How to Date a Foreign Girl

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How many times have you seen a good looking foreign girl in your area, and you wanted to do something with her, but had no clue how to get around? Well, if this is you, you might want to stick until the end of this article so that you are ready for the next engagement that you get. We understand that it is tricky. There are many barriers, and the biggest obstacle is definitely the language differences. Even if both of you can speak English, your accents might be so different from each other that it will feel like she's speaking a totally different language. But this is just the beginning. There are many cultural differences, in the way that women like to be approached by guys. Also, in some places, like India, females are very keen on keeping their reputation, and they probably wouldn't engage in anything before marriage. For sure, you want to avoid that kind of women. It's not that they are bad by any means. But most of us come from much more liberal surroundings, and it is normal to hook-up and have fun without any obligations. See, that's not the case with some of them, and they consider it as a very shameful behavior.

As this is a very complex subject and needs a lot of things to be taken into consideration, you have to understand that there is no such thing as the unique technique or approach. But we will try to mark some of the most important things that all the foreign girls share, and some pros and cons when it comes to interacting with them and dating them.


So, our main focus is to interact with quality girls and get them to have some fun with us. Now, it is very hard to separate them from those annoying gold-diggers, as you will most likely have no idea who she is and where she comes from unless you engage in the conversation. Now, depending on the situation, we can take into account three different scenarios. The first would be the situation where you visit the foreign country as a tourist and you want to check out some females. The second would be completely opposite: you are in your country and there are some foreign chicks hanging around. And the third and the hardest case would be any sort of online communication, where you maybe got a foreign chick exchanging messages with you via social media or dating applications, and your focus is to meet her in real life sometimes.

You in a foreign country

This is most likely the easiest situation that you can find yourself in. You are there, just visiting and hanging out. You spot a nice girl walking around and you want to approach her. Depending on your intentions, you can always just show up and ask for directions, even if you knew them all the time. Now, in most cases, the females are open to talking to strangers if they are on their home ground. You should try to leave an interesting impression, and maybe even ask for the phone number. There are many good reasons why she should give you her number. You can say that you are there on your own and that you want to find some company to hang with during your stay. Depending on the country that you are visiting, in most cases, you will be welcomed and asked to hang out, as long as you have nice manners and are behaving properly. Girls always like to meet new guys, especially strangers. Even if they look like they have everything that they would ever need in life, trust us, they are probably bored by the same surroundings and same guys approaching them, so they would be much more open to something new. Remain friendly and you're good to go. Also, keep in mind, you have one big thing going your way, and that is time-restraint. If there is only two of you hanging together, try to subtly inform her that you are not staying for too long. This will put some good pressure on her to do something. If she likes you as well, there are good chances that she will want to have some fun before you disappear. This is literally your ace card, and make sure to play it right!

Home ground advantage

This is also a good situation for you, but for a simple reason, it is not as easy as the first situation. And that is because it is not easy to approach random foreign girl just like that. There are some chances that she will freak out if she is by herself. You know, security reasons. She is in an unknown place, and the random guy just appears and starts talking to her. Even if we take into the account that most females are open to talking to strangers, it is not easy to approach her on the street just like that. So, be very careful if you decide to. Make sure that she feels safe and that you only want to get to know her. But if she's in some other, more social place such as a coffee bar, or beach, or anything like that, your job gets a hundred times easier. Just think about it. A foreign girl sitting all alone, drinking coffee and scrolling through her phone. She literally screams "come and talk to me." Why would she be there anyway? Unless she is visiting your country for a specific reason, other than just tourist, trust us, she will be open to meet somebody new. It's what females do. It complements their self-image, especially if the stranger wants to meet her. Your best move here is to offer yourself to show her around if she would be interested, or maybe introduce her to some of your friends as well. In this situation, you should always be leading the action, as she will most likely have no idea what to do after she's done the sightseeing and that kind of stuff. Be friendly and welcoming, and don't rush the "let's go to my place and watch a movie" thing unless you are sure that she is getting into you as well.

Stranger vs stranger

And finally, we come to this case which is the most complicated and complex scenario. You somehow got in touch with this amazing girl but you don't know what to do since the messaging is starting to annoy you. As much as she seems to be into you as well, and she is sharing many of her secrets with you, you can't be 100% sure that her words are genuine. There is always a possibility that she is some Nigerian scammer who wants you to send money to some random PayPal account, as she needs help because she is in a war-zone. Well, you can write this off as long as she wants to show her face on Skype or something like that. And still, you are not able to tell that she is 100% genuine. But you can always try to get her attention to actually getting to know each other in real life sometimes. But don't force this, unless you are willing to come over to her. And that is quite a risky move. On the other hand, if she is interested in visiting you sometimes, then you can relieve yourself as that is proof that she is real and that her intentions are genuine. Anyway, if nothing happens in the end, you are still benefiting from getting to know other cultures and different female behavior. And remember to trust your own gut feeling. If she never shows her face, you shouldn't show yourself before that. If something doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to leave it as it is. It is still better than getting involved with an unknown person who might have some bad intentions.

Common things

We will now take a look at the things that are unique and that you should always take into consideration, regardless of the situation and place.


If English is not her strongest language, you should actually consider getting into her native language. This doesn't mean that you should buy a dictionary and learn as many words as possible, but just getting to know some basic stuff in order to make your communication easier. The effort will always be rewarded. Try to look like an intelligent guy who is willing to learn some new things in life. Also, don't ever mock her native language or her English skills. This is an attack not just on her, but her culture as well, and literally, 99% of people will turn their backs to a person like that. Keep in mind, everybody has to start somewhere, and learning a foreign language to perfection takes years or tens of years sometimes.


If you're already dating this girl, and she asks you to try some of her kind of food, always be open to this. Even if you don't like it, take a bite and tell your opinion. You don't have to eat like a body-builder, but don't be like a picky kid. Many countries consider their food, just as language, a cultural thing and a part of their background. Women appreciate those little things, especially if you show effort and interest. Because they would sometimes like to eat at the place of their choice, and not stick to the pizza and other fast-food stuff. Show yourself as a wordly man, not some conservative dumbass, and you will be rewarded in many ways.

Don't play games

As much as you want to be "the bad boy" and seduce her in many ways so she can't control herself, don't play the game of cat and mouse. If she is in her late 20's or early 30's, she will notice that easily, and you will end up alone. She is on a lookout for a mature and intelligent guy, not some peasant who thinks he is on top of the world. You know, most of the media and TV are totally ruining our view of genuine relationships, especially in America and Europe. But girls from other parts of the world are not too influenced by that, and they don't like that kind of behaviour.

Make her laugh

This was not a big secret, as we had many articles describing the importance of having an outstanding, playful and easy-going personallity. And this plays even bigger role when it comes to dating foreign girls. They want you to make them laugh, and they want you to make other people laugh as well. They enjoy the presence of highly social man, who is not afraid of interacting with other people as well, and making them feel good around him. Everything else falls into the mud when compared with these traits. She wants a modern urban guy. This doesn't mean that you should be the center of everybody's attention, but be available and open to talking with everybody, even if it is just a brief chit-chat.

Be a man

And this is also very important. Especially if you come from a place which has a reputation of well-educated and mannered gentlemen. She is looking for respecting and charmful man. Be playful, but don't overstep your boundaries and act like an ass. You can't get away with that around females from your country, an you will fall even shorter with foreign girls. Don't ever be needy or too upfront with her. Let her feel comfortable in your presence, so that she asks more questions than you. If that is the case, this is always a good situation to be in. You lead the way until some point, and when she decides to take over, your job is basically done. You just follow her, and you will end up there eventually. In the bedroom, of course!

Pros and cons


Well, if you look it in one way, everything about foreign girls is a good thing. They tend to be much more friendly and open-minded than your local chicks. And if you come from a small place, they will be much more intelligent and educated as well. And this is what you want to aim for. Getting laid with a dumb little skank who barely finished primary school isn't much of a life achievement, right? And especially, the communication will be much more interesting with foreign ones. Since you don't speak the same language, you will need a lot more to get to know each other. And this is a really good thing. You don't want that awkward silences, and you most likely won't have them. And this way, you are also more intriguing and interesting to her, and this is a big turn-on for all women. They don't like when everything is predictable, so make sure to keep surprises coming. She will like to know more about you, and vice-versa. And this is how you make quality time and relationships with them. And this will also help you understand the different mental sets of females, since you will be encountering new ones most of the time. Talk about all-in-one good package!


Breaking the ice is always a tough thing. There might be some barriers in the beginning, but nothing can't be overcome with friendly manners and good intentions. And also, you two might have many mentality differences. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing always. You know, opposites actually attract each other. If she seems to be very traditional, for example, if she is a Muslim, then you should be a little bit careful in your approach. On the other hand, make sure to show interest in her culture. You want her to be comfortable, and even if you don't like history classes, pretend like you do. Nobody said that it's going to be easy, but we are here to make it as easy as possible, so be on a lookout for more articles like this!

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