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Leuven dating guide advises how to pick up Belgian girls and how to hookup with local women in Leuven. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date Belgian women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Leuven, Belgium.

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Leuven Top 10 Overview:

Chance of picking up girls: 3.5 / 5

Picking up at daytime: 3 / 5

Picking up at nighttime: 4.5 / 5

Looks of girls: 4 / 5

Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5

Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5

Locals' English level: 4.5 / 5

Moving around the city: 4 / 5

Budget per day: US$50 - $200

Accommodation: US$30 - $300

Girls in Leuven

If you have been tired enough of your routine, then the best way to overcome such problems and the boredom of life is by visiting beautiful places worldwide. The world is a beautiful place, entirely spiced up with worth-visiting spots, and Leuven is on the list for tourists.

If you are planning your trip to Leuven recently, there are many things you should consider before visiting. A solo and a lonely trip might differ from what you seek; hence, looking for a compatible partner in the Belgian community of Europe can help you have the best days in life. However, taking a quick look at how Belgian girls are and ways of dealing with them is advisable.

The Belgian community in Leuven has been blessed with diversified beauties of all types who are beautiful and attractive enough to melt your legs. However, that is not exactly what the girls aim for in Leuven. They are more of the modern women who are primarily attracted to feminist stuff rather than appreciating men who only seek physical intimacy. Thus, if you are only up for casual sex in Leuven, you can restrict your dating zone to bars and nightclubs. If you seek more, you must give more respect, love, good affection, and time to understand the Leuven chicks properly.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Leuven. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

How to Pick Up Girls

If it is your first time visiting Leuven and you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere because you do not know what to do and how to pick up girls, then the following tips and tricks might work best for you.

The literacy rate in Leuven is reasonable because most ladies and grown-up women prefer seeking knowledge over any other thing in the world. They all are educated and earn as much as men in European countries, which is an excellent factor in women's empowerment.

Thus, you are mistaken if you could pick them up without effort. Picking up the Belgian chicks is easy as they hold a liberal mindset and keep an open-minded overview of their sexual and emotional desires. Thus, if you can be successful enough to turn yourself into the ideal man every Belgian woman seeks, your chances with these pretty ladies are relatively high.

The first thing you need to remember is to be equally knowledgeable on specific trending topics on which you can have a straightforward conversation with your significant other. They love people with compatible mindsets and men who keep themselves updated with the burning topics so that they can present their points of view for a healthy discussion.

The second thing which you should be focussing on is nothing but your behavior towards them. You might come across Leuven ladies who are skeptical and doubtful about dating thoughts; thus, maintaining distance from these groups of ladies is highly advisable.

It would help if you focused on trying to know the person rather than throwing your direct approaches of sleeping with them during your journey. You might end up finding your life partner in the process as well.

Tips for Daytime

Though Belgian women accept direct approaches regarding their physical needs and satisfaction in bed, the chances of picking up girls during the daytime are low.

Most women in the European sector, especially the Belgian girls of Leuven, stay busy during the daytime with their studies in the universities, high schools, businesses, and office work. The other group generally stays busy with home chores. Thus, the chances of getting your hands on pretty girls are relatively low during the daytime in Leuven. However, there are certain spots like tourist zones, cafes, restaurants, market areas, etc., where you can witness the natural Belgian beauties with sharp features, light eyes, pale tones, and perfect figures.

Best Places to Meet Girls

When it comes to meeting girls in Leuven during the daytime, you can consider visiting the following places:

  • Shopping Stadsfeestzaal
  • Woluwe shopping and business centers
  • Grand palace
  • Manneken pis

Tips for Nighttime

When it comes to Leuven's nightlife, you can witness wild lifestyles, loud music, lots of fun with chilled drinks, and beautiful Belgian chicks all surrounding you. Thus, if you have got plans of Belgian dating beauties of Leuven, then nighttime might be the best among all the hours. Pub culture and party animals are easily spottable during the night.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

Despite being a small place full of exciting people, Leuven has also had the opportunity to build unique, superb, top-notch bars and pubs. Here are a few listed below for finding ideal chicks in Leuven at night:

  • Ampere
  • Spirito
  • Zanzi bar
  • Fuse

Mature Ladies and Cougars

If you are one of those who go gaga over older women, then Leuven is the place for you, as European women have the mental strength and physical capacity to marry early. Hence, most of the elderly women you follow up with within the pubs and bars are primarily divorced or unhappy in the bonding of marriage. You can take advantage of the situation and enjoy the tour more excitedly with the proper lady.


When visiting Leuven, dating can be a fun and interesting experience. AdultFriendFinder.com, lets you meet local members in Leuven and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. It just takes a few minutes, you simply create an account, upload a few images and tell a little about yourself. Since time in your destination may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand so when you do meet, you can skip the awkward introductions and start having some real fun.

Top Dating Tips

Dating has been in rich culture among the Belgian ladies of Leuven for a long time. However, they are not relatively easy to escape or impress in the first place. Here are a few tips to utilize the best ways to win a Leuven lady's heart. These beautiful girls of Leuven enjoy being pampered and cared for. Thus, during your first date, you can give her flowers and your presence in a decent way.

They are not really into materialistic things like jewelry and expensive gifts. Thus, the only option is to impress them with your confidence and knowledge of exciting topics. Looking best on your first date or whenever you meet your lady love is very important. Thus, you can stop looking clumsy and underconfident over time.

Online Dating

Here are a few famous platforms to help you find your dream girls in Leuven.

  • Tinder: One of the recent introductions to the market is none other than Tinder. Thus, you can also choose your suitable language and the community of people you are residing with.
  • Badoo: When it is about making the Leuven journey more ideal, you need to consult the Badoo app to get your hands on the hottest chick in town.
  • Bumble: One of the things you need to understand while dealing with dating apps in Leuven is that you would get to face hundreds of local dating apps, but your aim should be to settle for the top-notch ones only. For example, if you believe in taking moves while dating, then Bumble might be the one for you. Thus, you can swipe right.

Live Cam Dating

Are you looking for virtual satisfaction in Leuven? Chat with live web camera models and find the best girl for your needs. There are thousands of girls online 24/7 waiting for you: Live Cam Girls

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

If you are trying to be the ideal man with the best chances to pick up Belgian girls in Leuven, here are a few tricks to consider for becoming the lead role in the Play. The first thing you should focus on at present is developing your understanding of the Belgian cultures and celebrations. The second thing you need to focus on is to portray yourself in the raw form without any indirect signals or being pretentious. Being respectful is the key to picking up Belgian girls in Leuven.

Risks while Gaming

Suppose you are somewhere scared of getting into any trouble while dealing with new encounters with the Belgian chicks in Leuven. In that case, it is advisable to understand the risks involved in the picking up of girls beforehand. There are not many restrictions for the passionate guys because they would be coming across only one risk, which is to manage the beauties. In simple words, you must be careful during the dating phase when you come across Belgian chicks who have rude behavior and are somehow overprotective and weird over everything. These ladies are hard to pick up in Leuven and impossible to manage over time. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from these women in Leuven.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

If you are mainly waiting for special tips to pick up Belgian beauties, then you should know that those tips are similar to the ones mentioned in the above piece.

Thus, as you already know, respect is everything a girl desires. Thus, you should only process the matter if you provide the same.

Trying to know Belgian culture can also lure you closer to my place. Hence, even if you need help understanding the culture first, the chance of picking up Belgian girls from Leuven would become easier for you.

Trying to genuinely approach straightforwardly without spending time going through difficult life chapters, behaving pretentiously. Thus, you must serve these Belgian women in the best way possible by not beating around the bush and instead being in their original form.

Gold Diggers and Sugar Babies

Leuven is full of hot girls looking for a mutually beneficial hookup with travellers. There are lots of girls who don’t charge by the hour but who will do anything for a guy who is willing to help them pay their bills. If you are looking for a more personal and less transactional alternative to escorts, a good place to find these sexy open-minded girls in Leuven is SecretBenefits.


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