury trips. Mostly, an older rich man would get into sugar dating because he simply has no time to go on dates and needs someone to accompany him to certain occasions or trips. An older man having a family may also need a young beautiful girl to accompany him to certain events or overseas trips. In this arrangement, a sugar daddy pays all the expenses and can get his way by doling out money. The sugar daddy has options to pay the sugar baby in cash, gifts or trips. A sugar daddy may also bear the educational expenses of the sugar baby. It is not necessary for a sugar daddy to pay in cash or expensive trips; he can offer free mentorship to a young lady who wants to be mentored or he can offer her a job through a connection, which the sugar baby may need.

In this case, it is up to sugar baby if she wants to get into that in exchange of intimacy, sex or any other thing which sugar daddy may demand. Sugar dating is much more common these days and not only older men but younger men are also enjoying it. Sugar dating is not just limited to older rich men now. Even men from the upper middle class who can bear some expenses of sugar babies are into sugar dating these days. Although it depends on the sugar daddy and sugar baby, it is totally possible that a man or a woman may seek temporary companionship for an adventure tour, while agreeing on certain terms.

Sugar Baby

A sugar baby is the girl, involved in sugar dating. Usually, a sugar baby is a young and attractive girl most probably in her early twenties. In the case of sugar baby, age and attraction of the girl matter are very important. A sugar baby mostly seeks financial assistance from a sugar daddy. It’s not that a sugar baby can’t find a good relationship; it is mostly because of financial gain. A girl could also become a sugar baby to get mentored by the sugar daddy of the same field in which she wants to pursue her career. Girls also become sugar babies to get assistance from sugar daddies to pay for their college dues. On sugar baby’s end, getting paid in cash, gifts, or trips is the most catchy part of the deal. However, sugar daddy may expect different things from sugar baby that’s why both of them establish an agreement in between them, especially with regards to sex. A sugar daddy may ask for occasional intimacy and sex as part of the agreement, but it is entirely up to sugar baby whether to accept the terms of the agreement.

You must be wondering if a sugar baby is like an escort or a prostitute. Well, in simple terms the answer is ‘no’. A sugar baby is certainly not a prostitute or an escort but it is true that bad mouthing for sugar dating damages their reputation of sugar babies. Sugar babies are not like escorts or prostitutes because the sex may not always be part of the deal between sugar daddies and sugar babies. However, a sugar daddy may ask a sugar baby for occasional partial nudity to enjoy the glamorous body of a young beautiful girl. But then again, it all depends on the terms between the sugar daddy and sugar baby. So it is clear that a sugar baby is not entitled to have sex with a sugar daddy unless it is in the terms on which they both agreed. This establishes that a sugar baby is not a prostitute. A sugar baby is not an escort either because an escort is a companion for an evening or night event and the next day, a man can get any other escort but not necessarily the same.

A sugar baby does not get paid by the sugar daddy for a night and does not only meet for one random night. A sugar baby may meet the sugar daddy multiple times a week as per the terms on which they both agreed. A sugar baby gets a monthly allowance. If a sugar baby is a travel enthusiast and likes to enjoy a luxury lifestyle, then she can make a deal with the sugar daddy to avail of overseas trips and luxury stays at hotels. All these factors differentiate a sugar baby from an escort. But if a sugar baby wants to enjoy and have sex while being on vacations with a sugar daddy, then she absolutely can if sugar daddy also agrees to do so.

Is Sugar Dating Safe

Some people raise doubts with regards to the safety of sugar dating. No doubt, there are some things which must be considered by both the sugar daddy and sugar baby before getting into sugar dating. Firstly, if a girl wants to become a sugar baby, she must know what she is getting into. Of course, a young mature girl must have an idea about all the things which could go wrong while sugar dating. Secondly, the availability of sugar dating websites, which reveal good enough details about both the parties, eliminate the safety issue. If a sugar baby and sugar daddy are agreeing on simple terms in which a sugar baby has to spend time with sugar daddy and sugar daddy will either mentor her in her field or pay her a monthly allowance. This is the simplest deal. In complicated deals, a sugar baby might ask for a luxury lifestyle with overseas trips and a sugar daddy may ask for occasional intimacy and sex. If both the parties agree on the terms which include intimacy and sex then they can jump each other’s bones all day long if they want to or if sugar daddy is up to this bold task. However, if both the parties do not agree on sex, then a sugar baby must know that if she is going to be alone with the sugar daddy, a little intimacy between them can break the deal. In that case, things could go ugly if the sugar baby wants to stop the sugar daddy. When you consider such a scenario, there are some concerns related to the safety of sugar baby.

If sex is not part of the deal then a sugar baby must meet a sugar daddy in a public place and not in a private place. The safety issue is not for the sugar babies only, but sugar daddies can also fall prey to con women, who could rob them later. It is entirely possible that if a very wealthy sugar daddy, who is looking for a female companion who could also tend to his sexual needs, could fall prey to a young con woman. A woman could pretend to be his sugar baby but could rob him later at any point and run. Sugar dating is getting immensely popular these days, and mostly, busy rich men rely on sugar dating and beautiful young girls become their sugar babies.

It is essential for both sugar daddies and sugar babies to agree beforehand so that they can enjoy what they want. The safety issue is very important to consider, but there is no need to worry about that because there are several sugar dating websites out there, which have got you covered. Once the sugar daddy and sugar baby arrange a sugar dating website, they can freely start their sugar dating right away as per the agreed terms. A sugar daddy will have to live up to his promise to pay for all the expenses including sugar baby’s allowance, shopping sprees, trips, and luxury lifestyle if all that is the part of the deal. In the same way, the sugar baby will have to live up to her promise to offer companionship to the sugar daddy on specific events and sexual companionship, if that’s what was required of her.

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