How to Prepare for the First Date

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Everybody could use some help from time to time, especially when it comes to going on a first date with somebody new. Even if you're at the top of your game, you could simply get too excited and forget to do one of the very important things. But don't worry, you're in luck, as we have your back in the times of need!

Planning the date

Ask her out!

So, you got her phone number or some other contact form, but what now? Use it, of course! But not immediately. Wait a bit, maybe a day or two and then check when you're free and just ask her out. Doesn't get more simple than that. You never want to be in a situation where she contacts you the week after you two saw each other the last time. Sure, you are a guy with a busy schedule, but you can't be too busy to show somebody that you are into them. Girls like it when you take the initiative and make calls by yourself. Also, make sure to think of what would that date look like and where would you like to go. You need to know what you're doing, and having a Plan B is always a good idea.

Discuss the details

There are plenty of ways to make the first date a really good experience and leave a great impression. But in order to do so, make sure that you have picked a place where both you and your date will be comfortable. After all, you want to have a good time. Just suggest some places and see if the other side is into that. If they are not, try to make them come up with a recommendation. A coffee or a few drinks at the bar is always a good idea, but if you can come up with something better, go for it instead. Even if it doesn't end up working as expected, you can always go with safer options. If she comes up with a suggestion first, then go there with her. If she is comfortable, you will easily adapt. In this case, you can keep your recommendations for later, if needed.

Plan B

A lot of the times, things don't end up unfolding as we intended to. Maybe the place that you've chosen just got overcrowded that exact night and you can't hear a damn thing that your date is trying to tell you. This is when your plan B kicks in. But even if you don't have a plan B, you can improvise your way out. Keep in mind that you two can always just walk and chat until you find a suitable place. It is best not to bother yourself too much with this before you actually get out and see what the situation looks like. Some things are better when they are spontaneous!

Confirm the time and location

This is a really good thing to do. Call her or text her the morning of your date just to check that there are no changes in the plan. This is very nice since it will show that you respect your date's time, and you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. You can also offer to pick her up if you're able to, in case she will be late because of the preparation. And most of the time, girls just take ages to get ready. But that means she cares!

Before you leave

In case you are going to a place which you haven't visited before, make sure to figure out exactly how far you are from the said place. Plan accordingly so that you are not in a hurry while making sure that you will get there right on time. If you are picking her up, ask politely where she lives, so that you know when you should leave your place. If you are still going to be a bit late, make sure to let your date know as soon as you figure it out. This way you don't look like an irresponsible guy or the one that doesn't show up at all. Girls get really turned off quickly if they notice that you can't keep with the simple stuff.

Final touches

Make sure that you have a plan B. And plan C and D if needed. If you're picking up your date, get some sponge and water and wash your car before you go. Bring some extra clothes on the rear seat, such as a jacket or cape, in case of unstable weather. Also, remember to open and hold the door while she gets out of the car. Especially if she is wearing some kind of dress or other clothes that could prevent some movements. Easy extra points for a nice gentleman that you are! Also, a few hours before you leave, you can actually make sure to clean your place as well. Throw the dirty clothes to the washing machine if you have those lying around everywhere. Take the trash out and leave no food remains. Those two are the worst turn-offs. And tidy up everything else that might be messy. As we said, you can never have enough spare plans. Even if you two don't end up at your place that night, you still have some benefits from the work that you've done as you will wake up next morning in a less of a mess!

Time to get them looks!

As we mentioned earlier, girls are those who take a lot of the time to get ready, especially when it comes to their physical appearance. Of course, you don't have to do make-up, try countless clothing combinations or any of that boring stuff.

Dress like a boss

Make sure to plan your outfit the day before, and wash some of your stuff in case it needs that. Also, dress accordingly to the place/s that you will be visiting on your date. Try on just a few options so you can pick the one that fits you the best. Make sure your outfit is appropriate according to the weather forecast as well. What you wear can determine your date’s impression of you, so choose items that make you feel comfortable and natural. If you're feeling good, you will be looking that much better! Here are some examples that you can think of. If you’re going to a restaurant somewhere downtown, you can wear a casual suit or some tuxedo. Classy and unmistakable. If you are going to the movies, wear something stylish yet casual. Choose jeans that fit well and a nice button-down or a shirt, for example. However, if you are going for some outdoor activities, then there are no restrictions. Your favorite shorts, a cool t-shirt or a hoodie, anything works in that situation. Also, chose the right footwear, since you will be wearing it for the whole night. You don't want to be uncomfortable and have your date notice that. But please, no football or any other sports shoes, as they are exactly what they are: sports shoes that should not be worn on any other occasion besides sports.


You've washed your clothes, your car, and your place as well. So, now you go and wash yourself. And you make sure do it properly. There is nothing worse than sweaty armpits and smelly breath. And another really important thing is that you get some sleep and be rested before you go out. It has nothing to do with hygiene, but it will affect your overall appearance a lot. So, get those sponges and bathing gels. Also, make sure to shave or trim your beard if you wear one. And wash your hair as well. You can stylize it depending on the rest of your outfit. If you have a longer one, you can just tie it back and you're good to go. Or apply some hair-styling stuff. But not too much! Just before you get out, wash your teeth as well and use some mouthwash for a minute or so. Also, you can carry some mints or bubble-gums with yourself, in case you grab a bite before meeting with your date. And last, but not the least, you can apply some nice perfume. But not too much. And don't smell like a cheap deodorant, it just sucks to be that guy with Alpine-fresh armpits.

Subtle yet big differences

Since we covered the most important stuff, it is time for some extras. People don't often take these into consideration, but they can definitely be life-savers in some sticky situations. For example, you should think of some conversation topics that you can use to break those awkward silence periods. It can be just a few questions to encourage her to talk a bit more. But make sure that it's a meaningful one. Silence is still better than some pointless blabbering. Also, before your date shows up, set your phone on the silent mode, or turn it off. You want to be focusing on her, and not your phone. In case of some really important or emergency stuff, politely excuse yourself and finish your phone call and then put the phone away. But for the most part, try to not get yourself in this situation.

Also, avoid drinking alcohol before or during the date. Or showing up wasted. A glass of wine here and there is okay, but anything more than that can be considered a bit excessive. Especially if your date doesn't drink. If you can, avoid obsessing over your hair, clothes or anything else while on the date. That is what preparation is for. And make sure that you don't carry any unnecessary stuff with you. Empty your pockets and then take back only the things that you will really need. Phone, wallet, car and house keys and maybe a pack of paper tissues. You don't want to be that guy who just pulls out random stuff from his pockets while trying to find something that he really needs.

And what really will set the tone of your date is your behavior and your manners. And the most important thing of all, your confidence! Make the checklist of things that you need to do in order to have everything under the control. And try to be in a relaxed mood before you go out. Shake off the negative thoughts and focus on your date. You want to project confidence and positive energy. So yeah, you can listen to some of your favorite music while you are going through all the necessary preparations. Relax, stay cool and have a fun time!

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