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Kabul dating guide advises how to pick up Benelux girls and how to hookup with local women in Kabul. Travel, enjoy and have fun with hot single girls and you might even meet the love of your life. Read more on how to date Benelux women, where to find sex and how to get laid in Kabul, Afghanistan.

City View, Kabul

Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. It is located in the eastern section of Afghanistan. Kabul is divided into 22 districts. The area code of Kabul is +93. The people of Kabul are known as Kabuli. Kabul has a total population of 4.114 million people. Kabul is Afghanistan's only city that has a population of more than 1 million people. 

Kabul also serves as its cultural, political, and economic center. Muhammad Yunus Nawandish is the mayor of Kabul. Kabul is famous for its gardens, bazaars, and palaces. It was also known as a Mecca for Western hippies. Despite frequent terrorist attacks by the Taliban, this city continues to develop. Kabul is also a safe city, and serious crime is rare. More details about Kabul, it's girls and nightlife are provided below. 

Kabul Top 10 Overview:

Chance of picking up girls: 2.5 / 5

Picking up at daytime: 2.5 / 5

Picking up at nighttime: 2.5 / 5

Looks of girls: 3 / 5

Attitude of girls: 3 / 5

Nightlife in general: 3 / 5

Locals' English level: 3 / 5

Moving around the city: 3 / 5

Budget per day: US$75 - $125

Accommodation: US$50 - $75

Girls in Kabul

Kabul is an Islamic city, and girls in Kabul are quite conservative. They are suppressed and dominated. Female education has also been a matter of concern in this city. But despite being an Islamic city, Kabul is growing and developing. Girls in Kabul are also evolving and becoming modern. Most of the girls in Kabul wear a hijab and make sure to cover their heads and body whenever they step outside of their homes. 

These girls are feminists and are now learning to fight for their rights. Women in Kabul are intelligent, confident, and sexy. Girls in Kabul are devoted to their studies and want to get a good job and earn their own money. They want freedom. But not most of these girls understand that freedom because of the male chauvinistic society of Kabul. Men in Kabul are considered superior to that of women in Kabul. There is always a male head of the family, and without his consent, no woman can step outside of her house. 

RatingLooks Looks of girls: 3 / 5

When it comes to the looks of girls of Kabul, then you need to know that these girls have a pretty face and large almond-shaped eyes. Their smile is the most beautiful thing about them. These girls have a sexy body and attractive features. They don't always wear makeup but most of the time, when they step outside of their house, these girls wear makeup. These girls also use natural remedies to make their skin flawless and glowy. They don't always go to the parlor; instead, they are good at doing makeup at home. These girls are also quite concerned about their weight, and they go to gyms to get an attractive feature. 

RatingAttitude Attitude of girls: 3 / 5

Girls in Kabul are loyal and obedient. Since childhood, they have learned to follow the rules and instructions of their parents. These girls are also excellent cooks and they know how to please men with delicious foods. If you come home and you are stressed, then they can help you overcome your stress by providing you tasty delicacies. These girls are also educated, but most of them are housewives. Because since childhood, girls in Kabul are taught only to take care of the family and cook for them. Their purpose in life is to be good mothers and good wives. 

Where to Get Sex Now

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How to Pick Up Girls

To pick up a girl from Kabul is not an easy job because most of these girls are forced not to date or are uninterested. These girls are also quite shy and don't ever make the first move. You should never wait for girls of Kabul to come to you and tell you how they feel for you. You can't also be quick in Kabul. You need to give girls enough time to like you and develop feelings for you. Firstly, you may need to start a friendship with these girls. You can meet them at any place and ask for their contact details. 

These girls are also conservative, and even if you guys are in a relationship, you must not expect intimacy. Most of these girls would sleep with you only after marriage. 

RatingPickup Chance of picking up: 2.5 / 5

The chances of you picking up a woman of Kabul are low but not the least because many women in Kabul are changing. They don't know what they want in life but want to make a name for themselves. If you help them in achieving their goals and help them do what they want in life, then these girls would start falling for you. All they want is liberty, and if you provide them that, then they will like you and respect you. These girls also love to explore various places and eat out. You can take these girls to multiple locations, but make sure to make the girl feel comfortable. 

Tips for Daytime

Though dating in this city is severe, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind if you want to attract a Kabulite girl. The first and most important tip is that you need to dress well and behave appropriately in front of these girls. They like men who are stylish and uniquely carry themselves. Girls of Kabul always admire men who have good fashion sense. 

Most of all, you need to talk humbly and politely with girls in Kabul. You need to speak humbly with not only the girls but with everyone around you. Friendships and relationships also mean a lot to girls in Kabul. These girls are entirely selfless and sympathetic. They think of others before themselves but always seek someone who would care for them and understand them. Passing compliments is also essential, but you first need to make sure that your compliments are genuine. If you compare these girls with a celebrity, then they may not like it. You need to try to be as real as possible. If you want the girl's smile, then you need to let her know about it. If you wish to her eyes, then compliment it. 

RatingDaytime Chance of picking up at daytime: 2.5 / 5

The chances of you picking up a girl from Kabul is not so high. It's average because of the lack of dating facilities that this country provides. Kabul is the right place but people here are quite judgemental and biased. They don't allow their sons and daughters to choose their partners by themselves.

Dating is considered taboo in Kabul. But that doesn't mean people in Kabul do not date. Everyone has their desires, and they try their best to fulfill it. In such places, online dating sites and apps come as a rescue. There are many dating sites which would surely help you attract the girl of your choice. Malls and restaurants are also a right place where you can meet your lady. 

Best Places to Meet Girls

As mentioned above, there are not many spots where you can hang out with your girlfriend in Kabul by there are undoubtedly many places where you can meet these ladies. The best places where the chances of meeting a girl of Kabul are high are malls, cafes, coffee shops, book shops, grocery stores, supermarkets, museums, and other attractive tourist spots where you can meet these girls. Here is a list of few places where the chances of you meeting a Kabulite lady is high. 

  • Majid Mall
  • Kabul City Center
Kabul City Center
  • Rahmanian Shopping center
  • Farmer Chaila Cafe
  • Hujra Restaurant and Cafe 

Tips for Nighttime

Chances of gaming at nighttime in Kabul city is also not high because these girls are advised not to step outside of their house at bedtime. Their parents tell them not to come home late at night. Girls in Kabul are obedient and listen to their parents, but not all girls are of the same category. 

Many girls are rebellious and can fight for their rights. They go to nightclubs at nighttime to enjoy and party. At night if you want to approach a woman in Kabul, then you can use some pickup lines. But these girls are already used to pick up lines; therefore, it should be new and unique. You must not also over drink in the bar or nightclub. If you do that, you won't be able to behave appropriately because you wouldn't be in your senses. Complimenting a girl is also helpful.

Not only nightclubs and bars, but you can also meet these girls at many other places as well, such as in a cafe, restaurant, park, or mall. All those places in Kabul remain open till midnight. 

RatingNighttime Chance of hooking up at nighttime: 2 / 5

The chances of hooking up with a girl of Kabul at night are also not high but with useful tips and tactics, you may quickly attract a woman of this city. Attracting a girl is a tough task in Kabul, and you need to make sure that you are not annoying the girl. If you follow the girls in shady areas, then they may start avoiding you or may think of you as a cheap guy. You should also be willing to spend money on these girls and let them do the shopping with your cards because most of these girls are dependent and want their partners to buy them stuff. 

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

Despite being a Muslim nation, Kabul has a few nightclubs and bars where you can attract local girls. Aside from nightclubs and bars, you can meet these girls at nighttime in an internet cafe or restaurant. 

RatingLooks Nightlife in general: 3 / 5

The nightlife in Kabul is less lively as compared to other cities in the world, but visitors of Kabul would find plenty to do day and night. It also has plenty of restaurants to choose from. Kabul also has several cinema halls and parks. The films only cost a few rupees. Pioneer internet cafe is another attractive tourist spot and allows you to pay an hourly fee to browse the web. 

Mature Ladies and Cougars

No, you can't meet any mature lady in Kabul city because women in Kabul are loyal, and they don't betray their husbands. Since childhood, these girls are taught to take care of the family, and they can't cheat on them. These girls are taught to become good wives and good mothers. If a girl cheats her husband in Kabul, then her reputation gets ruined, and nobody likes her. 


When visiting Kabul, dating can be a fun and interesting experience. AdultFriendFinder.com, lets you meet local members in Kabul and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. It just takes a few minutes; you create an account, upload a few images, and tell a little about yourself. Since time in your destination may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand so when you do meet, you can skip the awkward introductions and sstart having some real fun.

Top Dating Tips

Dating in Kabul is not easy, but a few dating tips may help you in attracting a girl from Kabul. Here are the top dating tips that can prove to be advantageous for you. 

  • First impressions: The essential tip that would help you in attracting a girl of Kabul is that when you are going to meet your lady for the first time, then you must be the best version of yourself because it's rightly said that the first impression is the last. 
  • Be confident: Girls in Kabul find confidence quite sexy. They don't like men who are shy and hesitant to express their true feelings. They want men who look into the eyes of girls while talking. 
  • Avoid ex conversation: Girls in Kabul usually do not date any guy. They date only those guys who are responsible and straightforward. If you brag about your past relationships with girls in Kabul, then they may judge you. 

Relationships and Love

Thousands of single women in Kabul are searching for a partner and potential future husband. Check out an ultimate guide for dating local girls, relationships, love and marriage: Relationship & Love Guide to Kabul

Online Dating

Online dating sites and apps are also useful in Kabul because men and women in Kabul are hesitant to approach each other in real life. Many popular dating sites are available, and helpful apps are also available. The top dating apps are Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Tantan, Happn, and Match. Here are more details about a few dating apps. 

  • Tinder: Tinder is a popular dating app that is prevalent in every part of the world. Most men and women in Kabul use Tinder to satisfy their desires. By swiping left and, right people can like each other on Tinder. And on Tinder, two people can talk to each other only if they want each other. 
  • 'Tantan: Tantan is a popular Chinese social media dating app that is also used worldwide. Tantan is free to use and can be easily downloaded on your android or IOS. For premium membership, you may need to pay. 

Live Cam Dating

Are you looking for virtual satisfaction in Kabul? Chat with live web camera models and find the best girl for your needs. There are thousands of girls online 24/7 waiting for you: Live Cam Girls

What Kind of Guys Have the Best Chances

Guys who are good looking and handsome have the highest chances of getting laid in this city. Looks matter a lot to these girls. And men in Kabul are also nice-looking. Therefore, you would face massive competition with local men in this city. Women in Kabul also admire men who are confident and bold. They also like men who are caring and compassionate. 

Risks while Gaming

Yes, there are a few risks in gaming in Kabul because most families in Kabul are conservative, and they don't let their daughters choose their partners by themselves. They want them to marry according to their choices. If a girl dates a guy and her parents find out about the relationship, then they punish the guy and the girl. You may get into a fight with a family member of a girl from Kabul. Dating is legal, but not every day. You must not assume that these girls can't take care of themselves. If you use or abuse a girl of Kabul, then she would swear vengeance. 

How to Get Laid as Soon as Possible

There is no quick way for fast gaming in Kabul because dating in Kabul is a little tricky. Most girls are uninterested, and those who are interested are quite selective because they need someone to trust and care for them. Online dating sites may help you in fast gaming because those sites consist of many women who would get interested in sleeping with you. A few nightclubs may also help you in getting laid quickly. 

Gold Diggers and Sugar Babies

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Swinger Clubs and Naturism

The concept of naturism is odd in this city. Nobody knows about it in Kabul. Swinging parties for singles are not accessible. There is also no nudist beach in Kabul. 

Costs of Living

The cost of living in Kabul is also affordable and would cost you only a little amount of money. The cost of food, accommodation, transport, and other necessities is also not high. You can easily explore Kabul city on a budget. More details about the cost of living in Kabul are provided in various sections below. 

CostsDay Single traveler’s budget per day: US$75 - $125

The single traveler's budget per day in Kabul is also affordable and would cost you only around $75 to $125. This budget includes all the necessities, such as food, accommodations, and transportation. 

CostsAccommodation Accommodation per night: US$50 - $75

The cost of accommodation in Kabul is also not high and depends upon the type of accommodation facility you choose for yourself. Many hotels, resorts, and boarding houses are available, and you can decide where you want to stay. 

CostsBeerBottle Beer in a grocery shop: US$2 - $3

Kabul is a Muslim country and drinking is prohibited in Islam; therefore, not many grocery stores sell drinks in Kabul, but a few shops may sell that secretly for $2 to $3. 

CostsBeerBar Beer in a bar or restaurant: US$3 - $5

A few hotels and restaurants in Kabul also provide beer but at high prices. The price of a bottle of wine or beer from such places is $3 to $5. 

CostsMeal Meal in a restaurant: US$25 - $75

Famous Afghani meals from a simple restaurant in Kabul are available at low prices of only $25, but for extraordinary meals in Kabul from a luxury restaurant, you may need to pay up to $75. 


As mentioned previously, many types of accommodation facilities are available in Kabul, and according to your price and budget, you can decide where you want to stay. Airbnb facility is also available. 

How to Get There and Move Around

Getting in and moving around in Kabul is also affordable, and you can choose from many modes of transport in Kabul. Many buses, airplanes, trains, private jets, and other carriers are available. More details about transportation in Kabul are provided below. 

By air:

Airways in Kabul is also pretty convenient and affordable. Flight tickets can be quickly booked online. Many helicopters, private jets, and airplanes fly high in the sky of Kabul. 

By bus:

Bus services in Kabul are pretty average. Many local and private buses run on the roads of Kabul. Local buses are cheaper, but private buses can be booked online. 

Local buses in the city

By car:

Car rental services or cab services in Kabul are also convenient, and they also provide 24*7 services. These car service providers will come to your home at your doorstep and will pick you. The condition of these taxis is pretty deplorable.

A local taxi overflowing with passengers


By train:

Many types of trains also run on the railroads of Kabul. Metro trains are the cheapest and most common way to travel via trains in Kabul. Railway stations are also developed, and most of these railway stations provide self ticket service. 

By boat:

Boating in Kabul is also popular, and you can easily enjoy that if you are interested. Water transport is also a convenient way of transportation. It includes boats, yachts, ferries, ships, and steamers. 


Afghanistan is a part of Kabul, and the visa policy of Afghanistan states that nobody can enter Afghanistan without a visa and passport. A few people can come there without a permit, but those who can get a visa on arrival must be from a visa-exempt country. A passport is mandatory. 

Digital Nomads and Remote Work

Kabul can also be a quite good city for digital nomads because it is evolving and developing. It provides many business opportunities for foreigners. And most importantly, this city offers decent internet connectivity. 

Internet and Mobile Operators

  Here are the top mobile operators in Kabul. All of these operators provide decent internet connectivity. 

  • Roshan 
  • MTN
  • Etisalat 

Gambling and Casinos

Gambling in its all forms is illegal in Kabul because it's prohibited in Islam. And also, there is no casino in Kabul. 

Weed and Drugs

Consumption of any weed and drugs is strictly prohibited in Kabul, and if someone tries to consume such items, then he would end up in jail.   

Health, Fitness, Gyms and Massage

Here are the top hospitals in Kabul. 

  • Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital
  • Indira Gandhi Children Hospital
  • American Medical Center

For people who are interested in fitness, many gyms are also present in Kabul. Here is a list of popular gyms in Kabul. 

  • Gold Gym
  • Kabul Gym Lounge

Here are the famous spas of Kabul. 

  • Green Spa
  • NEEL Beauty Salon

STDs and HIV

The rate of STDs and HIV is gradually increasing in Kabul, and to save yourself from sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhoea and Syphilis, you must wear protection. 

Stay Safe

Warning in 2020: Travelling in Afghanistan is extremely dangerous and is strongly discouraged. No travel should be undertaken in the districts to the north, east, and south of Kabul, and only essential travel is recommended to the city. The situation remains volatile.

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