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Kaohsiung dating guide advises how to pick up Taiwanese girls and how to hookup with local women in Kaohsiung. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date Taiwanese women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Kaohsiung Skyline

Kaohsiung is a southern Taiwan coastal town. It is formally a special municipality with such a region of 2,952 km2 (1,140 square miles) extending from the metropolitan coastal center to a Yushan Range rural region. The municipality has a population of 2.77 million since about 2018, making it the third biggest administrative unit in Taiwan and second biggest metropolis.

Kaohsiung Top 10 Overview:

Chance of picking up girls: 3 / 5

Picking up at daytime: 3 / 5

Picking up at nighttime: 4 / 5

Looks of girls: 4 / 5

Attitude of girls: 3 / 5

Nightlife in general: 3 / 5

Locals' English level: 3 / 5

Moving around the city: 3 / 5

Budget per day: US$90 - $400

Accommodation: US$40 - $300

Girls in Kaohsiung

The females who come from Kaohsiung, Taiwan are known to be pretty lovely. The females have adorable and sexy characteristics and retain the classic Asian looks. Women have tiny eyes, naturally straight hair which is also black, profound dark eyes with clear skin, with little or no blemishes, and almost negligible facial hair besides excellently-done eyebrows and tiny eyelashes. Kaohsiung females have a slim figure, they may not be voluptuous, and yet their breasts, as well as the buttocks, are tiny to medium in size. The females are known to take pride in their work but are constantly making sure they are presentable throughout all times and looking good. Most females are taking amazing care of themselves for it; they are also using excellent skin care products. Small things like a new breath, and thus nobody odor are also specific to females.

RatingLooks Looks of girls: 3 / 5

Kaohsiung girls are very well-informed about worldwide apparel products, trends, and recent fads. You rarely see them dressed too shabbily, wearing nice clothes, trendy sports equipment, and carrying costly handbags. The females have such a branded clothing penchant, and they will be rarely seen carrying off the streets some random brand. The females who come from well-off families prefer to wear clothing and accessories from Europe's top developers. Overall, Kaohsiung's females are unbelievably materialistic. They are hungry to dine on some of the country's most famous restaurants, stay in the finest hotel rooms, and wear the finest possible clothes. This makes things harder for males who want to visit the nation and get in touch with local females.

RatingAttitude Attitude of girls: 2 / 5

If you're searching for the best locations to meet women in Kaohsiung, we have plenty of excellent tips to you in Taiwan with such a dating guide. While this city has nearly three million individuals, it feels a little bit like a tiny town. There are not so many spots in the nightlife to pick up single Kaohsiung girls, and not as many day game places either. We're going to cover all of them, and then you can choose the ones you choose best. Oh yeah, we're also going to inform you about the best website you can use online.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Kaohsiung. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

How to Pick Up Girls

It is also quite simple for foreigners as well as tourists visiting the country to pick up girls of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, mainly because Kaohsiung females have a very well-known fascination for Western males. Kaohsiung's females typically look Asian and are also nothing brief of beautiful and are immediately drawn to males from America's continents and Europe. We also tend to love people from certain Asian nations like Japan and China. If you are from these nations, thus, you need little effort when picking up females. Remember to dress well, have excellent conversational equipment, or most importantly, play with your strong points when taking girls in Kaohsiung.

RatingPickup Chance of picking up: 3 / 5

Its chances of picking up girls in Kaohsiung were pretty great, and it is advisable to have a match plan and approach females with the correct attitude and tact to attain the required achievement.

Tips for Daytime

Kaohsiung's females are most definitely friendly and accessible, but most females tend also to be shy and react in a restricted manner during most of the daytime. This means that the country's during the day game is a bit hard. It is known that women do not reciprocate well with bold progress. The bold moves which a tourist makes may make the situation more uncomfortable and may humiliate the females openly. Therefore, a healthy discussion must be scheduled, and the right way to approach the females must be employed. A few tips for approaching women in Taiwan nation are given below.

How to approach the girls?

It's a difficult prospect to approach Kaohsiung's females. The women aren't well known to emote; if they don't talk up, one can rarely judge their thinking train. The females are highly careful during the daytime. All such women, therefore, do not react well to men's bold movements. It is highly important that one has to be soft-spoken, easy, and down to earth when approaching Kaohsiung females. Females enjoy people who are confident, not overconfident. With a straightforward compliment, start your discussion and prevent getting too cheesy.

RatingDaytime Chance of picking up at daytime: 3 / 5

There are restricted chances of picking up females throughout the day, and this has to come as a surprise given that females are also lovely and have a distinctive character at night. The females might not all be comfortable up to the concept of sexual intercourse, even though the sun shines brightly outside.

Best Places to Meet Girls

  • Lotus Pond
Lotus Pond
  • Love River
Love River
  • Chimei Museum
Chimei Museum
  • Liouho Night Market
Liouho Night Market

Tips for Nighttime

When the sun sets in Kaohsiung Taiwan, the restricted daytime match curse will be shattered. A land would seem like a totally distinct location, and the country's females were walking out with their friends or associates to blow off certain steam and chill. The females are willing to meet fresh people around them, and in the business of these males, they are relaxed.

RatingNighttime Chance of hooking up at nighttime: 3 / 5

There is no doubt that the best way of meeting females at night is really the bars, pubs as well as nightclubs of the town in which you are. The females enjoy a few beverages here, grooving to the music and opening up to flirt with males. One should keep in mind to dress as well as groom well, had some conversational material and finally drink within your limitations to make sure you do not get too drunk with Kaohsiung women who are extremely restrictive in alcohol.

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

The odds of hooking up in the night time are now much better, the females are much more confident, they're searching for a male business, and they're not going to shy away from having intercourse with visitors. Most Asian women are just like foreign females. The nice news is you have a wonderful opportunity to have a date or hook up regardless of how you play the cards. If foreign people aren't interested, you may not be able to do anything to alter that. Be polite, friendly, and become a loving and enjoyable man. Once you do, they should warm up towards you pretty quickly; they probably don't understand what to believe if you're too severe, and it's going to kill the mood. Currently, many of our favorite nightclubs and bars in Kaohsiung to hook up with a woman are:

  • Mini Fusion at No. 4, 10th Lane, Linde Street, Lingya District
  • Fusion at Qinghian 1st Road
  • Rocks on Juguang Street
  • Brickyard at 507 Zhongshan second Road, B1, Cian Jhin District
  • The barcode at 130, Sih Wei third Road, Ling-Ya District
  • Lamp Disco at 802, Kaohsiung City, Lingya District
  • Muse at No. 10, 4th Road, Lingya District
  • Blu Space at Lingya 1st Road
RatingLooks Nightlife in general: 3 / 5

The nightlife at Kaohsiung is great. You can approach the girls very easily. Life at night is very thundering and enjoyable. Some of the best nightclubs are an urban spotlight, Lamp, Brickyard, Lush, etc. Studying a bit of Mandarin is recommended. You do not have to be fluent; demonstrate them you're prepared to put some effort into it.

Kaohsiung night skyline

Mature Ladies and Cougars

Hooking up the mature ladies becomes difficult in Kaohsiung as most of the ladies are uncomfortable to get hooked with the unknown outsiders.


When visiting Kaohsiung, dating can be a fun and interesting experience. AdultFriendFinder.com, lets you meet local members in Kaohsiung and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. It just takes a few minutes, you simply create an account, upload a few images and tell a little about yourself. Since time in your destination may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand so when you do meet, you can skip the awkward introductions and start having some real fun.

Top Dating Tips

Cijin Beach is a nice meeting spot. Some other places you can visit are:

  • San Antonio, 7-1, Hexi Road, district of Yancheng
  • Wang Steak at Zhongzheng third Road, Xinxing District
  • Mama Mia in Gu Shan
  • Etage 15, in Xinxing district
  • Bull Fighter at Wu Fu 3d street, Cianjin District
  • Enoteca Wine bar on 562 HeTi Road

Liuhe Night Market can be an excellent date place, as well as many other night markets such as Laisyuan are around. Other places you can go to are:

  • Kaohsiung Film Archive
  • Fo Guang Shan
  • Zhuziqingshuigoing
  • Public Library

Yes, we've actually placed a library as just a date spot on the list, and that it's worth its place. Swing to Taichung for such a weekend getaway. So far as travel advice is concerned, while most visitors tend to remain in the Yangcheng region, you may be near 85 Sky Tower or close to the Cijin Beach. If your objective is to hook up with women in Kaohsiung, you're going to have a hotel in the top two fields. Here, you can discover a connection to the subway system, which makes it much easier until you get around the city. The currency is New Taiwan Dollar.

Relationships and Love

Thousands of single women in Kaohsiung are searching for a partner and potential future husband. Check out an ultimate guide for dating local girls, relationships, love and marriage: Relationship & Love Guide to Kaohsiung

Online Dating

Online dating has tons of benefits, no matter wherever you are.

There is presently a wide variety of internet dating services. Some have a wide membership base of varied users searching for a lot of distinct relationship kinds. Other sites focused on extremely particular demographics based on characteristics such as mutual interests, place, religion, sexual preference, or type of partnership. In their income streams, internet dating services also vary extensively.

Live Cam Dating

Are you looking for virtual satisfaction in Kaohsiung? Chat with live web camera models and find the best girl for your needs. There are thousands of girls online 24/7 waiting for you: Live Cam Girls

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

The kinds of guys that have the greatest opportunities in Kaohsiung are rich people. This is the main criterion as most Kaohsiung women are highly materialistic but if you have a lot of cash to spare as well as splurge on their lavish lifestyles and donations; it's simple to hook up with local girls. You will receive brownie points if you have a quick vehicle to zoom around the different towns in the nation or if you book a fancy suite at a famous five-star hotel. Secondly, those males who are confident in approaching females tend to have the greatest opportunities as those males who are shy/unconfident or overconfident rarely appeal to Kaohsiung women. Thirdly, as Kaohsiung women will be known to have a craze for foreign males; men who are Caucasian and appealing to females always tend to have had the greatest opportunity.

Risks while Gaming

Taiwan has a fairly decent economy and that most individuals come from average households. There aren't too many dangers in the nation while gaming. To prevent prostitutes and ladyboys, tourists must be cautious. Secondly, to prevent scuffles with their better half or relatives, one must remain away from married and engaged females. Finally, a tourist should avoid girlfriends, who prevent females from hooking up with foreigners.

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

Tourists who want to get laid as quickly as possible may head to Kaohsiung largest towns. This is mainly because these towns have the highest tourist population that is often more liberal than local females and ready to have sex with fellow travelers as soon as possible. The other way to get laid as quickly as possible might be to reach some of the country's finest bars and nightclubs as they're packed with horny women of all ages looking for fun with weird males. Finally, online dating applications and websites can be used by tourists to attempt to hook up with locals.

Gold Diggers and Sugar Babies

Kaohsiung is full of hot girls looking for a mutually beneficial hookup with travellers. There are lots of girls who don’t charge by the hour but who will do anything for a guy who is willing to help them pay their bills. If you are looking for a more personal and less transactional alternative to escorts, a good place to find these sexy open-minded girls in Kaohsiung is SecretBenefits.

Kaohsiung Sugar Baby scene is still quite new, but many beautiful young girls are looking for such a Sugar Daddy. Online is the safest and best and ways to connect with a Sugar Baby. There is a broad range of beautiful women at SecretBenefits.com who will be looking for an elderly man to look after them. These babies are simple to get to, and then before the meeting, you may settle all that.


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Swinger Clubs and Naturism

It is known that the females who come from Kaohsiung are shy as well as conservative. When most of them are interested in sexual testing, the vast majority keeps stuff straightforward throughout relationships and sex. Thus, the nation of Taiwan does not have as swinger clubs as well as naturists.

Costs of Living

Kaohsiung city is a semi-cost Asian nation to visit. Regardless of its budget, the nation provides one for every tourist. Further information on the cost of a journey to Taiwan is given below:

CostsDay Single traveler’s budget per day: US$90 - $400

Any traveler wishing to visit Taiwan's nation on a budget will spend at least $40 a day. When the traveler with all of the frills and thrills is searching to enjoy his trip, he must be ready to shell out at least USD 300-400 per day. The sections below describe the costs you will face on a journey to Taiwan.

CostsAccommodation Accommodation per night: US$40 - $300

When they live in shared areas, visitors traveling to Seattle on such a budget can enjoy a good stay at USD 15.

CostsBeerBottle Beer in a grocery shop: US$2 - $4

If you want to grab beers from either the local grocery store, it will cost you about $2 for one point as well as up to $4 for a premium bottle of wine of beers

CostsBeerBar Beer in a bar or restaurant: US$5 - $10

If you choose to enjoy that same pint of beer in a restaurant, your wallet will be at least 4 USD lighter if you choose the global products, this may cost you 7 USD or more.

CostsMeal Meal in a restaurant: US$30 - $40

A traveler who wants to save cash can avoid expensive restaurants and enjoy his regular meals at a price no more than USD 15. The split up could be justified by such a breakfast costing about $3 while breakfast and lunch are in the range of $4-5 per meal. Whether the traveler wants to enjoy a dinner at a good local restaurant serving classic Kaohsiung cuisine, he must be laid back by at least USD 20-25.


Those who are traveling to Kaohsiung can go for cheaper selections like couch surfing as well as Airbnb. This time, as you might know, surfing is the cheapest and cheerful choice as you come to live for some nights, free from rent, at the hose of a host. However, as a token of thanks or a little gesture, you can prepare a few meals. This choice or staying at an Airbnb can about the amount you the same as well as which is about 15 USD a night. If one desires to enjoy his travel a few more lavishly, along with every comfort, politeness as well as facilities of a five-star hotel, then the value of accommodation for a night can reach up to 300 USD each night.

How to Get There and Move Around

Kaohsiung city has well-developed public transportation.

By air:

Kaohsiung city is not known for aviation. Having just about 40 airports in the whole country, it is not a major player. An airport handles many of the international flights coming in the nation in the capital city of Taipei, which is The Taoyuan International Airport.

Taoyuan International Airport

By bus: The buses are an amazing and cost effective way to travelling around the city.

Local bus

By car:

The city has not as much as 45000 Kilometers of highways. One can take a cab to navigate around the city.

By train:

The High-speed Rail of Taiwan, as well as the Taiwan Rail Line, are jointly combined to serve inter-city transport within the nation.

MRT train

By boat:

The nation has a majority of waterways as well as transport ways to host ships as well as cruise vessels from various parts of the globe.


People of most developed countries do not require work visa, for less than 90 days.

Digital Nomads and Remote Work

For Digital Nomads, who desire to settle in the nation, it is a great place to work. Language barrier will be an issue so you need to be mindful of that.

Internet and Mobile Operators

The nation gets a medium internet speed of about 34 Mbps. The user can enjoy streaming videos plus game playing at best possible quality. There are about 15 ISPs in Kaohsiung plus about 23 million consumers across the nation. About mobile operators are involved Chunghwa Telecom is the biggest in Kaohsiung. Few of the different options for travelers visiting in the nation are:

  • Far Eastern Telecommunications Group
  • VIBO Telecom
  • Taiwan Mobile

Gambling and Casinos

Betting in Casinos in the city of Kaohsiung is illegal. The reason is the activity, on the full, is banned in the Criminal Code by the Republic of China. In 2009, there was a deal to legalize them, yet it did not happen.

Weed and Drugs

The use of drugs in the nation of Kaohsiung is banned; the abuse of the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Law in the country can be done by keeping any narcotic item. You can also be jailed from 3 to 7 years. Hence, travelers are suggested to stay away.

Health, Fitness, Gyms and Massage

The travelers who are seeking for a great massage can seek for few of the old herbal aromatherapies or spas of Chinese start. While the usual public is little skinny as well as seldom require to lose weight, many gyms are unlike the traditional gyms of the west. Here, many of the users prefer to perform martial arts for fitness.

STDs and HIV

The nation has few alarming facts about HIV as well as STDs. In Taiwan, many of the ladies engage in unprotected sex. This amount is on the scale of 40-50 % of the female population as well as it can increase more. You should be safe and wear a condom.

Stay Safe

Kaohsiung's crime rate is much lower than probably any city of comparable size in the West, so tourists need not be too worried. Theft tends to be the most common form of criminal activity encountered by foreigners, and expensive bikes and scooters are frequent targets.

As a major seaport, organized crime has also become an increasing problem in the city, and a fair number of businesses are nothing more than a front for local gangs. That said, the gangs do not resort to random violence or theft.

See Also