My Girlfriend Wants Me to Meet Her Parents

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So your girlfriend's parents want to meet you, and you’re not sure how to handle it. And to be fair you probably aren't alone. To some guys it can scare them away completely and others will thrive on meeting the parents of their girl. In this article we will look at various scenarios that can arise from meeting them or even how to not meet them if you're not ready.

How to react to being asked to meet parents

Once you've been dating a girl for a while and you guys are getting serious, she's going to ask you to meet her parents, and it can be quite a shock to many a guy, understandably so mate. Meeting your girl’s parents is a step that solidifies you are actually in a relationship and sometimes guys aren't convinced that they are in a proper relationship and will sometimes fear putting a label on it.

So if the question has been put to you, there are a few different ways to handle it, and depending on how you react you can either react in a good way or a bad way. And obviously your girlfriend will also react based on how you react. If you immediately shut the idea down then you're gonna be hit with even more questions that you probably won't have answers to. The best way to deal with it would be to keep a calm expression and then speak to her rationally about, say things like “yeah, of course we can”, “well we can see when we can fit them in”, that way you don't shut down the idea all together but you still leave room for a decent excuse.

Here are a few of the easier and most logical excuses when trying not to meet the parents

  • It's a little too soon - saying that it's too soon to meet the parents can sometimes go the wrong way and the girl can think you're not taking her or the relationship seriously, but if you follow it up with things like “I think we might be moving a little too fast for me or let's give it another month or so” then you look like you're just a shy guy who could be intimidated while still giving her the sense that you do actually want to meet them.
  • I've never met the parents before - you could always tell her that you've never met a girl's parents before and that she needs to let warm to the idea, that way you only seem a little scared but still not completely closed off to the idea.
  • Say you're shy - this is probably the best excuse to use when trying to get out of meeting s girl parents, if you tell her that you're not sure that her parents will like you and that maybe you should wait a little longer she cannot say no to this one.
  • You’re too busy - this one only works if you have a demanding job, you've gotta tell her that obviously she means a great deal to you but you have a pile of work to get done and that you can revisit the idea since things die down at the office, and that any free time you have you'd much rather spend with her and only her.

With these excuses you should be able to get yourself out of the sticky situations if you can manage to get the word out in the right order. However sometimes there isn't anything you can do to avoid meeting the parents or in some cases the relationship might be going so well that you think what the hell, maybe I can meet her folks and if that's the case there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Things to do when meeting your girlfriend's parents

  • Dress sharply - when you meet the parents for the first time you need to be dressed well, so that means no sweat pants or tops, some nice jeans or slacks will do the trick with a decent shirt, you want it to look like you have made some kind of effort but not like you're showing up for a job interview.
  • Greet properly - you cannot be shooting a hi there, how you doing when you first meet them, but you have to offer a firm handshake to the father and a polite intro to her mother, a good thing to do is also show up with flowers for her mom and maybe a scotch for her dad.
  • Be attentive - turn your cellphone off when you enter the setting, if you show them that you are solely focused on meeting them and that nothing else is more important at that stage, then they will see you as a respectful character.
  • Don't be overly physical with your girl - the last thing her parents want to see is you shoving your tongue down her throat, you can be affectionate but be aware of where you are and who you are with.
  • Be respectful - this is probably the most important of all the points, if her parents say things you don't necessarily agree with you need to find a respectful way to tell them that you might not feel the same way, don't just disregard but don't be rude.

Provided you follow these tips, you should be alright to meet your girlfriend's parents. And who knows they might actually like you. It is important to remember that these things cannot be rushed and to only agree to do it if you are 100% comfortable with it because if you aren't then maybe you guys are not yet ready to take that step with each other. If you are going to say no to the suggestion then you need to be careful because you do not want to ruin the entire relationship with a simple no, on the other side of the coin you don't want to feel pressured into something you aren't ready for. Good luck guys!

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